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Busting Some Middle-Eastern and Other Myths…

January 15, 2015

This post has been in my backburners for long. I didn’t want to hurt anyone publishing this one. Going ahead today – got all of 30 minutes for myself right now before logging out. Post is not yet revised/edited.




TERROR BOAT IS AS DELUSIONAL AS PAKISTAN REMAINED IN DENIAL ABOUT KASAB FOR A LONG TIME. If and if only Kasab had been shot dead, then the leading and eminent journos of Pakistan would not have hesitated to pin the blame on India for self-inflecting wounds and crying foul just the way they are reacting with ‘terror boat’now. Its funny and a bit painful to see anti-conspiracy theorists turning into conspiracy masters in the present!

But then what more can you expect in a nation where Hafez Saeeds and Dawood Ibrahims are reigning mass heroes.

How many editorials have you read in Pak press condemning Saeed or Dawood, the drug baron. Look at their generals in uniforms. Fattened pigs flush with US dollars. Wonder how much they butter up their press to parrot their praises. I mean the so-called lifafa journalists ūüôā



Now I would like to share here my middle-eastern experience.



When we lived in Terengganu, i had Pakistani/Bangla neighbours who were labourers. Their company had rented them a big villa. 10 of them totally, 5 from Pak, 5 from Bangla. Through the kitchen sometimes I would chat them up. Even though they were from my supposed enemy country, their physical labour always moved me. After work hours, they still had to cook their own food. On fridays they would dress up cheerfully with the topi to go to mosque.

One day I asked them if they went to the main one in the highway frequented by Malays. To my shock they said, no they were not to join as equals with malays in their mosque. The Pakistani, Bangla and Malaysian Indian muslims attended a separate dilapidated mosque instead. The Indonesians had their own. ‘We can never become one with them sister’ they said. Which is why the 1.5 years I was there, they were so… affectionate towards me. I was a Tamil and they said they heard Tamil for the first time only when they came to Malaysia. Some confessed they never knew Tamils existed until Rajiv Gandhi & LTTE happened. But they said, even though I was Tamil and they were Paki-Bangla we were brothers and sister.

A single pakistani engineer had been working in my husband’s chinese multinational contracting & construction co for nearly a decade. And then my husband came to know the paki was being paid a remuneration less than him. The yearly bonuses were never paid to the Pakistani whereas my husband received a share in the pie. ‘Why don’t you ask them?’asked my man and the Paki asked him not to make √°n issue’of the pay raise/incentives. √ćam not Indian, you will go back to India, whereas I have to go back to Pakistan. There is a difference. I am happy here.’ Surprised and shocked, my husband left the matter at that.


Till death doth us apart…

In Malaysia, there would be frequent address by central ministers advising Malay girls NOT TO FALL FOR BANGLA-PAKI LABOURERS. ‘True they are muslim but they are NOT us.’ they said. There used to be a documentary showing them the reality in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Some malay girls who had married them and had gone on to their native countries managed to ‘escape’ and such girls came in tv giving advice to young malay girls not to get conned by these guys who were street-smart. These features were regular in the period 1997-2001 when we lived there in Malaysia state tv channels TV2 and TV3.

Indonesians were a breed apart but mostly similar to Malays. Malay-Indo marriage was not unusual. They are of same race, only the nationality varied. Still most Malays considered Indonesians below par. Like labour class.

While so, just think of Indian muslims. What a farce this √≥ne ummah’ is. Malays marrying Indian muslims/Pakistanis can happen only in dreams. Rarely I have seen one or two Malaysian Indian muslims married to Malays, in which case they had to sever their Indian connection totally. It was always the Indian muslims who were the losers.

Malaysian Indian muslims also buried their dead separate. Even though they were Malaysian citizens, they would never become Malay, the first class citizens of the nation. Shame.

A friend told me, how even in death, Malaysian Indian muslim relatives were not allowed to pay respects if their son/daughter married a Malay muslim.

