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Om Nama Shivaya!

January 26, 2016

Can you identify what is inscribed in the wall of this most ancient mosque from an unnamed Arab country? (Or is it the Indian subcontinent?) ZOOM PLEASE. No prizes for right guess. After all the world knows what they’re going around in Kaaba. Circumambulation (going around the deity) is an ancient Hindu custom for 10,000 years (still in practice). Sheathed in unstitched single white cloth, this is how Hindu men are supposed to step into temple – bare chested. Ablutions before entering a place of worship is also a Hindu custom. Facing west for prayers (as puja faces east), cooking facing east (as the stove faces west) everything is Hindu in concept. 7 rounds means the ‘sapthapadhi.’ No Hindu wedding is complete without walking 7 times around the holy fire. What is Surya Namaskar or even our regular shashtang namaskar? But there ends the ‘suspicious’ similarities. What Hinduism has always been about is  Karma (duty/burden), Dharma (justice), Ahimsa (non-violence), Bhakthi (devotion) and Shanthi (peace) – broadly speaking. Hindus celebrate life that is why we observe basant, holi, diwali and harvest festivals something you cannot find in the barren middle-east where mausoleums, the symbol of death, are most popular monuments. Arts, music and dance flourish in the punya bhumi Bharat alongwith science, maths, medicine and literature. Take the good things from us – Yoga to Ayurveda to Kathak. Don’t mix it with bloody violence like you did with Swasthika in Germany or Shiva Lingam here. Finally Lord Shiva rules! I never needed any proof like fellow Hindus and most others in the world – still this is good enough.


(The 1986 Sharjah cricket match is unforgettable that way. My friend Rupa now a doc in US had prayed to Lord Ganesh that she would circumambulate the temple 108 times if India won the cup. My son who says he is agnostic turns spiritual seasonally during his exam times. His bribe to Ganesh: circumambulation 108 times!!!

After I had a miraculous second lease of life after a chronic antibiotic allergy in my standard 11, my aunt and uncle took me to Tirumala-Tirupathi devasthanams to thank the lord for saving my life. Here in december cold, we rose early in the morning by 3.30 am, took a dip in the chilly ‘Pushkarini’ (temple tank) water (ablution) and in the wet clothes did a complete ‘angapradhakshinam’ (circumambulating the temple/prahaar rolling your body on the unpolished harsh cold granite floor) before the ‘Suprabath’ darshan of Lord Venkateshwara aka Balaji.

I never got again so much physically fit to repeat it ever. None of us did even catch a cold. From 3.30 to 7 am we were in wet clothes. Changed only on return to the lodge.

Even now I am grateful, the lord gave me His blessings and allowed me the feat. So this is how significant circumambulation is in Hindu way of worship.


  1. you said it is mosque, which is true. but how you can say this mosque is from arab country. if i ZOOM it i can see fertile land with neem trees other than PALM, bunch of guys on mini truck. are you sure it is from unnamed Arab country or some where in India.

    • I have raised doubts if it is from Indian subcontinent as well. It is still possible it could be an arab nation where labourers are commonsight. Besides, in some patches like Oman etc there are neem trees and other vegetation planted by expat workers. Even farming is done in glasshouses.

    • Besides, this is a whatsapp picture. I reproduced what was stated there.

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