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Why Pakistan breeds terrorists.

January 4, 2016

If you are an expat working/living in gulf, you come across Pakistan families everyday either in malls or parks or beach or wherever. Or even at work. They may not number as many as us Indians but could be one of largest international communities present in middle-east.

If you are not employed as a labourer in GCC countries, then you could be working in marketing/sales or as supervisor or trained health personnel or secretary or accountant or teacher etc.  Or you may be simply running a snack bar or tea shop or a small grocery store making a modest income. Even tailors and dry cleaners and barbers do good business here. The next hierarchy is that of professionals like engineers and doctors. The top rung is that of executives in which there are 2 categories. One is that reserved for the local sheikhs and american/british passport holders only. The second one is open for other foreign passport holders who can occupy higher offices given there is no choice.

Very rare to come across very successful Pakistanis in uppermost circles in middle-east except for some established entrepreneurs and engineers. There is minimum presence even in health sector for instance. Mostly they are limited to government oil companies that reserve jobs for ‘the faithful.’ Under this quota, our Paki brothers make the maximum. In this case, they get big luxurious villas for housing, education bills of kids footed by their employers, handsome bonuses etc. Indian bhais especially Hyderabadis (known for acting Arab even superseding Pakis) also enjoy the fruits by only ‘belonging’ but by no other way. (Most cunning; you may trust even a Paki but never a Hyderabadi bhais. RAW should give them first attention URGENT).

Even in government companies there are technical posts, which inspite of such a steady stream of readily available ‘talent’ from Pakistan, still go vacant because there may not be suitable qualified candidates. Such jobs have to go to Indians. No shortcut to success for Hindus. We fit every bill. One of the best talents in entire Asia.

Given that, a major chunk of Pakistanis are employed mostly either thus in oil sector that pays most for minimum efforts (working as clients/consultants than do the dirty job of being involved direct in the production line) or employed as taxi drivers or tailors or other unskilled labourers only. Or many of them work for their own Paksitani establishments operating as subcontractors etc.

Their richest, elitest form a very tiny percentage – almost negligible. Same thing applies to women. Their women are rarest species, not easy to spot. Like their children who remain mostly undercovers, the Pakistani women largely stay indoors, so it is not surprising you see minimal Pakistani participation in any international community cultural event. What is there to display anyway other than their suits and henna. The best of them could be based in Dubai, true (mainly as fashion designers).

Almost every single Pakistan family could employ a housemaid/helper for atleast 500 bucks local currency who they can’t do without. You may think arrogant Indian expats are good at commanding subservient domestic help. Truth is, it is majority Indians who may NOT use househelp. There are scores of Indian families in gulf where both spouses worki and the kids attend regular school, carrying on somehow without any extra help.

Pakistan lifestyle always takes me by surprise. The things they are willing to spend on as against the things we Indians spend on. Pakis spend on food, clothes, home, pilgrimage mainly. Indians spend on kids’ education, gold shopping, recreation activities like sports and arts and music. There are hundreds of privately registered Indian clubs catering to and nourishing our histrionic talents while it is extremely rare to come across a single Pakistani club of creativity or talent like ours.

Upper middleclass Pakistanis cannot be more than some 10-20%. Some of them do take to art which is affordable to them. But the figure is hardly impressive. Rest fall below the line.

In contrast, Indian labour force both technical and non-technical are highly qualified and most sought after. No Indian visas available in any GCC country. No visa open. Long got exhausted. If you get to work for a GCC nation, it means some other Indian’s visa got transferred to you. Our quota gets topped up every year out of sheer demand, but gets filled up within minutes every time. We are the most recruited despite being Hindu, christian and muslim – exactly in that order. There are western companies that specifically rule out Pakistan employees.

Even our schools are the best (even if they are worst by regular urban Indian standards). An upper middle-class Pakistan familyman may rather send his kids to Indian schools over their own. Almost nil percentage of Pak kids in international schools – or barely 1 or 2 whereas Indian children compete for school admission even in IB schools with american & british kids. Admission is purely based on merit – but no barrier is too high for Indian kids to cross.

