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Why it may be time to open up the Taj Mahal to panel of world experts.

November 10, 2015

My Diwali Gift: Babur was Gay, Imran Khan was cheated out of PM chair by Nawaz Sharif & manipulative Pakistan Media with money & muscle power by mass rigging, Shastri was ASSASSINATED and Rajiv Gandhi okayed the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 and ofcourse finally TAJ MAHAL IS INDEED ‘TEJO MAHALAYA.’

And I thought being gay is haram in a certain culture. So where does Babri belong now. Do a blog on that.



I wouldn’t bother otherwise, but I have been pushed to the extent of suggesting an immediate investigation opening up all the closed chambers of Taj in Agra right now to a distinguished & certified panel of world renowned archaeologists for further research and unearthing facts. Let us all abide by the judgement of enlightened experts. If its indeed proved that the Taj Mahal was/is originally a mausoleum, its fine with me. But if its proved beyond doubt that the Taj was once Tejo Mahalaya, I would want our bhais to forfeit the structure atleast by name to Hindus and rename it as ‘Tejo Mahalaya.’ I don’t want restoration of any other kind. Let it go on record officially what it is.

I have watched numerous videos of Prof Oak on Taj, claiming it to be a vedic temple. I might not have visited Taj but from knowing Hindu temple complex structure inside out, I just know the Taj was once a Hindu temple, a Shivalaya as the historian claims.

It is shameless of Pakistanis to stake any claim in the looted wealth of the Taj. Obviously the precious stones in the mausoleum came from razed Hindu temples, for the moghuls never worked for a living. Never earned a naya paisa. Their culture was plunder which is why Afghanistan is in a sorry condition today unable to sustain their looting spree in a changing world. They have since taken to poppy cultivation, naturally.

Neither was marble the Moghul style. Hindu temples of northern India, the wealthiest ones, were always marble edifices. The palaces of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Udaipur etc are standing examples even today, a rich tribute to famed marbled Indian architecture. The Jain temples are also always marble wonders. Taj is no way special. If you have seen the other marvelous marble creations in India, you may have second thoughts.

Taj Mahal is indeed beautiful, no denying it. But it’s over-rated. It is a simple domed structure with symmetrical towers that’s all. Every village in Tamil Nadu boasts of one or more 1000-2000 year old architectural beauty with precision symmetry and engineering that way, very casually. The temples of Kailasha in Ajanta-Ellora, the Brahadeshwara in Tanjore, the Hampi heritage are a mere handful. Like 1% of Indian architecture.

Qutb Minar also still stands on the ruins of Hindu temple only. The pillars are those of the Hindu temple that were not taken out by Qutb din Aibak. Because they were left out, the media guys cannot now claim the Minar is 100% islamic by design. The standing pillars are a fine example of what really was razed to build the minar over. Even so, the minar is Turkish not Afghan brain.

Besides, the moghuls were a brutal force lacking expertise in anything. The remodelled Taj was obviously a handiwork of Turks who were brought on special mission by Shah Jehan.

So Shah Jehan built the Taj for his wife Mumtaz symbolizing their eternal love. Do you know their true love story?

1. Mumtaz Mahal Was Shah Jahan’s 4th Wife Out Of His 7 Wives.

2. Moghal Emperor Shah Jahan Killed Mumtaz Mahal’s Husband To Marry Her !

3. Mumtaz Mahal Died In Her 14th Baby’s Delivery !

4. He Then Married Mumtaz Mahal’s Sister !

Ofcourse if these facts that I garnered from the web are disputable, then the question of Taj being originally a mausoleum is equally questionable. Given the islamic history of razing the original structures of the natives as has happened even with Palmyra in Syria (after the Bamian Buddha of Afghanistan and countless Hindu temples in Pakistan and Bangladesh), there is every reason to believe that the Taj Mahal was indeed ‘Tejo Mahalaya’ originally. The 2 theories exist and if you have to disprove Oak, you have to simply open up the Taj for investigation, that’s all.

