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Review: Jurassic World (film)

June 24, 2015

For someone who shied away from looking at his mom in the school PTA or Open Day, my son did a good job taking me to the picture I have long wanted to see. Its my wedding day gift from him. Many considerations for the rare outing I don’t wanna list here.

When Jurassic Park was released in ’94, I was carrying him and hence forbidden from watching it in silver screens. It was a mega movie in the period and except for me, everyone else had been for it. Even though I had read most of Michael Crichton, I longed to see the special effects of Steven Spielberg in cinemas. Later I did catch up with the dinosaur flick and subsequent sequels in tv in my living room but the initial excitement of the ’90s when the concept was new went missing.

Me & my son are big dinosaur fans among other things. I introduced him to the pre-historic beast even when he was a toddler. Got him a collection of toys and CDs. When he was 3-4 years, he could reel out all the species and their sizes with their food habits besides drawing them out. T-Rex was always our pet dinosaur hahaha! Our first home PC had a screensaver of the Jurassic Park that I installed after a lot of search in the web. When he saw it, he jumped up & down in glee! From BBC I also downloaded all the episodes of ‘Walking with the dinosaurs’ – a big thing before the millennium. Besides, we both also had watched a number of dinosaur movies/animations that were in vogue in those times. Every single day we viewed some wildlife or dinosaur flick plus cartoons. It was like a ritual. My son was homeschooling under me for about 4 years (upto class 2) in Malaysia.

What I remember sweetly about the time is, how he believed the dinosaurs actually existed refuting that they were extinct!!! Just like he wanted to become a sailor because he loved Popeye and so on! Ah, the innocence called boyhood! By the way whenever my baby refused to eat, I would say the T-Rex was watching with its single red eye through the window! ‘Eat before it shatters the glass, swallow quick’ NOW I would hush and he would gulp down the food and hold on to me hahaha! (In the cinemas now we had a reversal of roles, it was I who clung to my son in shock everytime the giant dinosaur reared up its hideous head!) So dinosaur brings back memories. Very special for us mom & son. May be this is the reason he wanted to take me to the picture although he never admits, just like a grownup adult male would never. What is the problem with men & emotions?

Jurassic World – so was as expected. More than the dinosaurs, I want to mention this thing: the older sibling/brother. His attitude is just like my son’s lolz!!! Seriously! The lad seems to be existing in another world all the time – so very true of my son when we parents talk to him!!! (Mind you: with parents ONLY!) The off-handed replies, blank distracted look, disinterest, late reaction, zombie walk, the secretive smile …. well now I know atleast, this is that phase !!! Typical! In fact I kept telling my son, how the boy resembled him totally and he laughed out and said ‘Am I that bad?!’ (PS: the nagging younger sibling could have been me 🙂 )

We both got ourselves cold coffee as we watched the film in 3D. I couldn’t help screaming every now & then that got on his nerves. ‘Ma, just turn back and see, is anyone else doing that?!’ he said, ‘you are scared of dinosaurs?!’ (Last time I saw a 3D picture was when I was a school kid myself; it was a tamil film ‘My dear kutti chaathan’ – a revolution in those days.)

Nothing remarkable about ‘Jurassic World.’ Even the climax is predictable. Could guess what Chloe was getting upto. The sense of humour peppered through out the film is good. Luved it! Like in bollywood/tamil movies we know, the hero, heroine & kids will be safe anyway and there will be a happy ending 🙂 so the last couple of scenes can only bore. The bad dinosaur has to DIE! With the bad guys/villains! A word about Irfan Khan here. I don’t like him, he overacts. He did it in Slumdog Millionaire, he is doing it in Jurassic World. Still nice to see an Indian face in a mega-budget Hollywood production. He looks thin and fit 🙂

I liked the theme Park very much. Dinosaur safaris, aquariums everything. Almost feels like Singapore zoo! Nice equatorial/Central American landscape. The whole film looks like, is shot in director Mani Ratnam style lolz I mean in semi-darkness where you can’t make out much hahaha! But this kind of cinematography & direction actually get you national awards in India 🙂 I mean, the wet forest feel is there throughout. Reminds me of Malaysia so much. Watch for time-pass, nothing more. I always wanted to because, I missed the ’94 first rush of dinosaurus excitement. Destiny is like, I was programmed to watch the sequel with my son some 21 years later 🙂

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