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June 23, 2015

A Zumba friend is a Rajastani Jain born & brought up in Chennai; prides herself as ‘pakka Thamizhachi.’

However her conservative in-laws/family would not have her wear trousers or tee-shirts. Sari is her daily attire.

For zumba classes, our friend has informed her folks that she is attending Yoga. (I tell my MIL i am attending Aqua Yoga as well & not Aqua Zumba lolz !!!)

She wraps herself in readymade sari (partly stitched sari) from her home wearing the zumba gear insides.

On her way in auto (rickshaw), she pulls out her sari and enters the studio in proper floor clothes. Rarely she has time to get into the locker room to change before the sessions (she owns a business & therefore is a busy-bee).

Before going back home, she simply zips back the sari – and bus! she is done! And what an amazing transformation as the ultimate compliant devoted bahu!!!

We all have a good time teasing her about her antics. Its a treat to watch her do the sari wrap & unwrap just like that!

She regaled us with 2 funny stories about her ready-stitched sari experience in auto:

Once when our girl hired an auto in sari and settled down, she looked out and saw she barely had 10 minutes or so to make it in time to the class. She immediately pulled out her sari and stuffed it into her handbag. She was in her new zumba avatar when the auto driver nearly had a heart attack looking at her in the rearview mirror. He stopped the auto and argued, she was not the same woman he had picked up. The driver got scared his passenger was an apparition come down to haunt him – probably a ghost – and refused to drive her further! He was shaking I believe and my friend had a hard time convincing him she was human!

Another time, when the friend was pulling out her sari, a different auto driver who caught her in the act in his rear view mirror happened to think she was stripping & got excited! Editing other details here!

A great lover of pure silk & pure cotton saris, I appreciate the vibrancy & colour concepts of India and the different styles & textures from different states. Silk is my choicest fabric! My most precious silk sari (shall click later) was got for my housewarming from RMKV – a Kanchivaram for 18,000 bucks which is my priciest attire until this date. My cousin got me a pure soft silk (weighless) from Palam for 12000 bucks for her housewarming! My collection is now limited to mere silks as I wear sari not regularly. My fave is ofcourse the closeby Kanchipuram (or Kanchivaram) silk, the most expensive & blueblooded in the world of silks. I HATE CHINESE SILK (ANYTHING CHINA FOR THAT MATTER)! Kanchipuram is a mere 70 km from the city and still boasts of silk handlooms. We buy our wedding silks from there directly. My other faves include pure Tussar silk, Uppada, Benarasi. Chanderi & Raw silk. Even Kashmiri silk. Yes, all come with a mark-up price of over 4000 bucks. The mixed breed include silk-cotton, Kota and Jute silk. Love the ones with threadwork hand-done. Ethnic prints like Bandhni, Pochampalli. Kalamkari, the tribal Ikat etc are hot! (will post pics later) I think Saris are a beautiful expression of our womanhood/femininity. Exquisitely graceful and so originally desi. A celebration of life. I feel Β like a complete woman when I am draped in a sari. India is an ocean when it comes to yarns & fabrics. I have not seen anything stunning in range anywhere like this. I guess if you are a designer or someone with a good sense of dressing, you will find India the seventh heaven. Our clothes and dyes are too very individualistic in nature… which I guess defines the character of this nation in a way…

I may not be a good groomer but I invest in silk saris (never in salwar kameezes this much or in jeans). Silk saris have a good exchange value & when melted give away pure silver foil (from the zaris) (no more gold sorry). Won’t say I have an eye for silks/saris but some happen to think I do & adore my choices! Go for strongest boldest shades lolz donno why. In total contrast, my kurthis are purple, ash, black, coffee mostly. In my working days, once a week I would go to bank in cotton saris – coimbatore/andhra/bengal or whatever. Luv the cottons but no more get them.

Anyway, had a great time lunching with my zumba gang today. Treat was mine & another friend’s. Theme: Sari πŸ™‚ Wherever our ‘sari’ friend goes, she brings the roof down with her jokes & laughter! Thanx guys, you made my day!


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  1. The Saree is the most beautiful garment, isn’t it? Your saree is beautiful. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Aruna! Yes Sari is the most beautiful garment in the world πŸ™‚ Wanted to show off this one πŸ™‚

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