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The Sound Of Silence

September 25, 2015

Originally dated: Sep 24, 2015

There is a reason some of us fondly dub the print & visual media ‘Presstitutes’ : a glaring instance in the present is how these guys draw attention to the Aylans and Ahmads the way they never do with little Yazidi girls not even 12-13 years raped in the name of God and sold as sex slaves (not counting their women). One can spot one or two unbiased reports in the Indian media whereas there is a baffling silence in some ‘self-righteous’ quarters who normally are in the habit of raving on Palestine whose observances and ‘famous world opinions’ on this singluar issue therefore are conspicuous by their absence. My expectation with Indian media is dismal keeping in terms with not the kind of so-called ‘free and fair press’ we have like ‘across the borders.’ So toeing their line, whatever one may accuse of Israel, you have to give it to the ISIS finally for having re-created the Slave Dynasty & Moghul India for entire world to see in Syria-Iraq of today. One of the things that bother those like me are the false glorification of the Moghul era and underplaying of the just and fair Hindu kings who were shy of the sword, in Indian history textbooks during decades of anti-Hindu congress reign. Science and Art were highly patronized and prospering in India until the rampage started with the 7th century AD. If you are to take into account the regional languages and literature, India is a galore of great literary works spanning centuries, antiquity of which kind you may not find in any other part of the world. If you have studied Tamil literature, you may well see my point. However, there is no pride in anything native and Hindu in Indian history documentation. Caste system is a benign Indian tumour as against the much malignant Slavery practised by the British around the same times. While segregated churches are norm of the world even today,Indians have to endure abuse of native Gods in the name of tolerance even if we have been systematically trying to the improve the lot of the underprivileged since the day we won our independence. After centuries perhaps, we could be looking up even if the recovery is painstakingly slow and testy. Takes a lot to restore self-esteem crushed by a slew of invaders. Emotional and psychological scarring over centuries have left an indelible but potentially damaging stamp in our creative accomplishments and collective psyche. So the barbaric streak has persisted to until and after the millennium after all as we see with the crimes and injustice perpetrated against defenceless Yazidis. This is what I come to think of the current conflict that’s the scourge of Asia and the world today. Hindu genocide for a 1000 years went unrecorded but then neither did we have ‘advocates’ to our causes.  Accusations against Israel pale in comparison with Yazidi carnage, for the jews only reportedly seem to ‘shell the settlement’ routinely for deterrence. And there they stop with in all decency. There is honour even in death and morbidity.

A time for minorities in India to reflect upon what it means to be born and live in the world’s largest democracy where the kinds of Owaisi and Zakir Naik can still hope to get away under the protective cloak of secularism and tolerance. As do a million evangelists sponsored by foreign church who dare to defile the faith of the son of the soil with an air of impunity that will not be guaranteed even in seasoned electoral democracies like the US or UK. Lately, the generosity of Saudi Arabia in offering to build 200 mosques is rather ‘touching’ given there is not a single church, leave alone a temple in the land of the ‘faithful.’ Never mind, Egypt to the Arab nations of GCC have shored up their fences since long to keep-off intruders. Earlier meant for Palestinians, now it seems to work for Syrians as well.

The crowning glory is Saudi being awarded the UN chair on Human Rights.  Did we see any editorial to this effect in the friendly neighbourhood press? There is often criticism of partisan Indian media which is to a significant extent true. How many write-ups have we come across in so-called ‘holier than India’ press on owning upto 26/11 Mumbai for instance. Honesty and transparency are not for armchair journalists? Or are they limited only to India and the west?

Yesterday there was news, how in Singapore a Filipino was tried and sentenced to rigourous imprisonment on grounds of sedition charges ‘for wishing worse for the state of Singapore.’ Ill-Will that is, expressed in social media (Facebook) (which was in fact later retracted). Singapore is naive and I would hate to follow their footstep. Still, it was shocking to stumble upon an online debate where a group of young Indian bhais called Kalam an infidel and wished for him to rot in hell. Is this GenNext India? In which case, the right-wingers have every reason to pursue their ideologies and purposes. The leftists seem to configure to one pattern: majority bashing. Classic example is the reporting on census. The regular newspaper I browse had a byline that read, ‘the minority increase by a decreased percentage.’ What is this. Sugarcoating the bitter pill? No courage to call a spade, a spade?