Inference: Racial difference matters more than we think. But personally I was enormously pleased and used to think, serves the bast***ds right! Rot in hell!!



When we were in Singapore on holiday, during the Kargil war, we were shopping in a chinese shop. A respectable-looking Pakistani family of 4 including 2 children were in the billing counter. Every single currency note (US dollar) they paid was put into machine and checked for authenticity. You should have seen the couple’s faces! In the year 1999, it was still a novelty. Next after them we billed. In front of the Pakistan family, our currency was NOT CHECKED with the machine. The chinese told us in chaste tamil, √Ěou are different. These guys peddle fake notes and drugs. Don’t know why my govt is issuing them the visas.’ Still we could not look into the Pak family’s faces or feel proud. We only felt bad for them – for the humiliation they faced in front of many other nationalities all of whose currencies escaped such a scrutiny. Indians are hated for spitting in public, for being unclean and for horrible eating habits and dress sense, but I thanked a million times God¬†Almight for sparing us such an ordeal – of suffering shame and humiliation because of my nationality.¬†¬†This was way before 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden. So imagine the Pakistani condition in the world scene post Mumbai 26/11, 9/11 and Osama lie.

Now ofcourse the currency machine is everywhere.

Here in middle-east all currencies irrespective of your nationality get checked so I have no problems (in duty-free shops).



In Qatar, we are around for a decade now. Before arriving here my husband had a short stint in Oman. Where I live (in a gated community), closeby are many villas owned by Arabs. Some are leased by Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians etc. It is very common here to see this notice: ‘VILLA FOR RENT TO EUROPEANS, AMERICANS, INDIANS, FILIPINOS ONLY. ¬†NOT FOR RENT TO PAKISTANIS, BANGLADESHIS, AFGHANS.’

What do you mean by this. I wanted to click a picture of such a notice in bold letters hanging in front of one, my husband forbade me. I am seeing this announcement for over 10 years now. Why I wanted to know. The answer is simple. These nationalities are always associated with shady deals and crimes and are not treated generally with respect. Who wants to take the risk.

Indian quota is full here – more than full. But foreign companies including Arab owned want only Indian manpower. Pakistanis mostly manage to find work only in state owned corporations in gulf states – like petrol companies etc where there is reservation for the so-called muslim ‘ummah’ – and even here they have to face competition from Indian muslims.


The idea called Pan-Islam therefore always makes me laugh aloud. What a fanciful imagination by people who think too much about themselves. My relative was a surgeon in Oman for 20 years. He returned to India some years back but even now Omani establishment keeps calling him, asking him to return. He is 60 plus but age is not a problem for Indian doctors in middle-east. In his place, Pakistani doctors joined and they suck! What we learned or did 20 years back, they are learning only now in Pakistan.

Quality & knowledge not upto mark. This I am not saying to put down anyone. This is the truthful hurting fact. Now Egyptian and Pakistan doctors are taking the place of Indian doctors who for some reason do not want to come to gulf. Reason, says my relative, is, the scope for practice is very limited here where in-patients and out-patients are minimum. Which means, you cannot learn much, you will not have a healthy practice or knowledge. So inspite of attractive remuneration, Indian medicos do not want to work for arab states, they prefer the clinical experience in India.

I am seeing some dentists, infertility specialists etc here all of whom are Indians – HINDUS 99%. Houseful always, overflowing with arab patients. Never heard of a successful private Pakistani medical practitioner- they prefer the safer sanctuary of govt hospital. If its state-run hospital staffed by Pakistani doctor, we Indians miss them. You are taking a great risk with them sorry. Egyptian doctors are the same.

By turn of this century, the surgeon says Pakistani doctors in Oman openly started confessing to Indian doctors seeking their opinion on everything. Earlier they had a big ego. But soon they came clear of it and sought advice. My relative counselled atleast 3-4 Pakistani doctors, helping them find their feet in the arab country. He was concerned some years back, he was leaving Oman in the hands of these!


