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A Simple Broccoli Salad

March 5, 2015

Broccoli as we know is rich in anti-oxidants. Love this greeny-green veggie so… much. The thing is, making it yummy is an issue.  It is somewhat bland really, may be by our desi standards. Takes time to cook. There are very few methods we can make it palatable to Indian stomach.

Normally I make the Broccoli soup. Or sometimes add broccoli to the Vegetable fried rice. I don’t think otherwise broccoli blends well with our desi cuisine.

Innovation is the key to make broccoli interesting to our folks. Tried this one and succeeded:

Boil broccoli to tender in a cup of water after taking out the florets.

Not to forget adding the salt to water.

Add grated ginger & crushed garlic.

Strain the water – yes some nutrients get washed out in the process. But cauliflower & broccoli need such a rinsing in hot water to weed out persisting worms and worm eggs.

Scoop some boiled broccoli florets in a cup. Add the cooked garlic/ginger along. Mix well. Garnish with white pepper powder. Top with fresh cream. Here in Doha I use the ”lebeneh with green or black olives’ we get in food sections of malls. This is fresh cheese (not solid but creamy) that comes with ground olives – either from Turkey or Egypt or Syria or Jordan and such mediterranean countries. Olives plays a major role in typical mediterranean diet which explains their skin and healthy disposition and longevity. Also their cheese is best – you need not have to worry about calories if you indulge in this freshest cheese. It is done the proper natural way with lots of herbal effects. You feel very light with it, never heavy.

Otherwise in place of lebeneh I recommend cream or even yoghurt.

This dish makes for a yummy and healthy salad. Good one to snack on instead of samosas. Best way to get our family eat the broccoli as well. For the first time I could see, big broccoli florets were devoured with such a relish, with an appreciative murmur! Otherwise broccoli is met with same reaction in my family like the beetroot!


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