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MY CHOICE : Male Indian Reaction to Deepika Padukone Video

March 31, 2015

I am recording here typical Indian MCP response to the now-infamous VogueEmpower video.

Knee-Jerk reaction from our menfolk who are used to ‘other woman’ ideology but cannot digest ‘other man’ philosophy ever!’s-video-makes-a-crucial-point-about-choice:-it-has-consequences

So ‘adultery’ is now a legal issue for our men – only because it has come to concern women! Adultery by men is fine anyday. Perfectly legal and I guess a male-thing.

What my regular newspaper has to say:

And now some entertaining pix: ROFL !!!

In coming days, I am hoping to see more reactions that I would like to add up here 🙂

Enjoying all the fuss the guys are kicking up! Serves them right lolz

You may or may not be my choice, its well within my right, got it?!


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