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Review of ‘1984’ by George Orwell

February 25, 2015

a different line of thought…


Reading it here, almost finished. Like a revisit.

Since this is a well-read book and tops all-time best sellers’ charts around the world until now, I don’t want to review it and sound silly (and propagandize my mediocrity lolz)!

The ‘Thought Police’ however draws my attention here:

My friend was telling me about a Guruji she is following and his meditation techniques. She is a couple of years younger to me but a lot wiser. In many ways and relevant ways I must say.

I don’t follow any Guruji in real life, I am my own Guruji lolz.

She said ”Thoughts’ have 5 reaches or perhaps stages:

Reflection, Refraction, Penetration, Interaction, Clash

I don’t want to mention the name of the Guruji, most who have some spiritual leaning must be knowing anyway.

My friend also startled me by saying, a thought could follow you upto 120 years, the full quota of your life. Most men do not live upto their (alloted) full lifetime. In which case, our thoughts like our previous Karma, could follow us up in our next Janam. Éven bad thoughts?’ I asked her. ”More so the evil thoughts!’ said she mischivously 🙂

‘Think good yaar’ she continued as if she could read into my mind, ‘think constructive, because with every single thought you are generating a whole cycle of motion (or process) which won’t come to rest unless its mission is accomplished – in this life or your next! Your thoughts, your heirs could come to inherit – especially your thoughts that could not be run or be realized in your time!!!’

Our anxieties, our peeves, our suppressed emotions all could come to haunt us to eternity or manifest themselves in our being as a weakness (illnesses).  The book and the Guruji’s preachings seem to overlap.

That reminded me of something.

To quote Mahatma Gandhi (whose follower in principle or thought I am not),

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”


My friend is pressing me to meditate, insisting its the next step to Yoga (stopping short of suggesting a Guru for me). She knows I am averse to this Guru-centric philosophy. Some of them are good to follow online, nothing more. Pearls of wisdom can come from anywhere -whether its Paul Coelho (my sweetheart) or a man in Saffron or even a dancing Yogi (!), its fine with me 🙂 I practise Yoga intermittently, commit myself to nothing serious or regimental. I don’t want anything to become a burden on my conscience. I enjoy the freedom of being an independent soul who can sin. No ambitions to go higher upto ‘Transcendental Meditation’ levels and experience the ultimate. Happy being the mortal, the average. The girl has mastered most of these and says, ever since a peace, a calm reigns over her body and mind.

Me thinks otherwise. With or without all this I guess I can control my stream of thoughts. To an extent. About it passing on through planes of time – honestly I am unnerved by the possibility. I have always associated Karma with a follow-up on our actions. A believer in ‘punar janam'(or rebirth) like a typical Hindu, this is something I have been ingrained with from a very young age. Like for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction – to define Karma the briefest. I doubt whether my friend can control her thoughts as well. My mind automatically thought of the ‘Thought Police!’

What is this, a Guruji or the ‘Thought Police?!’ Her little speech on ‘thought’ was interesting but something I could not totally agree with. I thought we have a right to sin atleast in our thoughts, to think of the unthinkable. We can rein in our thoughts always and why not? Weird thoughts or angry thoughts or frustrating thoughts or rebellious thoughts or avenging thoughts or even dirty thoughts are all human psyche to me. Natural. So if one is to be judged by thought purity, then please spare me. Or may be we girls shouldn’t be comparing between ourselves. We are friends. Our life philosophies are different. Our approaches are different. Without any of what she says, ‘Nirvana'(salvation) is still possible and attainable in my realm and I know I need no Guru to guide me anywhere. Even the very thought of regulating or disciplining my thought on advice/suggestion of someone baffles me. Its perfectly okay for me to kill someone in my thoughts with a sledgehammer, if I despise him/her from the bottom of my heart hahaha!

I can see, Meditation is somewhat like ‘Thought Police’ lolz. Or may be I am wrong. Our ‘Schools of Thought’ are different and may be I am not refined or mature enough to synchronize my thought and action into one and the same the way my friend does, eliminating the rubbish. I feel silly suddenly. ‘Çhain your thought, allowing it NOT to wander, try!’ said she, ýou will find peace!’ I think perhaps she thinks about focus, concentration without distraction. To some extent its possible for me – was a lot possible in my younger years when I was a student and when I had to acquire knowledge systematically. I don’t think I can muster something like that in this age. I don’t think I can ever become quite like her.

Looks like ”Thought’ week for me. Some coincidence I thought (!) with the Thought Police of 1984 and the lecture on ‘Thought’ coming my way at the same time! Thought I would record it.

Btw may be 1984 was impressive long, long back but after Dan Brown nothing surprises you.


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