My relative and his wife were in Oman for over 20 years from late 1980s to some years after the millennium. When they went to Oman first, terrorism was still unknown not only in India but also in 0ther parts of the world. The lady used to say, in Muscat the Pakistanis were very proud community and always used to look down upon Indians. Especially the shabbily dressed south Indians! ‘Who cares!’ she would say. By 1990s, tables were turned on them. Indians had come to be known as a knowledge society. The Pakistanis got their first school in Muscat only in the millennium – until then their children attended Indian schools that were benevolent enough to take them in for decades including during war-torn years of ’70s. Not satisfied with their desi schools presently, many still enroll their children in Indian schools.

After 2000, the condition of Pakistanis totally reversed. From a proud, flamboyant community who thought they were the best dressed, best looking people on entire earth, they found themselves getting side-lined. Arabs openly sought Indian manpower – by this time it was established how superior and a better knowledge society Indians were. To hell with our clothes and colours.

In all this i have to say, Indians did nothing to unsettle the Pakistanis. After all the middle-east is neutral territory and should anyone have an upperhand, its the Pakistanis. It is their own undoing they have now fallen out of favours with arabs. Where there is lack of knowledge or training or expertise, how can you command respect. More over now, Pakistan means trouble over anything. From Hawala to Drugs, they are notorious everywhere for their alleged illegal activities that are as popular as their world renowned terror skills. Respect is something difficult to earn but easy to lose.

The ubiquitous south Indian with oily hair and obscene dress sense won hands down finally. He used his brains and a friendly heart to conquer one and all – nothing more. In fact he has always been there inching his way up since the 1970s – it took a while for the world to turn around and see who’d arrived.

India has been a rich, rich country for thousands of years. Moguls who were foreign invaders came to us only to maraud us and loot us and ravage us. It is wishful thinking by most Indian muslims and Pakistanis, they are royal blood but alas, are they all direct descendants of islamic rulers like the turks and afghans?

The truth is, just like we have anglo-indian community in India left behind by the British, what we essentially have in Pakistan-India in the form of muslims today is moglo-indian community to a certain percentage. Its not possible for this tiny group to exceed 10% of population anywhere. There is die-hard attempt by some to show themselves as ‘one of them’ but all you have to do is DNA mapping to determine who you are really. Indians generally sport a fairer skin as we move up north in the Indian subcontinent. Climate is the reason. Tamil Nadu lies closest the equator and the tropic of cancer which explains our tan skin.

Where Pakistanis come to call us ‘Saabs’

Crimes in the Middle-East

Indians command enormous respect here in gulf from Pakistanis who openly acknowledge our superiority. They say we are far better, even best. And say they do not want to go back to Pakistan but want to migrate to Canada or Australia.

Whether you go to their shop or restaurant or cross them in malls Рthe educated ones politely acknowledge us. Ofcourse I am not talking about the labour class. They are notorious for humming bollywood songs the moment they chance upon a woman. In desert areas of Oman, Saudi, Indian wives alone in villas have been raped by muslim men from both the subcontinent and the Gulf states.  So generally we are cautious about even taking the taxies. Taxi-rape is a common crime committed in middle-east and mostly the victims are unsuspecting Indian wives. Pakistan/Bangladesh labour class is dreaded by all of us women from India. Very dangerous. Indian women being free and spirited normally trust their taxi drivers or those who come for labour work at their homes completely. Now in last few years everyone is vigilant. Dubai is one place you can safely take them. Because the city never sleeps and you are secure.

So the first advice an Indian woman/wife gets on her arrival in middle-east is this: do not take taxi rides alone, do not open your doors to labourers under any circumstances when you are alone whatever pressing reason he gives. Quite a few cases in last decade. No crime gets reported because in gulf nations, its women who may get punished legally for ‘adultery (!)’ even for a crime as heinous as rape. The sentence is usually death with stoning. Filipino women, happy-go-lucky as they come, are the next target.

