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Taking ID break shortly :)

July 12, 2015

Closing shop coming friday for upto a month. Family time. Shall try to tweet (whether anyone follows or not 🙂 btw i am one rare twitterati who wouldn’t want followers 🙂 ) (same with my blog; less the followers the better. don’t want undue publicity).

Hopefully I shall find time in between to browse… Even my cell will not be with me 😦  My old tab is a waste. Worried about Whatsapp! Missing Zumba & Yoga as well. The holy month of ‘Aadi’ starts with 17th so lots of Poojas also pending. The annual religious-spiritual cycle of India starts NOW! Besides, emotional roller coaster time for me. Keeping a looming depression at bay will be my biggest challenge.

Surrendering BSNL by mid aug. So from aug 10th, won’t have wifi either & will have to survive with the one in my phone for a while. Too many loose ends to tie up…

Still got a couple of days – though booked tight. Late evenings refuse engagements right away.

Signing off with my fave Kamal – Sridevi song – a memorable one: hope its so for everyone :0) – a kavitha (poetry):

(sub-titles) (music MS Viswanathan; lyrics: Kannadasan; director: K Balachander – MSV-Kannadasan-KB’s was the dream team of Thamizh cinema in 1960s & ’70s. Social messages but no coercion, no character assassination or moral preaching, subjects/issues far ahead of their times with music & lyrics lingering and kind of making you pause & think over)

Will be back in business by 3rd or 4th week of Aug.

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