So that’s how Pakistanis get and take for granted freebies for the only reason they are followers of the faith of the arabs.  Employment in govt oil & other undertakings subsidizes life for them to a great degree. Indians mostly work in private sectors making huge profits. We have to work double hard like Pakis really but get paid still lower. Yet, at the end of the day, Indian earnings surpass Pakistan earnings head to head, category to category. Just imagine, how hard then our guys must be working to make this possible.

Its true the lower classes of Pakistanis could be struggling. They are the working class who have to sweat harder than their fortunate brethren to make meagre incomes to send home. The opposite is the condition of their well-off compatriots who don’t siphon off money to Pakistan. They hoard right here in middle-east for making down payments/investments which help them migrate to Canada, for instance.

Let’s now compare the issue of child-raising by both sets of parents:

Do you know what Indian schools charge for fees? Term fee comes to 5000 bucks in local currency (every 3 month). Bus fees is about 1000 per month. Add to this tuition fee – you cannot study CBSE syllabus without attending maths extra coaching atleast (and physics, chemistry if you cannot help it). Plus ambitious Indian parents also enrol their kids in professional coaching – which costs not less that 2000 bucks every month. This is all after what they spend on extra curricular activities for their kids like learning to play classical musical instruments, yoga, traditional dances like bharatnatyam etc. Indian kids even learn jazz and hiphop by their 3rd year! Every single class has a fee of min 500 bucks on monthly basis. And what about swimming, tennis, cricket during weekends. Nothing comes free right? Then there are summer camps which are exorbitant naturally… So make a sum of how much expensive raising an Indian kid is. (It is as expensive even in India to bring up your kid these days). I have to give it to Indian kids for also keeping up with extra reads/books side-by-side with their school texts. One of the best informed lot or perhaps the best-informed with no competitor. Language-wise, Indian children are schooled on 3-language formula one of which could be even german/french. An average Indian school student by class 10 therefore can fluently read, write and speak in atleast 3 languages.

Most Indian families have only 1 or 2 kids that makes them afford this kind of brought-up for their children. Indian bhais go for the third child but even they stop with that.

Indian kids I see in the middle-east are pampered true, but many prepare for SAT etc even by class 10. Quite a few directly enroll in american universities scoring high in both IB and CBSE exams as well as SAT. Some get no. of papers waived or exempted too. Indian community is one of most ambitious.

The creme of Indian society comprises of dignified professionals from all spheres: doctors, engineers, MDs of companies & banks, teachers in IB schools, directors of extra-curricular institutions (this particular segment is simply absent in Pak community), hoteliers and other specialists. I am not saying there are no Pakistanis in this bracket but if there may be 100-200 Indians, there may be just 1 of them even if they are issued ready visas and given preference treatment owing to their faith.

All national festivals in the GCC countries are mainly celebrated by expats. You have to see the huge Indian contingent during these occasions. No one can match us or step into and fill our space. A special word here for Indian kids who are all-rounders, well-shaped and groomed. We dominate the programs and make events worthwhile.

Many Indians also cut corners to lead a spartan lifestyle so that their kids can have a better future.

Take an average Pakistan family on the other hand. Minimum 5 kids in each – or even more. So even if they are employed in govt owned oil companies that pay for their education, how about feeding them.

A self-righteous Pakistani would rather send his/her kids to their own schools that are sub-standard.

No extra classes for their kids (excluding arabic).

However they spend well on clothes for girls, their women are best dressed (even if men look shabby). The obsession of their women with clothes, footwear and cosmetics and perfumes always shocks me. They will put our north Indian women to shame!

Seeing even Pak families with 7-8 kids. What kind of attention can parents give the children in that. What sort of education. Can you even afford the bus fees.

South Indians (rice eaters mainly) buy 2-5 kg or atta every month. North Indians (roti eaters like Pakis) may go for 10. But average Pakistan families buy not less that 20 kg bag. Look at their meat buys and grocery shopping. After this, what will you have to spend on kids or holidays. Why wouldn’t the children look bored and disinterested? Why wouldn’t they grow up envying others?

Joint families are falling apart in India whereas even in middle-east, Pakistani in-laws may live with their son’s family. That could put their headcount easily at 8-10 per family if not more.