A word on ‘makers of modern Asia’ (that I have not yet read and doubt if I will). As someone not as knowledgeable or scholarly as others in the field, I still beg to differ. One grave mistake is the omission of Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia instead of Bhutto. Bhutto brought in a change of wind alright to an otherwise monotonous repressive military regime. But was he any less aggressive given, he was the mastermind behind Indo-Pak war of 1965? Is he touted a maker of Asia only to give regional representation to Pakistan. Inclusiveness over merit in every sphere?

By the same rule, why is not there a single entry from the south in the pack of Oscar award nominatiosn from India this year. Its not about which one makes it finally but it’s more about the handful shortlisted. Not all that’s Bollywood is crap admittedly but where is regional cinema which is the better-half of Bollywood. Hindi film industry is run by mafia which is no secret. From Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt to today’s Nawazzudin Siddiqui and AR Rahman climbing up the social ladder, its the M lobby at work all the way. Why do you think there is an explosion of actors and artistes from across the border in our silver screen. Tamil Nadu produced an Ilayaraja who is listed in top 25 of world’s best background music composers which never made waves in India. And who canvassed for him. His records spoke, literally. He neither had agents nor lobbyists working for him, representing him. Rahman could reach the heights because, there are those who are committed to his cause perhaps? He is a good man though. But a M tag is very much your smartcard for access into Indian film industry today as it helps in garnering hawala sponsorships & international lobbying like the Khans of Bollywood have managed to muster. (This seems to be true of even Indian ONLINE press. You see overtly Pak-friendly articles like you have never in the last 50 years. Makes one wonder who’s planting these stories and for whose benefit). You see the steady climb of the Khans based only on their family fortunes & invisible ‘support system’ promoting them in over 2 decades now. In the scenario, those like Akshay Kumar are true winners for they have beat clean not only the Khans but also the pampered and spoilt Kapoor Khandaan. Proprietary claims on Rahman are rather interesting. He who hails from a simple but hardworking Senguntha Mudaliar community (reportedly) , the music director owes his genius to his genes not to his ‘ideology’. Shameless ‘motivated’ stakes on his credit are not surprising given a bejeweled Taj must have after all got its gems from desecrated Hindu temples. India and Sanathana Dharma have been givers, never takers.

Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams are about to train Dalits as priests : this is today’s news. Again a trend has been set already by a Chennai Vaishnava temple – the Parthasarathy temple at Triplicane. Way to go! Social changes are difficult in India to accept and adopt, but are happening. (Only 25% marriages in my family are arranged marriages today. You name any state, religion and even mother tongue, I bet we have someone in our circle already!)

Think of the old grandmas and grandpas… Until our generation, mostly we have preserved our gene pools… I happen to think this is also our responsibility. Others talk of equality, justice… Hybrids are good true, but Pedigree is Pedigree. Like Yazidis for instance. Unadultered through centuries. Truly a refreshing oasis in an otherwise arid merciless desert. Survival in extreme hostile conditions. These guys deserve a hug. Hypocrite I could be, couldn’t care less.

On the other hand, vidoes on the immigrants is extremely scary and depressing. Europe is half-caliphate.

The secular, democratic Kafir nations of the world hang their heads in shame, hold themselves responsible when they don’t need to. Aylan was never theirs. As for Ahmad, not in a million years will the boy give up America for Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan/Saudi/Egypt/Libya and so on… Just like the refugees from Iraq-Syria did not knock on the doors of Islamic/Arab nations either… They risked their lives because they wanted refuge in saner societies. Humanitarian societies. Fair societies.

A pet reason cited for the unrest in the Middle-East (and unrest is a mild term I know) is the US interference. Well the US history is hardly 300 years old. They are the global policeman for not even a century. And not without an excuse either: Kuwait a golden reason. Worth defending for. What do we have to say about the razing and ravaging of India for over 10 centuries from the Turks to the Moghuls by the same clause. The British were generous by all means given the nature of their predecessors. Aurangzeb’s champions bring to mind the typical ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ suffered by converts who are followers of the fold probably for not more than 500 years. Hindu history is 10,000 years since. History of India easily spans 10,000 years. We are just a wee moment in the making of Bharat.