Hundreds and hundreds of rapes happening but never getting reported. India is an open country which is why we publicize our crimes and sling mud at ourselves. In islamic countries, rapes happen many multiple times than ours even in supposed ‘secure’environments. If the rape victim is a non-muslim, just forget it like a bad dream. It does not help even if the victim could be muslim herself. Women are generally meant to exist only for men’s recreation here and for reproduction, nothing more.

Kidnap of filipino girls as well as boys by local Arabs for rape is a very common crime in middle-east. Yes, mainly boys/men. Theirs is a very sad story.

Recently heard of the rape of an Indian school girl who went to dispose of the waste, sent by her mother. Just below their flat, nowhere distant. Cannot mention the city/place. In a moment she was pulled into a speeding taxi and blindfolded and taken to a dump/garage and gangraped by …. Left in mainroad later.

Filipino sales girls getting kidnapped is routine. Heard of even europeans falling victims rarely. Not a single case reported in the official media.


There are so many, many nationalities living in middle-east. None goes home for annual or festival holidays. Not the Pakistanis, not the Syrians, not the Egyptians, not the Irani, not the Iraqi, not the Sudani … only Indians and Filipinos do as those from the west. Many Pakistanis have told us this, ‘you are lucky to be born on the other side of the border. we wish we could repatriate money back home like you.’

Most Pakistanis do not even send home money. They save it here and directly migrate to somewhere. Like Canada. ‘Kidnappings are very common’ they say ‘crime like you can never imagine!’

A couple of them booked flight tickets but cancelled visit home at nth moment. The children do not want to set foot in Pakistan first. So they mostly go to Dubai or Europe or Aus/NZ for holidays.


I have been to a couple of their homes. The home furnishings will put us Indians to such a shame. Plush carpets, expensive paintings of giant dimensions, the best home decor money can buy, beautiful lampshades and curtains and couches and cushions…. and their kitchen! OMG! Explained the Pakisani woman who was into selling fabrics: ‘you save every nickel to take back to India. why should we save. our currency value is only half as yours. so that means in local terms we earn double like you which is a fortune in Pak. we live here the best and when time comes we migrate. we never get back to Pak, some of us are living in middle-east for generations. which is why Indian homes look poorer with all earnings syphoned off to India whereas Pakistanis live life kingsize here in gulf.’

Its again their labour class that usually transfers money. They have no scope for migration anywhere. The more educated and elite the Pakistanis are, the more openly and fiercely they hate Pakistan and lavish praise on India. This kind never get back.

I really felt bad for the woman. She and her family had not flown back even for hols in last 10 years. ‘What for, to get killed, to get robbed, to get kidnapped? you know even from airport sometimes they take us! they monitor our bank balance, they know in advance when we arrive. our children are at greatest risk.’

We in India think we are the worst nation on earth, but dear fellow Indians think again.

The woman’s merchandise was expensive so I could not buy to her disappointment. ‘Your husband is doing well, still you don’t want to pay for this kameez? look at the material’ she said! Just then 3 Paki women bought from her and paid thousands of riyals for their purchases. ‘Look how our women are spending!’ she said to me and my friend who were thoroughly put off by the high rates. ‘You would rather buy jewellery won’t you?!’ she asked us for parting shot.

Talking of jewellery most of them can’t believe we south Indians go to markets wearing gold and diamonds.’You won’t be back home alive in our place!’ they say, √Ĺou really parade like this in India?!”

I said yes, my dailywear is diamond ear studs and a couple of gold chains and bangles. Carry min 4-5 lacs worth of jewellery on person everyday lolz. ¬†But that’s common, every Madarasi is like me. True crimes are happening in our place too but rare they are.

Almost all Pakistanis we have talked to have regretted the partition. May be because we are in neutral terrain.


