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For World Environment Day

June 5, 2015

Lover of nature, plants, birds and animals, I am adding pictures here downloaded from Facebook – Filmygyan page. My heart goes out to all living creatures that cannot defend themselves, cannot argue their own cases. They are all my babies. Luv you sweeties 🙂 I can’t get enough of the movie ‘Planet of Apes.’ Wish a day dawns in world history when humanbeings will be behind bars in zoos and the animal kingdom live happily ever after!

Even I am guilty of using air-conditioners non-stop in summers that raises the temperature of Planet Earth. And about bags and belts – yes my family is guilty. Can’t help with aircons but will try to completely move over to foam leather as family. And onions – no way! Can’t do without sorry!

I hope the forest cover in India will stay intact and will not be encroached upon, least of all by the guardians of our natural wealth – our government. This is my sincere request to Modi govt. NO DEVELOPMENT AT THE COST OF CUTTING DOWN TREES PLEASE! Preserving the eco-system will be to our benefit in the long run.

Heartening to note India does not figure in Elephant poaching map. And our tiger & lion populations have registered record growth rates. Given that we are a third world nation with scarce natural & other resources to share among 1.2 billion homosapiens, its a miracle we are sustaining forests and such a variety of flora and fauna in our ancient Mathru Bhoomi. Hindu dharma respects and reveres all living creatures and even nonliving ones like musical instruments, books, furniture, automobiles etc. We do a pooja (worship) even for inanimate objects because they help us lead a comfortable life.

Worship of Tulsi (basil) is in our culture since millenniums. We marry the Neem tree to the Peepal tree in our temples.

New car poojas in India that I found in You Tube: a car is not an inanimate object for us, its a machine that carries our weight, that eases lots of our travel woes. The pooja is for thanking for prosperity and praying for His & His Mrs’ blessings for a safe ride.

Even NRIs follow the tradition abroad:

We have our polluting ways with the rivers and we heat up the atmosphere for our part, but I think the pressure of our population is to blame. Still compared to how the west and the arab countries go extravagant on oil use and carbon emissions from running air-conditioners and industrial plants, what we are doing in India is nothing. We aren’t the ones poaching the wild, littering the Everest and even the Outer Space (outerspace – well err…. India does have a Mars Mission after its Lunar Mission besides a galaxy of satellites orbiting Planet Earth)…. Okay atleast we have spared the oceans – not as many oil spills as the west again!

I hope we do take better care of our environment/nature for our own sake. Kindness to lesser beings is the measure of our own humanness. Let all life forms flourish happily in my Punya bhoomi to eternity!

Mother India! Stay blessed Bharat, none like you in entire world. None with a heart like you. Kudos to Hindu culture, Hindu tolerance, Hindu compassion for anything animate or inanimate. I am a vegetarian and proudly so since birth.

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