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Mushroom Paneer Pulao

September 5, 2015

After Mushroom Tofu Biryani, attempted Mushroom Panneer Pulao which is most similar to my other recipe. Only this time I did not get fresh Pudina so decided to go bland which was surprisingly great.


2 cups of Basmati rice

Fresh Button Mushrooms – 200 gm

Panneer cubes -300 gm or even 500 gms if you wish

Onion -1

Tomato – a slash

Cashewnuts – a fistful

Green chilis – 5-6


One spoon Madras sambhar powder (a mix of dry red chili powder & dhania/cumin seeds powder)

For tempering: bay leaf, cinnamon stick, ani star seeds, cardamom, clovess-1 or 2, saunf (fennel seeds) – a combination or all

Salt to taste

Dahi/yoghurt/curd – 1 tbsp

Oil for deep-frying – 2 tbsp



*Soak the basmati rice for atleast half an hour on rinsing.

* Grate the onion, dice the fresh button mushrooms & panneer (if it is block)

*Make a ginger-garlic paste. Take a portion of it and mix it with salt, dahi (yoghurt), sambhar powder. Add the cubed panneer and diced mushroom and mix evenly. Marinate for a minimum 30 min.

*Take out the marinated panneer-mushroom and deepfry in a wok/kadai/shallow pan in small batches.

* Drain the excess oil and spread on a tissue to remove any remnant oil. Keep aside.

* Temper the left-over heated oil (do not reheat on cooling) with cinnamon stick, cloves, bay leaf and saunf (fennel seeds). When the garam masala aroma is emitted add the cashew and fry to golden brown. I usually use sparse masale and prefer a less spicy food.

* Let not the cashewnuts blacken. Add the chopped onions immediately and stirfry for a few minutes.

* Add the split green chilis, remaining ginger-garlic and the slash of tomato and keep stirring.

*Strain the basmati rice and add to the kadai/wok and stir-fry for a couple of more minutes.

*Let the contents cool. Transfer then to an electric rice cooker. Rice: Water is normally 1:2, but for 2 cups of basmati rice I add a mere 3.5 cups of water so as not to let go the rice soft or else it shall break. Salt the rice. This is the basic Mushroom Panneer Pulao.

*Let the Mushroom-Panneer Pulao cook and when it is almost done like some 95%, add the deep-fried Mushroom-Panneer cubes to the rice and stir evenly but taking care not to break the rice. Place back the lid and allow the rice to absorb the flavours of Panneer and Mushroom and get done.

*Reason for adding the panneer-mushroom in the later stage is this: If we add up in initial stages, they may get soggy with excess water absorption. Adding near finish keeps them crispy and maintains their texture.

*Mushroom Panneer Pulao is now ready to serve. Serve hot-hot with onion/cucumber raitha and Aloo roast subzi south Indian style. Or even non-vegetarian gravies can go well with this main course menu.

*This serves 4 people easily.

*One more yummy & hassle-free pulao to avow your guests with. Kids will luv this.

In Pic: the copper tumbler got from Chennai as drinking water in copper is good for health.


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