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Have you studied or worked with reserved category candidates?

January 18, 2016

Is ‘Hindu’ glorifying student-suicide making him a larger-than-life hero. How can anyone be booked for abetting the suicide of a 25 year literate man who was a research scholar.

The major dampener in my PG days was the huge contingent of SC/ST candidates admitted to a variety of masters degree, research (M Phil & Ph.D) and diploma courses offered in the university. This was was back in 1989-91.

Although I hold nothing against them, it was annoying to see that they took away over 50% of our seats that must have gone to more eligible and meritorious candidates. So you can guess, the rest of us selected were deemed real cream. We had faced tough interviews before being cleared for admission after we qualified merely on merit basis in the first case.

An undefinable gulf therefore existed between us the merit students and the quota guys.

Needless to say, most of them were mere presence. There was simply no participation of any of them in the class debates or whatsoever. The rest of us dominated every sphere in the campus from academics to extra-curricular like sports and literary and art contests.

One of the things I observed in those days in the SC/ST group was that, how easily they got offended.

Even the lecturers (some of who were SC/ST themselves) were wary of them and dealt with them with undue precaution. They measured their words whereas they were liberal to all of us others in the classroom.

An awkward silence always hung in the air and the classroom was distinctly divided into 2 spheres: the merit students and reservation category.

I learned, even if you are smart you can offend many around you.

Worst was the classes with the SC/ST lecturers/professors who bore an inborn hatred for unreserved candidates.

Their sessions always were unnecessarily sarcastic, rude and punctuated with barbs and unfair and unkind references.

In truth, none of us carried any air of superiority still we girls and boys discovered whatever we did could be construed as offending on slightest pretext.

Easiest was to work up the quota professors who could have a say in your clearing the course.

Years later I visited an electricity office for bill payment and a 3-phase change. Shocked to see that almost 100% all staff were SC/ST. The bribe they demanded was ridiculous. I have to admit having paid what was asked because I wanted the matter done. The person who took money from me was also a woman, a very haughty boorish kind. For no reason she sounded unreasonably jealous of me. Scowled, asking me which street I lived. (It meant I came from privileged class that had owned properties for generations).

Same fate awaited me in registrar’s office, court premises, corporation buildings, tahsildar’s offices – wherever I had to visit for fulfilling my civil obligations to the State. The staff here all were almost 100% dalit. Generations of pent-up anger and frustration came boiling to the fore.

Procurement of licences, certificates, documents etc has never been easier in India. There is so much of red-tape that one has to weave one’s way through like in a maze. Nothing is streamlined and you may be led up the wall with no leads. You have to run in circles.

But things in my memory were much better when all these government as well as govt-undertakings had mixed staff in my growing-up years. Bribe has been part and parcel of our civic way of life but it was never this bad. Now things are totally out of control.

Earlier there was a limit to greed. Now we tell ourselves that for all the decades, centuries lost, our dalit men and women want to make up overnight, looking at the kind of bribes they seek and the way they threaten and scare people.

Once my BSNL broadband was off for over a month (before 2005) and a major cable remained unrepaired. The kind of reaction I got as a woman talking to the dalit officer – I guess I must have recorded in secret. He was ready for anything. Then the AE (assistant engineer) warned me not to have anything to do with the lecherous fellow. For reporting cable fault, I was verbally abused by the man. He connected everything with his candidature and threatened physical assault. He called upper-caste women sluts. From then on I decided never to take on the reserved category officials/workers single-handed

It is good we are now paying everything online. We housewives need not have to deal with unsavoury characters anymore in person. A woman’s honour is at stake with these men. My suggestion is, never interact with them when you are alone.

Media reports on crimes committed against dalits, but has media ever reported on dalit atrocities. I am not talking about the rural community. I am talking about the working class, officials, students etc who make it good. 

A good majority of dalit candidates who get into professional colleges are from sound economic background and are 2nd generation or 3rd generation graduates. The benefits never reach the real needy.

This is the reality today guys, wake up and smell coffee.

When I was working for my bank, my bus mate was a forward community candidate working for a govt insurance company. This happened before I married.

She was hindi steno, a rare posting in Tamil Nadu. She was a mere 23 years and newly married. She got a new dalit officer. His English was horrible. My friend could not honestly understand what he dictated. So she asked him once to repeat what he said. The man who suffered from serious inferiority complex, immediately suspended her for in-subordination. (I did not know that a similar fate awaited me in my bank in next few years). Stunned, my friend was even more shocked when she was dismissed after an internal inquiry. She filed a court case that ran for years but she finally won it. But by then, she had been harassed enough that she lost her interest to work. Knowing her soft nature and background, I still pity her for the kind of trauma she was subject to. Her dalit officer left no stone unturned to see that she was sent home jobless. Such a vengeance for no reason.

