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World Cup With The Boys!

February 6, 2015


This 1965-1970 born are too much. They never seem to grow up. With every year their pranks get worst and OMG they are getting out of hands!

Will be flying to Doha sometime soon on popular demand! Last night my hubby tells me, ‘soon as you land, I shall pick you up, drive home and then I am going to run in running race (not marathon)!!! will get back only by 10 am, sleep off till then!’ (My flight lands at dawn). Incorrigible really. ‘You are hitting 50 in a few more months!’ I reminded but my cricket-playing man is never bothered. He leads his team which comprises of men in their ’20s and ’30s. To cheat the crowds, he wears a cap to hide his baldness! Sometimes he gets hurt in knees or arms or whatever. In front of me he will pretend everything is fine. But behind me, he will be massaging the sprain or rubbing an ointment in the injury letting out a feeble moan! If I see he is hurt, I will stop him from playing his next game so what a brave face he puts on in front of me!

Will be watching world cup matches with hubby hopefully. Last time it was when my son was giving his class 12 boards. March 1, 2011 his exams started. I had taken off dish tv connection for 2 years when he came to class 11. But as there was live streaming in internet I watched all matches online. Just before the finals, my son’s exams got over so hurriedly got the dish tv connection renewed to catch up with atleast the finals on big screen tv.

Hopefully this time I can watch all matches in tv. Not sure until that happens. Otherwise we shall always have online streaming. For India-Pak matches, usually both in ICC (Indian Cultural Centre) and in Pak centers they have big screens out in the open for watching matches. Last world cup my husband watched the semi-finals and finals in a stadium in Doha on a giant screen that was full of crowds of both nations. And Sri Lankans. We shall try to catch up the Feb 15th match with either friends or in one of the embassies or some such common venues. The last time I watched a match with my husband in such a dramatic set-up was in Chepauk – i think it was also a world cup match between Australia and New Zealand. It was a day-night one. Ended in a tie. I bunked my bank, left my little son with MIL (who was damn angry with us both) and went to Chepauk in my hubby’s Yamaha bike. May be the year was 1995 or 1996? Did not even dream one day we would step into the stadium as club members at that point of time – to watch pictures and socialize.

How much life has changed since then. Now we go to Chepauk only to use the club facilities. Earlier I used to take my son there for regular swimming. Now he swims with his friends and needs no monitoring by me. If you think Chepauk gives us any free tickets, you are mistaken. Kanjoos – nothing comes free there for club members. NOT EVEN FOR IPL.

This year my son will anyway be watching the matches with the brats – i sacrificed tv for him for 2 years, but why should he want to watch anything with me! So off I am going! No wait, i think my boy gave his 10th boards in March 2009. So by 2008 itself I took off my Tata sky connection. Got it for 2-3 months during results until he started his class 11. Then off the air tv went once more. Nearly 3 years without tv between 2008-2011 for the sake of my beta! Son’s final semester exams are in May month so this time he will be free to see the matches at his whim. Poor batch of his, they were denied all the matches except for the finals in the world cup that India managed to win. The boys can never forgive BCCI!!! Or rather ICC!!!

(Since my son had opted for Computer Science, his exams got over quick. Those with Biology with MPC had one more exam to go and could not watch any match.  If not for the children of India, who for the world cup cricket matches for? Why couldn’t BCCI look into this first?)

Looking forward to pillow fight with hubby – even if I like a single handsome cricketer he will start sneering. So jealous! All the guys are many years – perhaps decades younger to me yet our men cannot help comparing themselves with upcoming heroes! In last world cup both of us were watching via online streaming only and even in Skype we had a big fight! (Because of Sachin whose fan he is!)

The fact is, if we say white, our guys are bent on saying black only. Tom & Jerry is a mild comparison. Early my husband would tease that he would drop a chicken piece in my coffee if we argued. That was when we were much younger and newly married. Then I threatened if he would do that, I would divorce him no less! He understands how important it is for me, now he no more uses that line.  But back in 1990s, I don’t think he had the maturity. Would have done it. Actually thought there was no harm. Takes a long, long time for our men to get their bearings. From mouthwashing and using bubble gums to hide the smoking smell & liquor smell to ditching wives to join buddies for late night parties where alcohol flows free even during weekends, the torture they give us! If you want such a limitless freedom, really why you want to marry?!

I think every woman must be with a man 10 years her senior. Older men will definitely understand us better. Atleast will give us our remote control. The day I got married almost 22 years back, I lost my right to my tv remote. Atrocious. Even today I have to see only what my husband sees in tv if he is at home! Worst is, he will ask me for ice water sprawled on the couch watching tv – as if i am a lifetime free maid to fetch water bottle forever for him from the fridge. Indian husbands! Spoilt hopeless by their moms.

More than cricket world cup matches, there will be pretty hot verbal matches in my living. We have fought over Ravi Shastri, Wasim Akram everyone in the past. If I like anyone, that player is doomed! ‘Who do you like?’ is the first question that comes my way. ‘Why do you bother – so you can hate him?!’ I give back!

In last 4 years I have somewhat lost interest in cricket donno why. May be IPL is the reason. Overexposure killed it. In 2011, not only were we delighted with the world cup, Dhoni also won us the IPL final for Chennai Super Kings in the immediate May month. It was like a double dhamaka. I don’t expect such a feat this year. Anyways look at the fate of CSK.

Actually there is a famous ‘Cricket Ganesha’ in Chennai – already applying for his blessings for matches. Many ‘archanas’ in Chennai when we won the world cup. Our skipper Dhoni on the spot in Mumbai, tonsured his head even before the awards ceremony.

Ok world cup may come and go and players may change, will our men ever grow up! They think they are worldwise, but the truth is, they are so, so very boyish until now if you ask me! Like a bear lolz ROFL!!!




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