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Fear Psychosis Grips India

January 25, 2016

On the eve of our Republic Day Jan 26th, it is utmost disheartening for me as a patriotic citizen to note how fear psychosis has gripped India thanks to global islamic terrorism looming over in mammoth proportions.

None is taking the threat easy. We have been warned to avoid crowded malls, shopping districts, highrises, important office complexes, business centers… even schools and colleges.

Every year this is happening now but of late, the scene is getting scarier.

Consequent to IS threat to Modi ji, our PM, and arrest of many radical youth around the country, we have been roused to the fact that the dreaded terror outfit is a reality in India. As a result, we cancelled all outings as girl-gangs for tomorrow.

My school reunion is always on our Republic Day. We friends have decided to meet instead at one of our homes and order food.

In Zumba session which is the jolliest, friends are warning me not even to search for IS or share any posts online where the terror group’s name is mentioned. My husband as such does not like me sharing political or religious posts in social media as he fears for my personal safety. ‘Don’t even visit Pakistan websites’ said a friend, ‘every one of them is atleast a passive terrorist.’

We have postponed all get-togethers to next week, a week after the D-day.

Nevertheless I have some inevitable matters to take care off. I cannot waste days. I am daring to step into the shopping district today. I want to return safe – I have a loving family.

We girls also avoided malls around New Year, 26/11, Diwali, Navrathri, Dec 6, Independence Day in last few years. What is this. Is this my India where I have to keep off places for security reasons.

A friend who hired a cab to drive down to Pondicherry said, right through the 2.5 hrs travel, the tamil muslim driver kept threating Indian nation and berating Hindus UNPROVOKED. She said she got real scared and along with her family members did not even open her mouth to protest. Is India no more a safe sanctuary for Hindus. Is this our home country or already a part of Caliphate.

We told our friend she must have reacted and objected strongly. She said, if anyone abuses Hindu gods and faith, we ignore and shrug off. But if we are to abuse their prophet or religion, muslims won’t think twice about killing us. She said the family kept quiet because they did not want to be enticed into a precarious situation/argument endangering their security.

Is this the hindu-majority Bharat where a community already subjugates us with terror doctrine? Controls us with fear psychosis? How safe we are all in India today. Fruits of secularism and democracy.

Every single day it is for this reason I recite ‘Mrityunjaya Mantra’ for my prime minister Modi. Still don’t take chances, sir. INDIA NEEDS YOU.

For years Republic Day meant happy festivities at schools and colleges, family times for working people and even shopping time. Now national celebrations like Independence Day and Republic Day mean, we have be remain confined to our homes and not venture out for our own safety.

This is not a joke, this is reality in India today.

In the next 20-30 years we could be EXACTLY like Pakistan, with our fortunes reversed with uncontrolled explosion in Indian muslim population and relentless preaching and spread of Christianity. Hindus are dwindling and dying already.

Just get into any shopping mall in Chennai and count the black burqas. When I stepped into the Kochi Lulu mall, was stunned and shocked to see a sea of black burqas like I haven’t witnessed even in middle-east.

India is going slowly to dogs. None can write blunt like a housewife lolz! Well, this is how I sincerely feel…


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