The ‘kalash’ or kalasam on top of the Taj is what strikes me most of all. Even for vraths at home, I use a kalash – in our case a simple coconut on top of silver/brass pot. Normally in India we place mango leaves under the coconut. In temple towers in India, the Kalash is made in gold and placed at the pinnacle of the steeple. In south Indian temples, kalash may number in sequence like 5, 7, 9, 11 depending on the size, height and elevation of the ‘gopura’  (temple tower). But in north Indian temples, single Kalash is pretty common. So this Kalash is what is found atop Taj. A complete and dead give-away.  I don’t want to debate the other evidences here, it’s archaeologists’ business. Prof Oak had a strong case. May be one day, the Taj chambers will indeed be opened up.

Babur, the founder of the Moghul dynasty in India, was after all an invader. Kindly note, even until then most Indian muslims could have been Hindus.

I didn’t want to say this early but I am forced to mention here that the moghul rulers & sepoys took in a large no. of Hindu women into their harems whose prodigies are today’s Indian/Pakistani muslims. How can any Pakistani be sure his ancestor was not a rape victim under the moghuls who are the root cause for continuing rape culture in the Indian subcontinent until today. Rape is single precious Moghul gift to Indian subcontinent, now reaching India after flourishing in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Indian history needs a thorough shake-up. Babur was neither the prince-charming he was mentioned to be. Babri Masjid was indeed a mausoleum he built for his boy love – yeah he was bisexual (or gay) reportedly.

So an invader from Afghanistan who was gay built a mausoleum for his male-lover that was mistaken to be a place of worship by Pakistanis and ofcourse by our Indian bhais who  were not even aware that the place was in utter ruins,  in a complete state of disrepair, not having been prayed in for atleast 300 years.

How media frenzy can hide facts and misrepresent without in-depth analysis, you can see here.

Today we Indians mostly Hindus subsidize Haj for our muslim brethren. Fully aware that a moghul barbarian razed our own Mecca which is Ayodhya and desecrated the holy birthplace of our desi God Lord Ram to raise a mausoleum for his gay lover. Yet our historians in congress regime did not consider it worthy of mentioning in our text books the fact. In contrast, only in India in the name of democracy and secularism do we glorify invaders the way ours have done with our school syllabus.

I want to start a series on Indian architecture soon. If Taj is the only architecture in India that Paksitanis can think about, I pity their high level of ignorance.

Neither did the moghuls cover entire India. The part that wholly succumbed is today’s Pakistan. The victims, the vandalized are today the first line proponents of Moghul dynasty what a shame.

Punjabi Hindus became sikhs in order to stop conversion in its track with Punjab. It is thanks to our sikh brothers that rest of India is saved today from the tentacles of Islam. The Sikhs took to sword because Hindus still would not. They fought our battles so we could save our Hindu India. Listen Pakistanis, we Hindus have a lot to thank you for. Your ancestors got raped, got massacred, got converted so we Hindus could be spared the very same ordeals. You stood as buffer absorbing the shocks, so rest of India could go on as Hindu. May be the Pakistani population of modern times who idolize Hafez Sayeds and Dawood Ibrahims may not acknowledge the truth living in a state of denial, but I do.

It  is because of the supreme and selfless sacrifice of Pakistani ancestors, Hindus are a majority in India even today. They laid down their weapon, women, cattle, wealth, land and kingdom so rest of India could be salvaged.

So this is how I see Pakistan. This is how I see Pakistani ancestors.

Wherever Islam reached be it Egypt or Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan or even as far as Libya in Africa, the conversion to Islam was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. In India, even after a 1000 year barbaric brutal turkish-afghan terror reign, as of 1947 Hindus remained an overwhelming majority, because our forefathers sacrificed, our ancestors fought dying. India today still remains a staunch and proud Hindustan.

