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Film Review: Gravity

July 11, 2015

That was one exhilarating space odyssey starring George Clooney & Sandra Bullock. Too bad Clooney died too soon! But I love the way Hollywood movies exalt women to a superior status in celluloid screens. I think in countries like India, this is very important.

Simply adore NASA & ISRO. ISRO is one of the best things to happen to India and thank god for small mercies!

It so happens that our space agency just now launched 5 UK satellites into space so its a great coincidence watching the film on tv with the countdown starting.

For a while even my son wanted to become an astronaut! Chandrayaan, India’s lunar mission was the inspiration. Astro physics has now come to capture the imagination of Indian youth in a big way, the credit for which entirely goes to ISRO! And wow, the way they made their humble beginnings all those decades back… literally on a bicycle!

Engrossed with  ‘Gravity’ totally – a ‘must watch’ for all space enthusiasts/dreamers. I am not into science fictions and ‘alien’ concepts but I love the s0-called ‘probable’ and realistic scenarios pictures like Gravity present. Sunita Williams, the second Indian origin astronaut to fly into space from NASA practically gave a tutorial from her space station, on life outside earth’s atmosphere.

Even today some 36% of NASA scientists are Indians or people of Indian origin reportedly:

I loved the scene when Clooney tells Sandra Bullock how beautiful the sunrise is over the Ganges. Incidentally, one such a picture was indeed beamed to earth and I recollect viewing it somewhere in the web.

Mesmerizing is the last video that is of the Chandrayaan launch. Mangalyaan, the Mars mission is another feather to our cap. I stopped updating my earlier posts on ISRO’s missions because I have really lost count of their feat of success over years!

Its pretty cool to see astronauts hopping from one space station to another or from one orbiting rocket to a second just like that! We get an idea! Space walk is wow – i would say we can give our life to experience something of the kind. Out of the world truly! But littering the space is again a concern.

Of the space stations, there are the Japanese, Chinese, Russian, American… Why ISRO, why have you guys not yet got (y)our own permanent spot in the space? When shall we see the tricolour atop Indian ISS? Antactica – the Dakshin Gangotri is not enough! Moon & Mars won’t do! Want now a desi balcony in the space – to look out from!

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