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Is Modi a narcissist?

January 29, 2015

Updated Feb 21, 2015

Proceeds from the sale to go to Çlean Ganga project. Modi critics got anything to say?




Is Modi a narcissist? I am a great Modi fan but the monogrammed pinstripe suit our Prime Minister wore with his name embossed all over when he shook hands with the Obamas made me pause.

‘Parvenu’ is a bit stronger word to use though. It is noteworthy to add here that Obama himself mentioned how it was possible in India and US for a tea-seller’s son and a for a child raised by a single parent (himself) to become heads of state (of their respective nations).

Narcissism perhaps is one common human gene! You need not have to look farther than Twitter and Facebook to agree! It knows no geographical or racial or sexual boundaries! It infects us all universally and we are all happy with it, aren’t we?!

So why shouldn’t Modi be a narcissist. Had  a Gujrati businessman visitor yesterday. Settled in the city for over 30 years with family. He was telling us what a selfless life Modi’s is. Narendra Modi did not walk away from married life because he was weird or ‘different.’ He wanted to make a difference, wanted to give himself to the nation even at a tender age that he joined RSS to serve the society. These are people who know intimately about Gujarat. Business folks basically so we can take their word. More than the press or the VIPs, you can count on their honest opinions and genuine connections. In one concrete term our friend described Modi to us: ‘a pucca businessman!’

We were also talking about Modi’s pinstripe suit entirely printed/embroidered with his name. Designer label. Our friend said Modi deserved the attire and these were smallest pleasures a man could ever derive from a lifelong commitment to ‘brahmacharya.’ And to top it all he is a vegetarian, a teetotaler. A very conservative and finicky eater even from his simplest menu. So what other fun or choices or pleasure can a man of his stature seek from personal life given his strapping. It has got to do maximum with his clothes and accessories. And ofcourse power.

Initially I was put off by Modi designer show true, but coming to think about it at length I recollect images of the man sweeping floors as RSS worker, as a teaboy running after trains selling tea, as a seeker of truth in the Himalayas, as a young man suppressing all his normal desires and needs that come with age…

I read this link bookmarked sometime back to reiterate my love and admiration for Modi, not to be distracted by what the pseudo-sickularists of this nation want to portray him as:

Even now when I read this link, i feel a tear drop rolling down my eyes. Such is Modi’s simplicity and commitment for this nation of ours and his dedication and sincerity to anything and everything about Mother India. Such a decency and respectability. I have never seen or heard of a politician like him in my lifetime – living in my lifetime I mean. I know he is one in a billion literally, a gem. And I thank whoever contributed this article for bringing to the fore, the down-to-earth and honest and earnest man Modi is.

I wish my parents had known him really! Because I recall their disgust once upon a time in my life, in late ’70s, when they spotted the lotus symb0l painted in our house wall during election times. They were congress voters always. They never knew politics of a different kind or level.

My son’s generation,the youth of today, are blessed to have a good role model in Modi. So is Modi a philanderer, a womanizer, an alcoholic or smoker or weak or mute as some of his predecessors were? First of all does he have a swiss bank account for himself and his family?! Who is living and enjoying the PM’s lifestyle in No.7 Race Course Road? His wife? His children? His mother? His brothers? His friends? His party workers? Even Jawaharlal Nehru, our first prime minister, had his daughter Indira Gandhi living with him, and the former BJP PM Vajpayee, a bachelor himself, had his family’s company.

Alone and by himself for too long… Sometimes it is unbelievable that men of such selfless character and strength like Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Shri Narendra Modiji could be in public life at all…

After all what is this designer suit. And Modi’s famed labelled formal wear. Why should we want to deny him even this littlest of little pleasure. If he is narcissist, let him be. For someone who has given India so much, is he not entitled to revel and feel good when it comes to such a non-issue like his clothes. Good he enjoys being called ‘the Rockstar’ and is looked upon as a fashion icon. Little bursts of happiness like these must work wonders for the man who is under tremendous pressure all 24 hours a day, and who carries such an enormous responsibility on his shoulders. Think of it like a welcome break, a distraction, nothing more…

Even during his US visit, our prime minister was reportedly on a 9-day fast for ‘Navratri’ raising many eyebrows. A weak and pale shade of narcissism doesn’t seem to dilute his principles.

Perhaps Modi will have to switch over completely to Khadi to please certain quarters. May be he must look like Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi under-dressed but casual chic in spartan clothes (and oh don’t we know how much it costs really to buy this kind of under-stated elegance?!)… who have still allegedly stashed billions and billions of rupees in secret Swiss accounts … who both time and again disappear from public view to enjoy luxurious private holidays away from prying eyes in Italy or Venezuela or wherever… and who perhaps have a secret family tucked somewhere exotic?!

Whatever, to me Modi could be the last of the selfless, tireless generation we may be seeing not only in India, but in entire world. He belongs to that old world of our parents, he is precisely that age, and his kind of spirit and enthusiasm and hardwork and dedication and sense of commitment are something that will be very hard to find in future generations. Which is why Obama looks like a son in front of him. Which is why perhaps he called the US president ‘Barrack.’ Everyone thinks this friendship is strange, may be it is not. It is possible Obama discovered the true ‘Modi.’ Otherwise you think a US President would waste over a solid 3.5 hours watching our R-Day military and cultural parade in dusty Delhi? Who are you kidding. This gesture is not possible if there is not mutual respect, mutual admiration. For Obama, the turnaround in less than an year in policy could have been embarrassing. Whereas Modi had no such issues. Our PM went out of the way to put his guest at ease, nothing more, given the history of US relationship with him in the past (with denial of visa). As the nation’s premier, Modi does have to play up to the gallery. His charm and friendliness have done India good. More than anything it brings us goodwill of so many many nationalities around the world. During congress regime in last 10 years, we have taken a severe beating and now don’t we need this resurrection?

You  will not find another man of such a mettle anywhere in the Indian subcontinent for a long, long time to come, mark my words. They just don’t come that easy.

Wishing Shri Narendra Modiji the best health and cheers! Let him enjoy little things in life fellow Indians. Its hard to see him smile these days, his face is so much creased with tired lines and he is always lost in thoughts … and these are tough times…


Wish the author (TOI blog) rather writes on sudden ascension of Vadra. Before talking about Gharwapsi, AUDIT church funds first and investigate/kick out foreign missionaries.

Its better if we as a nation focus over what finally truly transpires in positive for India from the US president’s recent visit. How about following up on key issues for a change, blogger.




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