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February 25, 2015

A day in the life of a Doha Desi Wife:

1. Skyped my son just a few minutes back. Bug him non-stop anyway – before the college, after the college, before the gym, after the gym, before the dinner and after the dinner! Typical Indian mom!

2. Changed complete bed linens, ran the washing machine and dried out the clothes, ironed a batch.

3. Cleaned and mopped the house

4. Cooked and keeping ready this menu for the night: Have to still make the chappathis. Prepared the basic Tamarind (Imli) mix ready in the morning using olive oil. This is called ‘Pulikkachal’ in Tamil Nadu. As the weather is very chill, I thought this would be apt for the late evening. The green peas (mutter) is Saudi peas. Took a while to cook. Peeled it the first thing in the morning. Fresh, not frozen. Also marinated a single chicken leg for hubby. Will barbeque it after he comes home. Not want to keep the non-veg food alongside the veggie to click photos. Otherwise I cannot touch the food to eat (sorry)! After marinating the chicken in the morning, had a shower!!! BBQ – thinking of leaving to hubby. Now also have to fry the papads and peel the oranges. Thank god, for dahi we have readymade ‘labaan’ (buttermilk) here. If India means, I have to make it fresh!

5, Blogged in between…

6. Watched tv and read book

7. Made phone calls to India (Voip) – to MIL, to aunt, to my maid (daily routine)

8. Reading online

9. Phone calls to 2 local friends. Regular. Either they call or I do. Everyday. Some I call weekly. Very big circle of friends here.

10. Checked some bank statements and bills. Then e-mails.

11. Not much of pooja here – I light scented candles instead of the traditional diya. Only a moment of prayers. Sometimes break from the rituals is very soothing to the soul.

12. Whatsapping my school friends gang, both sides relatives…

13. Listening to music

14, Normally manage atleast 30-45 minutes of Yoga everyday. Maximum can stretch upto 1 hr. Daily perform 24 Surya Namaskars. Today only 20 minutes of warm-up & yoga and only 7 surya namaskars. Depends on the mood. Today into blogging mood lolz

15. And most importantly: i keep playing my moves in Wordscraper & Chess Pro (online versions of Scrabble & Chess in FB) from dawn till I hit the bed. Addicted to both. Sudoku – I play no more. 2-3 moves in each game every 1 hour. It is at this time I also browse the internet. Sudoku requires too much concentration – already I am playing chess without a strategy and losing even no. of games as I win. 4 chess games in progress, 2 i am leading, 2 behind. My w/s success rate is over 80%.

(In between my tenant whasapped me about the drain choking in the kitchen counter. What a man cannot do from there in Chennai, I have to do from here in Doha, arranging the plumber making some calls. Just hate the inefficiency & insufficiency of our folks. If I am to be like this, you think I can survive with my son & MIL (mainly MIL) when my husband spends most of the time working in middle-east.  Co-ordinating long-distance a lot of issues from here that get on my nerves.)

My hubby leaves for work by 6 or 6.30 am. Never dozing in the noons. Try not to. A cleaner comes once in 15 days to scrub the bath tub, bathrooms that’s all. Refuse to have Nepali help as many have here. Somehow manage by – which is why I prefer a compact apartment upkeeping which is easy.

No guests in last 4-5 days. thank god! Weekend is coming up which means we are eating out thursday & friday evenings 🙂 Such a relief!

After all this, father and son ask me, ‘what do you do at home all 24 hours? so lazy!!!’

Right now, having a hot steaming mug of Ádrak Chai – a pleasure sipping it watching my favourite hero(es) online!

Getting dressed shortly after little more errands – to go for walking with hubby and grocery shopping. Ofcourse only after giving him his chai when he comes home…

This is the life of an average Indian Nari. Ok winding up for the day, got work to catch up…



Wake up with KFC & come back from work with KFC. Children in boarding schools. Life! If at all there is a baby, there is an indonesian/srilankan nanny to take care. Definitely our husbands should swap us for foreign wives one day and our kids must swap us with foreign moms. Alas our guys cannot even survive ONE SINGLE DAY believe me!




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