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Hamour Fish

December 20, 2014

Hamour is the favourite Arab fish popular also with my family. Barbecued sometimes over the grill and deep-fried sometimes in the oil – whichever form it comes (including as fish fingers in restaurants for starters), it is devoured with relish – as its a big boneless fish mostly. Expensive also.

Always we make fish the desi way – my husband prefers the grilled ones or the one in kozhambu which is oil-free. In fact his most fancied style is steamed meat & fish the malay or malaysian chinese way. But we lack utensils here for that kind of cooking. So did it the desi way.


Hamour fish – 1 full fish (of medium size) (prize ranges upt 75 QR) (a driver got it fresh from market for bargained price of 40QR unthinkable)

3-4 tsp of Madras sambhar powder (or alternately use 3-4 tsp of red chilli powder plus 3-4 tsp of dhania/coriander powder)

a pinch of turmeric powder

a dash of imli water (like 1 tsp of tarmarind juice) (optional) (or 1 tsp of even lime juice) (my family dislikes the tangy twist so i gave it a miss)

ginger-garlic paste – 1 tsp

black pepper powder – a pinch

option: tomato-onion gravy 1 tsp (missed it not to make the dish very heavy)

option: a tsp of dahi/thick curds (yoghurt)

Salt to taste

Minimum oil – for grill


Generous oil for deep-fry

(Following pictures taken in Canon 550D DSLR, hubby’s gift to me some 4-5 years back that I use only for snapping kitchen recipes in Doha. Son is flabbergasted.)



Rinse the fish thoroughly. Since I can’t bear chopping of fish, my husband got it done in the market (thank god!)

Mix all spices/ingredients with a dash of water if required

Marinate the fish with the spice mix for minimum 30 mi

Barbecue in a well-oiled grilling dish – ours is LPG grill that takes about 6-7 minutes each side to cook completely to crisp golden brown. Overall say about 15 minutes including 1-2 minutes of standing time.

Or Deep-fry in oil both sides to golden brown.

Hamour – my son loves to eat like chips! Nevermind the days I make it I have to go on fasting!!!


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