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‘Sadhu Mirandal…’ – the hindu existential dilemma…

February 19, 2015

A male friend posted sometime back in Facebook, a very controversial and adult picture on relentless Christian conversions taking place in India sponsored by foreign missionaries, with the aid of local evangelists. ROFL, the cheek he has! I hope this drives home the point. Thought a lot about sharing this. Finally today gathered enough wits to go ahead. The guy who shared this is most secular, a global citizen. Shows how much the famous Hindu tolerance is tested and how much our passivity is taken for weakness. Hindu patience is wearing thin because successive governments since Indian independence and the secularists of India, have failed to protect our self-interests, point fingers at the erring parties and condemn international funding/conspiracies to upset the prevailing equilibrium. If and if only these responsible people had played their effective role, then there would be no place for RSS and the kind in our midst today. I am a Hindutva supporter only because I have been driven to the edge. I don’t want to become a minority in my own country. Unfortunately the picture demonstrates the only language some parties can understand: I am no Gandhi even if my mother did teach hearing & speech impaired kids in a Catholic institution. With due respects: Serve, don’t serve with an ulterior dirty motive.

Venkiah Naidu speech in our Lok Sabha on conversion and anti-conversion laws:

Inspiring! As Naidu says, the idea of India can survive only as far and as long as India sustains a Hindu majority. Make it otherwise, India will be in smithereens in no time. Dear Gandhians, Political thinkers &  Philosophers and Secularists of India, let Lord Shiva bless you with an áyush’of 200 years so you can  live and see the islamization or christianization of India in your own lifetime. I only hope you won’t be thrown into gaols as political prisoners and/or as conspiracy theorists. That you won’t be house-arrested as enemies of the state. I am curious to know what would be your stand then on ‘minority Hindus.’ But then why should I, when you have no stand on Hindu minorities in Pakistan or Bangladesh for that matter even today?

Today you can deliver sermons on secularism in India and on equality and justice because you enjoy the leverage a predominantly Hindu India bestows upon you.

What is social responsibility. Should it desist with our elite intelligentsia standing at the lectern giving lectures or authoring books on philosophical ideas or debating in controlled tones in the cool environs of a tv studio. I rather prefer a constructive role even minuscule one like the squirrel helping Lord Ram build his bridge to Lanka, in its own little helpful way. There are avenues to be explored, justice must be impartial. Just because I come from a middle-class family for the sake of uniformity and equality, should I have sent my son to a municipality school. So this is where inequality and disparity stem from. You cannot do away with it 100%. You have to live it. This is the universal dharma. This is how the world functions. This is why I do not believe in Aam Aadmi Party. Feasibility. Food for thought.

So that gets you to another school of thought: Survival of the Fittest. One more reason why Hindus have to get pro-active and resist conversion at all levels. How to counter the aggressive cultural invasion that tears at the very social fabric of India? After all we are left to fend for ourselves having been abandoned by the Constitution we trusted in, the establishment we trusted in, the mind-shapers to the nation we trusted in. ‘Sadhu Mirandal?!’ Tell me! ‘Sadhu mirandal Kadu Kollathu!’

Before talking of Godhra:

*Talk to me about Mumbai blasts – Stock Exchange blast, Zaveri Bazaar etc and Mumbai 26/11.

*Talk to me about Delhi blasts

*Talk to me about Varnasi and other blasts

*Talk to me about Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Coimbatore blasts

*Address conversion issue on war-footing basis

*Analyse the unexplained rise in Christian population

*Analyse the explosion of muslim population

*Address the heightened sense of insecurity and anxiety felt deep down every Hindu’s heart; why do we feel such a strong sense of betrayal.

This is how you remain balanced.

This is more important for India’s future than our Mars Mission or Pakistan or China or our Nuke Deal or Medical & Engineering Universities or Science & Technology or our Agriculture and Industrialization. Got it? Everything else is secondary. The Idea of India – PRESERVE IT! And to preserve it maintain the 1947 status-quo between communities.

In Tamil as they say, ‘suvar irundhal thaan chithiram ezhudha mudiyum!”

World already has




Lets not round off the list with ONE INDIA – if you get me. INDIA SHALL REMAIN BHARAT TO ETERNITY! InshAllah!!


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