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Fall of a Queen

January 5, 2015

Following up on Sayani, the Indian tigress and her family at Panna in ‘Tigers of the Emerald Forest’ (BBC presentation), I felt choking up learning Sayani fell prey to poachers from nearby villages, strangulated to death by a piece of iron wire. What a way to fell a queen.

Tiger scientist Raghu Chundawat says on finding the mortal remains of the fallen tigress how it’s impossible for him to remain dispassionate on his ‘subject’of study – the Tiger. He is visibly fighting his emotions. Wholly agree with him.

Sometimes I can’t believe, elephants and tigers can move me to tears. Sayani’s death did. Very grim news on tigers in 2014:

In a man-eat–man world we have today, it is not surprising to see wildlife losing the battle on all fronts…. By the turn of the century both tigers and elephants could go extinct…. The African elephants once hunted down by the British are today poached ruthlessly for their tusks by the Chinese. The British have the honourable distinction of wiping out many species of wildlife from face of earth. Including the Indian Cheetah.

Its tough to Imagine India without her national animal Tiger or the divine one the Elephant. My heart goes out to the beautiful species who share with us their space in this universe but for whom we shall be a dull, listless planet.

Long Live the Indian Elephant & Indian Tiger!

It is the foremost duty of not only the government but also of us citizens to see to that the unique bio-diversity of India is preserved at all costs and the wildlife find a safe and secure sanctuary in our midst.

We have a reason to conserve our forests although we need no study to tell us how important the green cover is for giving us the much-need oxygen for survival. Forests have sustained human life for centuries.

When elephants go extinct, they will take away the trees with them;

Salute the queen of Panna, the Indian Tigress. There is none like you, your royal highness!

My request to wildlife photographers of India: Tiger lovers please float a fund for conservation of wildlife and forests in India, you have many avid supporters for the cause. The eco-system we have in India is unique, we don’t know what a blessed nation we are.


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