This kind of nationalism,patriotism, truth and factual history – was never taught in my school. My school text books were printed in Congress govt times. They glorified Islamic history, Moghul history never instilling any pride in the defiant and sacrificial attitude of our ancestors. I have already mentioned this in various earlier posts. Would link them here shortly.

The south Indian history for instance has been brushed under the carpet. Who knows Shah Rukh Khan in Tamil Nadu except for a handful. You can keep urdu to yourself, who bothers. If you ask a question or street sign in Hindi to anyone down south, you will not even get a reply from those like me who can speak Hindi actually. Speak our language or English.

Yet I am a Hindu, I am an Indian. What is Urdu. A synthetic language which borrowed heavily from Sanskrit (Hindi), fused with Persian. As much a fake as Pakistanis who act Arab. I have basic grasp of Urdu as well. I don’t respect it howmuchever it could be hailed as a romantic language, perhaps because I speak an original tongue which is over 3000 years old. Comes to me by blood, ancestry. I may not know Bangla, Punjabi or Gujarathi either but I have more respects for these regional languages of India. Urdu was born to create and foist a fake identity that did not exist perhaps by and for the Indian muslim population. The Afghani moghuls belonged nowhere.

In what way were the Moghuls different from the British who were the next wave of invaders. Compared to the Moghuls, the angrezis were a lot more benevolent. If the British had not arrived, the moghuls would have met their nemesis in India, and it was already happening. The Moghul dynasty had almost fizzled out by the time English East India Company established themselves in Indian soil, and the local Hindu kings like the Marathas were pushing the afghans back into their own hell holes where they originally descended from.

MOGHULS WERE TRULY YESTERYEAR TALIBAN. Why eulogize them. Is it because you have no worthy native heroes dear Pakistanis. We have the Chera, Chola, Pandya, Pallava, Vijayanagara, Maratha etc etc. What have you to show. In Pakistan in recent times, you can similarly see a hero-worship of Army Generals and Cricket Players for want of any other trend-setter or role-model. They have no Narayana Murthy or Tata or Nadella or Kalam for instance. No wonder.

If a 1000 year islamic invasion over Hindu India can be justified, if Hindu genocide can be palatable, then a Palestine is very much within the framework of diplomacy of Israel.

Many times I wonder, if a Gujarat-like backlash after Godhra train burning had happened centuries back, had Hindus reacted the same way and avenged invaders, whether Pakistanis would still have remained Hindus. This is why I absolve Modi of Gujarat riots.  He was the chief minister that’s all and he was new to governing. His supposed mistake was, he waited for a day before issuing orders. But Rajiv Gandhi who gave the ‘go’ for bloody violence against Sikhs that resulted in Sikh carnage in thousands after Indira Gandhi assassination was acquitted in the conscience of our pseudo intellectuals.  His cabinet ministers were let off the hook lightly in court case without indictment. The Rajiv Gandhi who arranged for Warren Anderson, CEO of Union Carbide, to FLEE INDIA AND GO SCOT FREE after Bhopal was acquitted in the minds of our pseudo-secular marxists/leftists even though the images of the ghost city of the ’80s, refuse to fade from our memories. The worst injustice committed by the congress govt especially their coterie of cabinet ministers was how they even diluted the criminal charges against Union Carbide to something like ‘involuntary manslaughter.’ Very poor and paltry compense for the victims which still came after longest lapse of time but by which time it did not matter or make sense.  Not to forget, Rajiv’s name also figures in the Bofors scam, from the days of his prime-ministership. 

Not a single award was returned I see either for Rajiv Gandhi’s grave slips or for Indira Gandhi’s imposition of ‘Emergency.’ Can you deny or prove who was behind the supposed assassination of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. Any clues Nayanthara Sehgal. Who could have had motive for murdering our ex-PM in foreign soil. Your righteous conscience dwelt over it anytime? 

