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‘Nungu’ Milkshake (Palmfruit Milkshake) (Tari Milkshake)

May 10, 2015

‘Nungu’ (in Tamil) (and ‘Tari’ in Hindi, ‘Ice Apple’ in English) is the juiciest fruit of the palm tree. A super summer treat. Cheap & best and a far superior substitute to your Coke & Pepsi. We peel the fruit generally and have it. There is another way of enjoying the ‘nungu’ which is by making a yummy milkshake with it. Consumes under 5-10 minutes to make a delicious glass of Palmfruit/Nungu/Tari Milkshake.

Note: Palmfruit is to Palm tree what coconut is to coconut tree (some gyan!!!). A desi gift.


Palmfruit/Nungu/Tari – 10 or 15 or 20 (or more if you wish)

Palm sugar (Brown sugar) (preferably) (or plain sugar) to taste

Boiled & chilled milk (milk to be pre-boiled with a pinch of cardamom powder if you wish) – 1 or 2 glasses


Peel the palmfruit/nungu/tari. This takes time. The skin comes out easy if you refrigerate for sometime.

Or consuming with the skin is supposedly the healthiest way if you can take the bitter taste.

Add the peeled fruits (oozing with watery liquid/juice) to the blender.

Add palm sugar/brown sugar/plain sugar.

Blend to smooth – won’t take over 30 sec.

Add boiled & chilled milk to the fruit mash.Add cardamom powder to milk if you wish – a pinch, no more.

Give a pulse of 30 more sec in the blender so the fruit jelly & milk mix evenly.

Pour into tall glass(es).

Makes a great smoothie.

Add/reduce milk as per the consistency you want. Similarly blend in more fruits if you wish.

Makes 1-2 glasses of Palmfruit/Nungu/Tari Milkshake. Delicious and different one than the regulars. Hit with family. Slightly pungent twinge in taste is sometimes possible. No way listed in any fruit juice shop or restaurant menu. Yeah – an original recipe hehe 🙂 Serve chilled.

PS: Not to add badam/pista toppings which will make the milkshake lose its original earthy flavour. Nungu/Palmfruit is not available in middle-east or the Americas or Europe. 100% desi and Asian and free of pesticides/fertilizer residues.


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