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If Facebook existed in the times of Ramayana !!!

April 17, 2015


I am also an ardent Hindu but let my Gods and Goddesses have a hearty laugh reading this: Hail Ram! 

Moreover, been blogging too much of serious stuff for long. Need a break.

Sharing from my school ‘whatsapp.’

ROFL !!!


If facebook existed in the times of Ramayana..😂

👨Ram uploads status- “Going on long vacation✈🌇with babe 👸n bro👱…😊 👬💃

👵😈Kekai likes this 👍☺


👦Bharat- Hv fun bro🍻🎂🍧..

👸Sita- Yipee!!! 💃

👴Dashrat – 😱noooo!!😰😭

👩Kaushalya- 😌well! If that’s what u decided! Have fun!!🎉🎊🎋😊

👦Bharat writes on Ram’s wall- ” Yo bro! Bought 💵 a fab pair of WOODLAND shoes for you! 👞👞 Placing them on the throne in your honour!! 👑”

👬👸Ram, Lakshman & Sita like this. 👍


👨Ram- Well done my boy!! 👏

Wen raavan 👺abducts sita🔫

👨Ram uploads status- “Raavan, u r soo bloody😡 screwed!👿💣🔫🔪

👸Sita likes this.👌👍


👺Raavan- Bring it on dude 😜

🐵Hanuman- M wid u bro👋..  🏊!

👺Raavan- 🔩screw you monkey🐒🔥😡…

Soon, Ram writes📝 on Sita’s wall📋-

“Dont worry babe ❤, ☝m cming soon🏃.. 💏LOVE U honey🍯💘… Mmmuuuaaahh😘

👱👸🐵Laxman, Sita n Hanuman like ths! 👍👍👍

👸Sita’s status UPLOAD-

🙀”Gawd!🙏 No fashion sense here 💇💅💆💁👗👘👠💄❌❌❌!

Every woman luks like a fat monkey👹 🐻🐷!!”

🐵Hanuman likes this!


🐵Hanuman- Any1 worth me?? 💪 🙇

👸Sita- No 🐵hanuman all galz r juz ewww!! 👹😖💦😏

👺Raavan- Shut up!😡Dont say anythng abt my 🌏country’s lovely chicks 👹👹👌😍😘

👸Sita- lovely LOL 😜😆😂.!😁

🔫🔪After killing 👺Raavan, ✨👨Ram uploads status-

“Yo ✌Ayodhayites🙌 👶👵👴👳, coming bck 👣 wid babe👸💁   n bro 👱…

1⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣1000 likes 👍

5⃣0⃣0⃣500 comments ✌

2⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣2000 friend request 👋


⚠For The First Time,.😎

Pass it to other contacts


ROFL !!! Laughing non-stop ever since. No I am not offended and I don’t think Ram or Sita will be either for that matter. I believe in a forgiving God & never in a punishing one.  Jai Shri Raam! Jai Hanuman! Thanks guys you just made my day!



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