How about corruption charges on Vadra. AAP listening? Why no lead story and follow-up. Was Vadra born rich or does he belong to the Tata, Birla, Ambani class.

And is it about time, to open up Shastri’s supposed assassination as well? Open the can of worms? What will our media have to say on that. I challenge Indian presstitutes: clear the Gandhi-Nehru name from the supposed Shastri killing. If you can that is. Because every single Indian knows in her/his heart, who did it and why. Shame on you guys.

There’s clearly a disrupting agenda in place, a conspiracy brewing to create chaos and hostile environment in India. Media- Made. Right this moment.

Recently I came across an article (scroll down Twitter to read it) that blamed RSS for keeping quiet during 1984 sikh killings!!  I did not even click on the link to read it but the very caption is shocking. To what extent our presstitutes can stoop to mudsling on Modi govt is pretty evident now. This is not journalism. This is worse than prostitution. Atleast prostitutes earn an honest living, not selling their soul, their conscience. This means, you have a clear-cut vendetta, that you are NOT neutral the way journalists must be. That you have been bought over, that you will carry on your agenda come what may, only because you have reservations against Modi/RSS/BJP.

Some more misleading articles with so-called stats by the online news people: Hinduism the fastest growing religion in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (!) Sanskrit came from Syria. So now its questionable whether even Statistics are true depiction of data or manipulated figures. After following the news for over 6 months now I am convinced, India’s enemies are within. If you can de-link Rajiv Gandhi and Congress party so ‘smartly’ from anti-sikh riots of 1984 and implicate RSS in the same thinking you can hoodwink the Indian public, then your very credibility is at stake. You are paid media for someone. Even Pakistanis will turn red in shame ‘learning’ that Hinduism is growing there.

Quality of Indian journalism be it print media or visual – has hit rock-bottom. Who has not listened to Barkha Dutt-Radia tapes.

As for Pak journalists rejoicing the BJP loss in Bihar, yes it happened because large scale rigging was not possible in India as it happened in Pakistan when you denied a legitimate mandate to Imran Khan and his PTI who were cheated out by paid thugs of Nawaz Sharif whose benami companies & businesses are raking millions in every single middle-eastern country to finance his missions. This is apart from his supposed unaccounted wealth in Pakistan.  His ‘reputation’ precedes him everywhere as most corrupt. Shame on Pakistani media, not a single pro-argument or neutral report did any of them carry for Imran Khan. You are clamouring for democracy but what you made possible for PML (N) was most UNDEMOCRATIC. Goes against the grain of journalism. LIES. JHOOTA. You spoke against your conscience. Manual voting is in place in Pakistan who is an infant still learning the ropes of democracy yet I have not seen someone voted out by sheer rigging from coming to central powers in India like the way it happened in Pakistan. Shame on you guys! So unfair. Sharif could be a better and wiser option, yet he was not to be. But this is what democracy is all about. You talk about democracy. Do you even know what it is. Accepting the unacceptable as we have in India since 1947, until Bihar this week.  Sharif won last elections riding on money power, muscle power, bribes, rigging assisted by official machinery – on the back an overwhelming media support. Why do you think he lacks respect in global arena. (One reason ofcourse is because he is a Pakistani.) Now its clear, Khan & his PTI will never see daylight. Pakistani media will see to the manipulation part. Imran Khan, the pariah finds a mate in Narendra Modi truly. If India had done to Arvind Kejriwal what was done to Khan, AAP would not be administering Delhi today.  You see frequent allegations of corruption on ruling party whoever it may be like Congress or BJP (even) in Indian media but I HAVE NOT COME ACROSS A SINGLE CORRUPTION ALLEGATION AGAINST SHARIF FAMILY IN PAKISTAN MEDIA EVER ALL MY LIFE. And I have been reading their online press for a while now. How can this be possible.