Children are periodically seen marching to the closest worshiping place to pray by the hour. How many Hindu parents will allow our kids to drop the books to go, step out and pray. Ofcourse there is the regular arabic class/religious education they cannot do without. Even Indian bhai kids spend time in this kind of thing in this 21st century. Given the heavy syllabus of our CBSE schools, can Indian/hindu children afford time for such ‘distractions’ over academics and other extra reading plus activities.

How the Pakistan parents are not engaging their kids in extra curricular activities always makes us Indians think. The only sport school boys play is cricket. Girls do nothing.

Pakistanis are in general suspicious people – they don’t mix with americans or even fellow arabs or turks like we Indians so casually and usually do. You may be surprised: it is to us Indians they talk most and relate to most. Their animosity to others is also mutually reciprocated. None seems eager to make friends with them either.

You don’t booze, you don’t socialize, you don’t dance, you don’t holiday, so where will you channelize your energy that your red meat is pumping in hordes into you. Where is the escapism. We Indians must be blessed to go mad without our dose of weekly cinema. 

So we all are aware, by subcontinent standards, those of us employed here in middle-east are supposedly better-off to some extent than those who remain back home because we mint tax-free foreign exchange.

1 local currency = 18 indian rupees whereas

1 local currency = 30 pakistani rupees

This must give an idea how actually our neighbours are much, much richer, making most in gulf than their indian counterparts. But as you can interpret, the numbers are lying. Indian Rupee is more valuable which places us far ahead of them.

Still, why are their families so impoverished. Why is not there as much talent among them as it is with Indian community.

Why are their children not allowed to mix with anyone. Why are they receiving the worst education and no special training in arts, music, dance etc.

Those Pakistanis who are successful invariably send their kids to Australia for higher studies where it is easier to get in as australian education standard is not at par with american. The lucky few may migrate to Canada mostly.

The rest of them, inspite of making the best in middle-east, are not doing as well as Indians. Why?

Having a huge family must be a big strain to start with. Most Pakis even if not employed with govt, prefer to live in bigger villas paying higher rents. Lifestyle is rather important to them. We Indians spend well in India, never in gulf. It is opposite with Pakis. They spend maximum right herein in middle-east. Every year with entire brood they also visit Saudi on pilgrimage. Food bill, hotel bill, furniture costs etc is weighty for them than for us Indians. Investment in kids’ education and grooming is minimum. It is the exact opposite of what Indians do normally.

So if this is the scenario we have in gulf, imagine Pakistani families back home. With large families, what will they do for bread? How many kids are given over to die as ‘martyr.’ Will any Indian/Hindu mother send her son on mission to take others’ lives as the Paksitani mother of the Pathankot terrorist did?

What does an average Hindu mother want for her children (1 or 2 only very strictly). We want the best of education. Best of fine arts, best of martial arts like karate, best of sports, best of everything. Our kids get the best entertainment values as well. They are a lot more relaxed and easy-going. Our priorities are never for inducing our kids to religion which is the most important point. 50% of my friends and I stopped with 1 kid deliberately only because we wanted to give our child the best, coming from middle-class background. Govt of India need not have to bother about Hindus. We can take care of ourselves. Even Indian christians and sikhs. A similar situation like Pakistanis persists however in Indian islamic community.

There is an Indian muslim family doing extremely well with both spouses working. 3 kids already. The woman wants to go for the fourth even though her health is frail and the couple are already in their ’40s. Every week they dine out in luxury in finest restaurants. Dress the best even if the woman is veiled in black. Still the wife buys only the designer wear salwar kameez or saris. An annual trip to Saudi is a must where the family stay in plush 5 star hotel. The man said, as a result he is unable to take his family on vacation to any other place. They spend maximum right here. One house, they could manage to buy in India. But absolutely zero savings. In case they should lose their jobs now, the husband and wife will not have anything by way of fallback option. The kids are average. Not trained in anything special. 2 cars (unnecessarily) to transport them everywhere. The man confessed very late, he may not know what to do once his kids could come to college (for which he has to send them to India). Where to foot the bill from. India is a highly competitive country. These kids are overtly pampered and ‘softened’ without any skills. A few years back both the man and the wife would say, the maker would take care of their children. The maker will provide. Only now truth is rubbing hard on them. Especially with crude prices falling, they seem to be shaken up. Even the future prospect of their only house being divided among 3 kids appears scary to the couple.

