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Twitter or Facebook or Blogs cannot become basis for judgements…

March 4, 2015

Updated: 25 Mar 2015:

The draconian Sec 66 A is squashed by the Supreme court, yet its not 100% safe to speak our mind in social media even in the present:


This is what has been going on in my mind for a week now. Extremely disturbed by certain developments (not connected to me personally – a totally unrelated case). Emotionally drained, One day perhaps I shall be able to come out with it and pour my heart in these very same pages…

Sometimes feel like quitting FB, Twitter & Blogs altogether.

Neither represents what is truly going on in our society. This is a virtual world – a make-believe one. A handful of us can connect at mind levels and we are such a tiny minority who don’t matter. We are an insignificant sample. Those of us who have studied mathematics must be knowing ‘standard deviation.’ We are like the variance – a very small percentage. We are a mirage, we the bloggers, twitterati and FB enthusiasts. Our views must not be extrapolated to draw general inferences because we do not echo the vast and true majority or popular opinion.

Facebook or Twitter or even blogging reflects individuals’ views. Individuals who are islands. Who may or may not mobilize ideas. Those who concur with these people and their ideas are again a few. In smaller nations/economies like Egypt or Syria this might work – but not in India. India is way too enormous and complex to be evaluated with any kind of superficial methodology for that matter. This is not right. Value judgements cannot be made based on what a handful of twitterati give their opinion on something. Unfortunately this is what is happening in India today.

Trash is trash, but if you are going to orchestrate anything on that ground, you are committing a grave mistake. We must take the social media for what it is, not an ounce more than that.

I was wondering whether I must compose even this piece and publish it but I got my ínspiration’ somehow to go ahead and put  into words what’s been blowing on non-stop in my mind like a raging storm in last 2 days.

Such a heightened sense of insecurity, why? I can do without religious or political posts I know but don’t want to. As such I have removed a lot of material from my original blog. Hopefully I am not inviting problems. I shall learn to strike a balance. May be I have to sugarcoat my words from now on.

I shall go on – because something in me says I must go on. If individuals like us give up, then there is no hope for a future. Not that I think amateurs like me could be capable of causing any ripple effect… I may or may not like PK but I most definitely wouldn’t want a ban on PK for instance. I am clear on that. Moral policing, character assassination and censorship are the first steps we take towards turning  into a very intolerant society. If you have an issue, sort it out legally. Argue it, deal with it, come to terms with it. Or still better COUNTER IT intelligently. Is confrontation/intimidation wise or the only way to go about things. It is very well within your rights and means to manipulate someone who is trying to manipulate you. ‘Vivegham over vegham’ as we say in Tamil. Wisdom over brazenness (or brashness). This is how mature people approach and handle things.

Whether it is any political party or government or religious body, everyone must get to grass roots level and find out what the people, the citizens of our nation think. What do they want. Are they happy. None has the right to impose his/her opinion on others. You cannot bully me to like you in FB or retweet you or reblog you. And I reserve my right to aver my opinion in civil tones on anyone or anything under the provisions of Indian constitution – be it the president or the prime minister. This is the India I grew up in. Is anybody in my nation above criticisms?

Forgive and forget is my life philosophy. Time is the best healer of all. Believe me, I am a living example one can quote. Are we sadists to avenge anyone. Whether it is individuals or organizations, we have to rise over pettiness. Why should it be our business to malign someone or show them ‘their place.’ It is not for us, it is not for me. Just in case someone does that to me – my reaction would be to gracefully withdraw.  I will assume they are not worth me and won’t waste a minute on them any more.  Most importantly I will not try to change their mind.  They are entitled to think whatever of me, including the worst. But I know I am what I am, I won’t become what they make out of me. Nothing can move me, nothing can change me.  I don’t want to give a third party the power to influence me,  hurt me – and provoke me into reacting. I think I am larger than that. I won’t allow or reduce myself to be consumed and troubled by what others may think of me. Only when we learn to ignore and move on, our eyes shall open to real issues that want our attention. Or else we shall stagnate. Squandering our precious, potent energy on trivial matters is useless and not worth it. Our focus must be on what it is to be done. Let not unimportant matters distract us from reaching our goals.

We are all responsible individuals and let us have our due. What is that we may gain destroying others.

Bravo! I shall go on! We all like to poke fun at Arnab Goswami and his ilk, but I realize how the journos/scribes are forever in direct line of hit. It cannot be easy for them. Let their tribe flourish! May we put up with their nonsense which is a harmless side-effect we can all grudgingly live with!

In Democracies, individual freedom – freedom of thought, expression, speech is one of the institutional pillars. Every single Indian citizen must be able to come forward without fear or any inhibition to express his/her personal view point. The state should instill in us a sense of security.  None should feel marginalized, left out.


Tell me should we love and respect our leaders and establishment or should we fear them. Felt extremely low in last 2 days, now blogging and twittering and facebooking with dire warnings from kith & kin not to post anything religious or rebellious or political. Or sensitive or sensational or controversial either.

In an era of cyber crimes, a certain degree of vigilance is warranted but whether the state following you around everywhere is healthy is debatable. Should make one feel like a freak – looking behind our back all the time… (do these guys have no better job than snooping around social media?)

Cannot get over – hurting. Smarting up by the day. Mentally I mean. Psychologically. Taken such a thrashing. Spooked. Today it happens to a third person, how long before it can happen to any of us… the fear of the unknown is the worst of all… we are mere mortals… (and I know i am talking in doodles , anyway…)

Lets hope all will be well. I shall stay around. And I thought nothing I think aloud makes sense!

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