There are many dalit suicides in our IIT campuses and medical colleges. Why? The candidates who gain admission through reservation quota discover that they can never meet the required standards and taste success. Every year the engineering and other professional colleges of India are seeing an increasing number of dalit suicides for this reason.

I know the quality of dalit Ph.D and M.Phil candidates. Just ask me. Extremely rare to come across a real well-accomplished candidate who can do an honest and good thesis. Takes me back to the late ’80s and early ’90s. Dalit students however are extremely politically active – because I guess the political ticket for them somehow legitimizes and justifies their presence in the campus in their minds. They know who they are up against. The animosity flares right on the first day.

Universities are divided for this reason. I can also therefore understand how easy it is to offend a dalit research candidate who is way below standards in his/her academic performance. Suicide is easy way out for them.

You only have to collect statistical data of student suicides in India in research/engineering/medical courses to cross-check the figure. My heart goes out to them but how can we help. It is a shame they must want rightfully to be offered in silver platter highly technical degrees and diplomas whose set standards they cannot meet. In my university days or working days, I don’t recall anyone staying away from dalit students/workers on purpose. Everyone was acutely aware of their ‘special’ status and therefore maintained a ‘safe’ distance. But it was them in the first place who did not come out of their shell and mingle.

This is the chief reason I am against reservation. The govt infuses and encourages unreasonable expectations in dalit candidates lulling them into a false world of security. The employment field is a little better where there is not much scope for improvement like in clerical category for instance. But think of reservation in sensitive departments like aerospace, superspeciality medicine/surgery, research etc.

Recently talking to a friend, I learned she had to cough up 1.75 lakh bucks for electrical connection to her new flat to a dalit official. She is dreading the water/sewage connection. When she tried to argue reasonable, I believe, she was threatened with action against ‘violation.’ In effect, her apartment has been constructed without any violation but ever since she is distraught.  She wants no complications as such and wants to resolve matters amicably. ‘Peace’ said she. ‘How many months or years can he eat with my money?’ she asks. The general opinion is, you cannot talk sense to these guys.

Media must be responsible in this issue. Is it true that Vemula was really OBC and not even Dalit. Who projected him as Dalit in the first place. The Hindu? The Scroll? In case Vemula was indeed OBC the case falls flat on its face. …

Corruption has soared in India to highest levels because of Dalits in government postings. What has Arvind Kejriwal to say on this. I hold the Dalit community responsible for fleecing the poorest of every single penny at grassroot levels.

You need to feel sympathy for Dalits. But exploiting and corrupt dalits are making it difficult for everyone to nurture any emotion for them.

If indeed there is merit in the case of dalit suicide, by all means proceed. But after seeing how our Indian presstitutes including The Hindu, The Scroll etc suppressed the Malda riots, I doubt which country I am living in. These men blow out of proportions smallest slips done by BJP but sacrifice national interests and turn pro-terrorist when it comes to reporting real sabotage and anti-national activities.

‘The Hindu’ is trying to make an issue out of nothing. The man was mature enough to know the consequences of his deeds. His background seems very humble. Any university reserves its rights to initiate disciplinary action/suspend students from hostel or the course he/she is enrolled should situation warranty.  In fact during my son’s college admission I signed an agreement to this effect with their management. It clearly stated how the principal/correspondent held within his/her powers the right to terminate the program at any time he/she deemed fit, should the candidate’s activities be found unsatisfactory or disapproving enough.

A university exists and functions for the prime reason of learning and accumulating knowledge. Anything else is either secondary or unwelcome.


My heart goes out to the bereaved parents of the boy. But at 25 if you cannot have mental strength and can be weak enough to contemplate suicide, then you are not fit to live in my opinion.

Shame on the newspaper Hindu.

Why don’t you publish the truth? Yakub Memon was a confirmed terrorist. No university should/will encourage pro-terror activities in their campus. ‘The Hindu’ they say, is now owned by the church which acts like saviour of dalit community. In which case I ask this question to the church: why do you have divided churches for blacks and whites. Who was Hitler. What about crusades. What about your ethnic cleansing of natives and tribes from all continents. What about slave trading.


Insult in the campus:

My niece has recently completed MS Gynaecology. Every single day, being a qualified doctor, she still says how she would be treated bad and abused verbally by her senior doctors. She says she would grin and bear it all because she was there to learn. It was not just her. It was the same with all PG students. For 3 years she suffered day and night putting up with hardship and utter humiliation. Several times a month she would call home and cry her heart out at the way she was meted out unfair treatment and screamed at in front of patients and outsiders by the senior surgeons/doctors.

If every student has to come to think of committing suicide for insults and disciplinary action he/she knowingly invited, then we have to seal all academic institutions in India.

‘The Hindu’ seems to have some ulterior motive. Going by the resignation at their administrative level, this is no surprise. Church seems to have got the paper.






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