My husband used to visit a Pak-owned company for some work. Hospitality is best says my H. The moment he goes there they start calling him ‘sa’b’ and ply him with chai, namkeens even lunch sometimes. Won’t leave him if he wouldn’t eat!!! Almost all their manuals/textbooks are Indian authors -HINDU AUTHORS actually (english edition). (how many technical books are really authored by Indian muslims) If Pakistanis are so intelligent, can’t they write even their own theory/practical engineering books. Any medical/technical/engineering/maths reference books you may find in their hands is bound to be Indian. Not American Not British but standard Indian referral. Note these books were after all authored in ’60s and ’70s and ’80s many years after the partition.


Take the banking and finance sector. Concepts like PAN like we have in India are UNKNOWN to Pakistanis. They cannot even fathom out or comprehend what advanced levels of banking reforms or structure we have in India. The reforms we had in India as back as in late 1990s, Pakistan could catch up with only by 2005-10. There is no good tax structure. Some months back I read a feature on Mutual Funds in their newspaper ‘Dawn’and laughed out aloud. What I was doing 15 years back online with ICICI was being tutored by a specialist in their business column. Their knowledge on funds and retirement options shocked me – ¬†a layman in the field so far as India is concerned. I wrote a comment to ‘Dawn’ but it went unpublished. Which is why in middle-east, you cannot find many Indians in banking. In the gulf, banking sector is over-simplified and without a healthy tax structure like the complex system we have in place in India. If a CA or cost accountant is to work here, his/her knowledge will be completely washed out in an year or 2. Therefore exactly you may find many Pakistanis employed in this sector in middle-east. Except for top notch jobs, you may not find many ¬†Indians other than women employed in banks here. Banks in the gulf also have ‘m’ reservation quotas. Yet there are banks in gulf with Indians for CEOs.


Why Indian Software Specialists do not come to the Middle-East

India is both a software and hardware hub today and also an automobile and electronics hub. Middle-east is not. There is a token representation in these areas that’s all. Wherever Indians are not willing to work, Turks and Pakistanis and Egyptians step in to fill the vacuum.



Hindu dominance is not without a reason. I am not overtly proud because of that. We in India do not even want to compare ourselves with Pakistanis in such a same plane. Rather I want India to match our text books with the chinese, with the american, with the european.

Instead of wasting time boasting about ruling India for 500 years (in which time their forefathers were force-converted the way ISIS is presently doing with others), let our neighbours start building a knowledge economy first.

Good, Indians face a stiff competition back home. We have quota nowhere. So we work our way up. These Pakistanis are eligible everywhere in Middle-east under the ‘M’ quota (means reservation for muslims) which is the main reason most of them are here. 50% work is done for them already. Even the rest 50% they are unable to successfully and intelligently execute, what a shame. In open competition, they just cannot take on Indian brains. Whereas Indians break records and enter every arena without a background, without reservations to help them, with no ‘M’ tag first and foremost, ONLY WITH TALENT, ONLY ON MERIT.


Which is why in middle-east all top posst like bank CEOs, company heads etc are INDIANS (Arabs get it by law but wherever foreigners are allowed, you can find only Indian after Americans/Brit) . Its not with middle-east alone right. Citibank has had an Indian CEO in the past. World Pepsico has an Indian woman MD/CEO. Now Satya Nadela heads Microsoft. Sun Microsystem was founded by an Indian. Successive surgeon generals in the US are Indian doctors who did their basic MBBS degrees in India. The list is endless. From space missions to medical tourism, there is not a thing Indians have not proved their best at.  Indians/Hindus who were terrorized by the Moguls have finally broken free. What a nighmare those 500 years must have been. My poor valiant ancestors who remained unconverted steadfast. What about the literary world. How many awards like the Pulitzer and Man-Booker, and what a variety of authors India has produced. Who gave the world the Hotmail Рthe first ever e-mail. Its a proud thing to see fellow Indians occupying highest offices around the world.

Pakistanis raise your local standards first. Trying to reduce India to Bollywood smacks of intense JEALOUSY!  Bollywood is like paan masala we have after a super dinner. Nothing more. The sumptuous feast is Indian brains. You cannot become us ever in near future- you are 20 years behind us in education, science, technology, maths, health care everything.  You are in stone age. Even manual Indian labour is way too expensive which is why middle-east is swarming with Pakistani-Bangladeshi-Afghan labour. They come the cheapest.