Once I blogged that nations have their Karma, and now Yazidis are the Karma of the Ummah. The deafening silence on the slaughter of their daughters is a proof of how our conscience can be consciously shut and voices muted. How our editorials can go to sleep.  (Anyway who will pay the paid media). Try as I may, I fail to find sympathy for the Aylans and Ahmads of the world.

Last year during the Peshawar carnage of school children, a friend said, ‘my heart does not weep, as I think of a Mumbai. if its not them, it shall be our children….’ Many Indians were for a day or two interested (or perhaps concerned), but no more. They were quick to gather their wits and move on.

Years back as a teenager perhaps, I remember watching the Tami picture ‘Poovizhi vaasalile.’ In the film, a deaf and mute little girl of 5 years watches her mother’s murder. She incidentally becomes the only surviving witness and a prime target. When the hero eventually manages to subdue the villain and kill him, he turns to the child who is looking at the development with a fascination in her eyes. As the avenger stabs (or perhaps shoots) bringing a closure to matters, the child stares for one long moment and gets back to icecream licking. Director Fazil. I have loved his pictures always. (In the screenplay, with the precocious child’s signs and gestures, its a captivating story how the man solves the mystery.)

The boys of the middle-east and refugees, pathetic as their case may be, somehow have turned those like me into the 5 year old kiddo. I am a mother myself and so are my friends. Why have our hearts turned into cold stones.

Its painful visualizing eviction from our home, being driven to alien shores where we are not welcome to live among strangers. Kids in tents, teenage girls and women lacking bathroom facilities and privacy, the aged and the infirm left to fend for themselves – images of these kind of mundane everyday routine get me sick. And heightened sense of insecurity, of not belonging anywhere… The psychological toll could be too much. My heart does go out to the migrants, an impulsive, involuntary reaction. But my mind rings the alarm bell. Indian history is the reason.

Whereas our presstitutes are not blessed with the liberality or legality of choosing their emotions when it comes to reporting, in my opinion. They are not ethically entitled to take sides the way we commoners do which is supposed to keep them apart and neutral. Unfortunately what one comes across these days is far from fair reporting and news analysis. Selective amnesia is every journalist’s inherent professional characteristic.


Here is an interesting read: a ‘cut & paste’ job:

Few Months After 26/11, Taj Group Of Hotels Owned By TATAs Launched Their Biggest Tender Ever For Remodeling All Their Hotels In India And Abroad.

Some Of The Companies Who Applied For That Tender Were Also Pakistanis. To Make Their Bid Stronger, Two Big Industrialists From Pakistan Visited Bombay House ( Head Office Of Tata ) In Mumbai Without An Appointment To Meet Up With Ratan Tata Since He Was Not Giving Them Any Prior Appointment.

They Were Made To Sit At The Reception Of Bombay House And After A Few Hours A Message Was Conveyed To Them That Ratan Tata Is Busy And Cannot Meet Anyone Without An Appointment.

Frustrated, These Two Paki Industrialists Went To Delhi And Thru Their High Commission Met Up With A Minister. The Minister Immediately Called Up Ratan Tata Requesting Him To Meet Up With The Two Paki Industrialists And Consider Their Tender “Enthusiastically”.

Ratan Tata Replied…”You Could Be Shameless, I Am Not” And Put The Phone Down.

Few Months Later When Pakistani Government Placed An Order Of Tata Sumo’s To Be Imported Into Pakistan, Ratan Tata Refused To Ship A Single Vehicle To That Country. This Is The Respect And Love For Motherland That Ratan Tata Has.

Something That Our Current Politicians Should Learn From.
Hatts Off To You Sir..

Not to forget, Ratan Tata is a man of Parsi background that constitutes one of the two Zoroastrian communities of the Indian subcontinent. His community is minuscule in India but every single one of them has made India proud.

While Tata Parivar is full of Patriotism, we have some so-called minorities who are either busy begging freebies or helping Pakistan plant bombs. And when they are caught, they fake victim-hood & make martyrs out of terrorists.

Awake Country Men, The Nation Is Above Everything Else.



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