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Zumba – the freedom of body & mind

August 15, 2015

Free food for son & friends in Gujju restaurant in his new school in US. Masters is full of Indian students from various states. ‘I am hearing Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Gujju’ all around me, all 24 hours!’ says he.  In Masters, only Indians & Chinese mostly I believe. Only in UG there are Americans. Goes on to show how much important academics is to us, the 2 Asian rivals. Btw we are neither Asian nor south Asian, we are INDIAN ! India rocks! The elderly Gujarathi offered 2 meals free for the boys, in America for the first time. Indian karmic connection, the reason.

Every single one of us makes India proud and we must. We see India in every Indian overseas.

India thrives and throbs more outside India I know: we have felt that way in Malaysia, Qatar. We connect more with Indianness abroad. We cherish our culture more when we are away from our motherland.

As for me, on my own this week with hubby back @ work, I am giving a Zumba group performance this evening lolz 🙂

Here are a couple of dances we are doing for the stage show for Independence Day. Choreography is a bit altered so all of us can keep up. Besides, we Indians do not have the stamina to dance like westerners. I guess I like our trainers’ choreo better for all songs & dances.

The first 2 for stage dance:



Lol just listening to these in You Tube gets my feet tapping 🙂

Many are dancing clumsy in this one, luv it!

A total of 30 songs to be danced for 1.30 hours out of which we are doing only 2 on stage (our gang). The rest are by different fitness clubs. However through out we shall be dancing in the stands.

Last 1 month has been like a whirlwind and now its like the quiet after the storm. Practising hectic for Zumbathon this week.

On this Independence Day I wish the best for the student community of India, keep on with your good work guys. Aim high, dream high as our beloved Abdul Kalam said, reach for the skies. Remember, you are India’s promise.

Manpower quality is getting poorer in India. I am not satisfied with the banking personnel, columnists in newspapers, tv anchors, teachers, software professionals, doctors anyone. Don’t know why. Quality is getting diluted. We are poking fun at fake gurus. How about physicians missing out something vital in diagnosis or surgery/treatment or software guys unable to fix a technical glitch.  To err is human, but there is clearly a substandard creeping in that I cannot miss in everything & everyone around me these days. About India, this is my greatest worry therefore. Not the terrorism issue, not the failing monsoons, not China…

I am saying this because a wrong baby that must not be around today got born, because the specialist missed the anomaly in the foetus in the 5th month’s scan during someone’s pregnancy. How the entire family fortunes changed for worse overnight – I am seeing today. A single human error. Why? Payment seat in medicine that’s why.

The sweet but unwanted baby is not merely the parents’ heartache, its the symbol of India’s failing & falling quality control, our national burden. The young father, in his most productive age, is distracted, crestfallen. He is a genius in his profession otherwise. Whose loss is it ultimately.

Recently we saw a block of apartments crash like a pack of cards in Chennai. The highrise thankfully was still under construction. The site engineer pulled out a couple of supporting columns in the 12 floor structure to make way for more car park. Only labourers died – Bihari so why should we bother. How the promoters & structural engineers & architects allowed removing of columns is a big question on not only our ethics but also on our knowledge base.

That there were no competent monitoring or controlling authorities speaks the worst of us. Or rather we do but they are dysfunctional. This is because the questioning body is staffed by quota candidates who do not know what to look up and where. How many PWD engineers can even read a structural drawing. Standards are not met. Rules are easily, carelessly flouted cutting corners on safety, and then there is none capable of raising a point. To field queries, first of all you must know what is going on.

By the way its rumoured in the city that 2000 acres of lake area in the outskirts have been sold for crores of rupees for real estate development. Or perhaps for a multinational who knows. Lake bed. Dry in the off season. Catchment areas. Where are the lakes of Chennai today. They are all housing colonies right? Or industrial zones.

Deterioration & contamination of values, morals, scruples, atmosphere, drinking water everything is happening to us – all at the same time. Why should we fear a nuke bomb. Its a safer & quicker relief if you ask me than see your green native land go dry, sold in bits & pieces to fat, rich private developers, getting treated with a management quota doctor, being taught by an inadequate teacher in the school.

The India I grew up was far better. It was not as worse as it is today.

Give merit a chance guys, management/payment seats are okay when you can meet the set standards. Ours is a poor nation I know – the govt cannot accommodate every aspiring candidate into its subsidized academic institutions. The pillars of Indian society rest on a solid bedrock of qualified, dynamic professionals heading world standard academic and scientific/research/industrial/banking/space institutes. If quotas are to determine the intake, then we are doomed. Payment seats bring in the revenues and cater to demands & needs of our exploding population… Still let each & every one of us decide what is our capability, capacity and how far we must venture.

I am not saying management quota is totally immoral. After all the private universities offer us the best. Many of us prefer deemed/autonomous institutions for their infra + environment for our children over poorly equipped govt colleges these days. But the candidates must justify their entry into these institutions with merit, that’s my point.

Staffing of our elite founding institutions again with substandard manpower is another greatest worry.

There is something we cannot afford to neglect or forget:

Human resource is India’s best strength. Let us not compromise on that single essential factor of growth.

India is also getting way too expensive and why not? Make in India? I can only smile sad. From the baggages that are Delsey & American Tourister to the weighing scales & locks that are Chinese, what is Indian. Luggages are simple but not easy to produce the right or good quality. Walk to a supermarket. See what still remains Indian. We are buying, buying, buying. no more selling to the world the way we used to do.  Even if I want to get quality Indian product, where is the availability. Where is production? Anything you can imagine, you may get chinese. We have to give credit where its due.

Wishing India’s children all the very best, the brightest future: you are this nation’s only hope.

I am doing a write-up on quality already. Quality compromise could be our cancer. ‘Chaltha hai’ attitude is what can do us in. Seriously there is erosion of value in every single facet of our lives whether we can see it or not. Concerned a lot over this, want to make it a topic for discussion in near future. Not been blogging for over a month now. Lots of loose ends to tie up. Hopefully I shall be back to scrawling here by next week.

I want gate crashers now for our zumba party lolz. Don’t miss it – 40+ aunties are dancing!!!

This Independence Day 3 of us of family are in 3 different parts of the world: India (Hindu by soul), America (Christian by soul) and Qatar (Islamic). Wherever we are, we are Indian first, love India to bits. Last couple of years I have attended our Independence day celebrations in Doha by Indian embassy & Indian cultural center there. They organize it a week later in a big stadium or stage, after the vacationing families return from India Mostly school children stage shows. Hope I can catch it this time as well. Good representation from all corners of India.

Saare Jahaan se Achcha, Hindustan Hamara!


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