Why would not the kids grow up into frustrated individuals? Why would not they grow jealous of their better-off hindu or christian neighbours?

Those hindu/christian NRIs doing not as well as the man and his wife still are well invested in India and have given their best to their kids. The aforesaid Indian muslim family is not alone. This could be a typical bhai family working/living abroad leaving alone a handful of shrewd ones.

Rest of us Indians/Hindus are ready to pack up and leave at short notice. Not our Indian bhais or Pakistanis. They could be doomed should things go wrong here. They have higher stakes than anyone else to fear for. Loan component itself could do them in.

So one thing that always strikes me when I see a big Pakistani family of minimum 5 kids is, how Pakistan must be in that case. It is easy to make babies and deliver year after year. But it is rather challenging to raise responsible and talented and productive kids. It is not surprising many of their kids are wayward and take to weapons or drugs. The destructive, anti-social streak in them somehow seems plausible observing their children who are like tightly screwed-up bundles of nerves.

Even in middle-east, we hear about certain shady pockets which are ill-reputed to be dope corners of Pakis/Afghans. International community is not only shy of these guys because they are terrorists. We also connect them with narcotics. Dangerous people to mingle with. Most expats therefore avoid these areas populated by Paki/Afghans.

Something as simple as family planning could stop Pakistan from breeding bloody terrorists. It is insane to go for so many, many kids without proper source of support or reassurance about their future.

Remember Ajmal Kasab’s poor illiterate and big family was promised a reward of 2 lac Pakistan rupees by his handlers. His parents could not even recall his proper whereabouts and had stayed mostly out of touch with him. He went astray very early in life. Pakistan seems to breed thousands and thousands of Kasabs by the day. Producing minimum half a dozen, an average Pakistan family may not think much over losing 1 or 2 if they can help it ; they can still go on.

So that is how terrorists are bred. Not easy to spot a spontaneous happy Pakistani child in middle-east. Accompanied by brooding, unsmiling parents, they are quite a contrast to exuberant north Indian kids and even contented brimming south Indian children who are a promise by themselves. It is looking at the pensive faces of Pakistani kids that I come to think, something is seriously sickeningly wrong with these people …

You know the desert safari guys in Dubai? Almost all of them are Paki tour operators. How reckless they do their daily grind. Recently we went for desert safari here too which was not the same as Dubai. Even though the landscape was far more beautiful and the desert adjoined by sea on oneside was a rougher terrain with breathtaking views of horizons, the safari was not as adventurous with arab guide as it was with dubai pakistani. Say friends, that is because arabs who have a good lifestyle here exercise caution. They don’t drive with the abandonment that comes so naturally to Pakis. That’s because, they say, Pakistanis seem to care less for life or for any imminent danger. Whereas arabs who are bred well on oil money are a lot naiver. They could have been once the desert warriors, but they are no more that. They fear for safety and security and don’t want to take foolish risks or unnecessary chances.

A couple of years back, a friend’s boy wanted a keyboard for 5000 bucks that his Indian parents gifted him without a word. An only child to his parents, he is now a musical genius. It is rare to come across this kind of Pakistani parents. No doubt, the slain Pakistan terrorist’s family back home would have received handsome remuneration for his ‘sacrifice’ in Pathankot by his handlers. Is that why his mother asked him to eat first before going to die?



No way. From never referring to their Hindu roots in history to calling Hinduism their folk faith (if at all, which is big deal) to terming Hindustani music to Eastern classical, Pakistani media is NOT in denial but is practising outright INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY. Such a shame, none of them came out with a sincere apology. Pak media close shops and go home, your Raheel will give you extra sops picking up all your tabs to sing his praises. PRESSTITUTES.



Recently shopping next to a sheikh and his wife covered head to foot in burqa, I got the shock of my life when the man spoke in urdu suddenly to his beevi!!! Controlling the urge to stare back at them, i was at loss of action honestly. Confused! Disoriented! So the sheikh is paki?!!! I understand quite a few don the garb but looking at one in close quarters was an experience! Why arab sheikhs are sparing them without slapping them with court cases. Insult to arabs if a Pakistani should dress like an arab sheikh!





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