There a Pak school here but see the intake of Pak children in Indian schools. Our textbooks show Kashmir wholly as Indian. Our history traces Maurya and Vijayanagara empires and details Advaita and Vaishnavism. Our children take everyday pledge as Indian citizen in prayer. Why are Pakistanis allowing their children to pledge their loyalty to India. Ever come across a single Indian child studying in a Pak school? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!

What I give Pakistanis credit for:

*Lawn kameezes – i have tried but i am dwarfed by them as i am short. Its interesting to note even here Indian fabrics, coarser as them come, are better and longlasting. Pakistani women buy ours like we look at theirs. I got 10 materials from a Paki in Dubai – all are bleeding colours in first dip. Such a waste. Lawn material alone is good – never buy Pak synthetics. No guarantee for quality. So am I saying this out of spite. In India, if colour may bleed, we get a strict adhered warning advising dry clean only. In Pakistan, garments/fabrics are not labelled like in India. Good clothes but don’t stand wash mostly.

*Women dress well Рbut buy expensive branded cosmetics and perfumes. Even north Indian ladies are pushed to second position here. Good shoes. Good accessories like bags. South Indian ladies mostly own 6 sets of clothes that they may  use for 6 years.  Pakistani women look good and groom themselves nicely. All have straightened hair 100%. But it is a fact they spend a lot, lot on personal grooming. Even the lowest middle-classes. Their women attach a great importance to make-up.

*Kebabs and tandoori – certificate from men in my family. We all love all their breads like naans, rotis, parathas etc. Mostly similar to Indian but slightly different may be because their atta is new to us.

*Basmati Rice: best and cheapest compared to Indian, so I buy theirs here. Indian brands are looting customers.

*Music – good (even here they have fusion of Hindustani and western. why Hindustani? it is traditional Hindu classical actually. you guys must do 100% arabic/turkish)

(Attended a cultural programme on National Day here. School girls from Pak and Sri Lanka danced to bollywood -like songs on stage. When there is the original, why should anyone want to present us the fake. Sri Lanka went one step ahead and announced it was their traditional dance. In effect it was a mix of Bharat Natyam and Kathak.

*Like their city planning as seen in tv ads. Places seem to be less crowded. Houses seem big with lawns – a luxury you can find only in rural India. In downtown Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, a 2BHK apartment may cost you over one crore rupees. Standard of living in India is not good but that’s the price we have to pay for city-dwelling. Exposure in our city schools and colleges and crowds is the reason we are doing well around the world.

*Infra looks good. I am basing my judgement from tv. Husband says they show only the best places in cameras.

*Ice-capped mountains and Himalayan peaks


So dear Pakistanis, buy yourselves respect first. Why do not others want to have anything to do with you. I thought Pakis got along well with Turks but sometime back I was with a family from Turkey who abused Pak like anything. My mind wento to the turkish soaps Pakistanis claim they like! ‘They are thieves, we know they are thieves’ said the turks. There are a lot of shortcomings with Indians. But who is scared of us, who wants to have nothing to do with us.

I wish the action  plan against terrorists in Pakistan focuses on Punjab also and takes care of Lakkvi and Hafez Saeed. Unless Pak makes moves against these dreaded terrorists roaming around safe and secure in broad daylight, Pakistan will not be free of terrorism or violence. Hand over Dawood, why do you want to safeguard a drug dealer and criminal mastermind.  Because he will cause you loss of hawala money?! Pak economy cannot do without this hawala funding?

Until then and until you upgrade your schools and skilled and unskilled manpower, don’t even dream about matching India in any ground. ¬†We may or may not be superpower, but we are one in the making. We dream big. But you are a good 20 years behind us in every field. If cricket and hockey win can make you happy, I wish you win every match! Cricket does not symbolize India nor does Bollywood.




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