(Similarly long before we had internet, we discussed Gandhi’s sex life in our schools; today in this computer age, you can find Nehru and Gandhi post-mortemed totally, spared no leniency. This is not the case with Jinnah however;  you cannot come across a single Pakistani article/blog dissecting Jinnah, criticizing Jinnah, the way we do with India’s freedom fighters. Recently I even came across something about Bharathi and V O Chidambaram Pillai of Tamil Nad that I shall take up in another post)

Bihar and Pakistan however are one and the same mostly, so may be Modi could have pulled in Bihar what Sharif pulled in Pakistan? He missed the chance with the electronic voting machine (EVM), sorry. Nawaz Sharif is sitting in the PM chair that must have gone to Imran Khan.

Poor Imran. Hugs. Forcefully divorced even now owing to ‘circumstances.’ Cannot have a life he longs for, the one he deserves. Every journalist in Pakistan must hang his/her head in shame for what you are doing to this sincere, honest man. He may not be street smart, but he is good and you know it. Decent. If you had given him 5 years, he would have matured. I hope they leave him alive atleast.

I don’t want war with Pakistan but I don’t want their stars, music or clothes or sports either in India. 

Afghanistan has Hindu blood on its hands. For every single foodgrain they robbed Hindus of, for every precious stone they ransacked our homes for, for every Hindu temple they razed, they are paying back in terms of Karma.

I have no pity when their hospital is bombed. Your glory belongs in the past. Live in that glory.

To me as well as most Hindus, a Babri demolition might not have been necessary but now that it has happened, its perfectly okay. Its amazing that our bhais have not shown such a shame or outrage and refused our tax money to pay their way to Mecca. That, I would have welcome.

Instead what we are getting until today are a barrage of bloody bombings all over India. Tell me why India should host this thankless community.

But I also want to live in the present. Leave Babri and Beef alone. We want peace. I will not trust the followers of the faith however because their first loyalty to anything about India is questionable.

I have no issues with India’s christians. They do the conversion job, but their basic loyalty is with India not Paksitan or Saudi Arabia as in the case of our bhais. Besides my christian friends cannot stand our bhais. Neither do they indulge in Hawala or such illegal activities. Christians are better-educated and a lot level-headed. Never club both together.

If BJP and Hindutva guys have indeed succeeded in scaring christian missionaries that they’re shying away from mass conversions, then it’s a great victory for Bharat, For the first time in independent India history, something right is finally happening. It means, India has a future.


PS: Opening up the locked Taj chambers and vaults WILL happen someday in India. Congress will not do it naturally. BJP will think about vote bank. They will have to take a great risk which they may think is not worth it. Yet someday I believe, the Taj Mahal will be fully open to one and all with its hidden truth exposed to the world by eminent experts & archaeologists & scholars. It may happen before the turn of this century who knows. If pressure amounts to that, it will be done to clear matters for everyone.

In recent times, I have been looking at Hindu temples in Pakistan that are centuries old turned into madarasas and mosques (via their online papers). This evidence is precious. Because otherwise there will dawn a day in their history, when they will deny even these tiny Hindu remnants and scraps in their psyche and convince themselves they are all 100% arab.

It is an irony that their leading journalists are themselves in denial, referring to classical Hindustani as ‘Eastern Classical.’ Hindustani classical is essentially a Hindu inheritance.  Including music instruments such as Sitar, Tabla, Veena, Mridangam, Yaazh (exclusive to Tamil Nadu). Not many world civilizations mastered or invented music the way we Hindus did.  ( The Caucasians-anglo-saxons, the Chinese and Indians are the only ones capable of giving the world any invention or discovery with unmatched IQ levels.  I will not credit any other race with such an accomplishment.) This is why in a You Tube video I watched,  Indian Tabla maestro Zakir Hussain first worships Lord Ganesha before his concert. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ne – Goddess Saraswathi gifted the divine  ‘sapta swaras’ to Indian subcontinent. Relish it, but don’t be ungrateful. Disowning your heritage is … such a shame…



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