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The Migrant Mess

September 5, 2015

Bite the hand that feeds thee: you need to look no further than our Indian Bhais

The influx of refugees from Syria into Europe reminds one of the recent France episode. Is Europe getting itself mired into a serious mess untangling out of which shall prove to be a complex and costly affair in near future.

Why should it be Europe that bears the brunt. Why should anyone care.

Why are the oil-rich Arab states keeping quiet. Saudi and UAE for instance. Or even other self-righteous islamic republics like Pakistan. And why not Malaysia, Brunei either. Pakistani no-gooders like to talk big on Palestine. What is the no. of Palestinian refugees Pakitan has actually taken in. Why cannot Saudi Arabia or UAE or Pakistan or Malaysia let in the migrants settle down in their native soil. WHOSE FIRST RESPONSIBILITY ARE ARAB REFUGEES. After all they are one ummah right.

The true colours of these nations stand exposed with Aylan Kurdi yet the question is, what guarantee is there these same refugees/boys would not grow up into extremists/terrorists themselves someday.Even Malala could not help giving a religious paper in the host country UK. How many Indian children study religion at school. If you think Malala is a hope, there you see what is written clear in the wall: THESE SHALL NOT REFORM. I would have had respect for her had the girl not attempted learning religion as an academic paper. Smacks of hypocrisy of highest order. She, the supposed role model. just set the worst example for the (girl) children of her community/nation.

As for Indian Muslims, how many can be certain of their own safety in Pakistan or Saudi given that they are predominantly Shia. Can they declare openly and proudly who they are and get away with it. They are in India which is why they can afford a sigh of relief. Never mind India’s own national security is severely compromised with their thankless disloyal nature.

Closing the gates could be heartless but severing the limb with cancer is the best way to save a life. Europe to become the next largest and most dreaded caliphate?

What is the value addition of these guys to humanity. What is their IQ, score in the general productivity index. Dead weight to carry? Besides being a drain on the benefactor’s resources with the immigrants living off food stamps/welfare…  Other typical symptoms: non-integration/blending with the society they become part of. Self-imposed social/cultural alienation. A counter-productive immigrant community could be a host nation’s worst nightmare as has happened with France as we see. Is it too much to hope the generosity of the Europeans today does not get repaid with interest in terms of betrayal and bombs on the part of asylum-seekers in future.

And this is what migrants in Germany did to an Indian student:

Canada, Germany etc will pay a heavy price someday.


A friend is a Hindu married to a Christian and the family work and live in Middle-East. A Pakistani child next door comes home playing. Says the friend, the boy gawks at their Puja which holds also a mantle for Christ and exclaims, they’re fake Gods and the family were infidels. The co-worship of the two mixed faiths is another puzzle for the boy who is unaware, this is not strange in India. What shocks my friend is the innocence and supreme confidence with which the 7 year old declares his mind with a streak of fanaticism which you can never find in a Hindu child. The boy can recite religious Hymns. Which Hindu boy/girl can do that these days. We are raising our children as agnostic kind principally. Religion recedes with every Hindu generation. Or is that a grave mistake we are making.


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