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Review: Eight Below

May 31, 2015

Summer is a time to stay home & catch up with pictures in Zee Studio/HBO/SonyMax.  Been revising everything from Troy to The Shawshank Redemption.

So it was great to watch Antarctica in the film in 41 deg celcius searing heat of Chennai. The city has not had loadshedding thankfully – so if we have survived May it means we can pull along. 2 years back we used to have summer powercut of 1 or 2 hours everyday in scorching heat. Before that for 10 years we went without almost nil loadshedding.

I didn’t know you needed a tourist guide even in Antarctica! Our hero is the guide and he boasts of a train of sledge dogs that look lovely!

True story of the heroic tale of a man getting back to the polar ice shelf to rescue a pack of dogs that were so dear to him! Absolutely amazing! And entirely worth saving. Other life forms are no less important – I wish all humans come to see the great truth.

The guide helps a scientist on a mission find a meteorite with his dog sled driven by 7-8 dogs but soon a storm is brewing. The scientist loses his footing and almost sinks into a crevice breaking thin ice, but the brave she-dog Maya helps him out. Then the whole antarctic expedition human team fly out leaving the dog team behind in worsening weather. Its impossible for them to go back any sooner in inclement climatic conditions to save the dogs.

The tour guide who is very close to the animals feels guilty. He eventually finds a way to fly to Antarctica in the next spring to rescue his dogs. Its announced in the screen here, the dogs – most of them – are on their own, having survived some 175 days in hostile polar cold desert against all odds. The beauty is, they still are waiting for their master to return which is so heartwarming.

The reunion brings tears to your eyes. Dogs – not just dogs – also all other living creatures, have sense of hunger, pain everything. Those like dogs and elephants are even capable of emotion and long term memory.

One of the loveliest films I have seen. Antarctic pictures are my favourites, seen many over years. But this is special.

What an effort has gone into the making of the picture, awesome! Kudos to the cameramen, the director everyone. Its a tough one to shoot and must have been expensive as well. Its endearing they did it for the sake of the dogs – hats off! Salute the loyal foot soldiers – the sledge dogs Maya and Max and others from the picture – they did it for you lovelies! The beasts put cunning humans to shame.

Antarctica is beautiful! Lucky scientists and the expedition crews!

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