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How Media Orchestrates Protests And Fans Violence In College Campuses

February 21, 2016

Soon after Jayalalitha J assumed powers in the state for the third time, the dormant issue of Sri Lankan affairs was roused loudly for no reason, by some ‘vested interests.’ It could have been to divert attention from Kanimozhi and Raja naturally who were hogging the ‘limelight’ for 2G reasons.

That DMK stoked the fires leading to widespread agitation in Tamil Nadu especially in our universities is open secret.

With a son attending a private engineering college that tried to keep open until it was no more possible to, I was a direct witness to what unfolded in those 15 – 30 days in Chennai.

There are over 2 dozen engineering campuses dotting the Bangalore Highway (NH 47) right upto and after Sriperumbudur. Contrary to what the media – both print (especially ‘The Hindu) and tv (Sun tv & Kalaignar tv owned and controlled by the DMK) reported, none of the engineering or medical students in the stretch were directly involved or interested in the entire protest campaign.

For maintaining law and order, the CM ordered closure of academic institutions for an indefinite period. The chief miscreants were predictably the same Govt Law college, the Pachaiyappa’s College, the Presidency college and Nandanam Arts college for men, where now over 90% of the enrolled students comprise of SC/ST. Invariably all these students are also aligned with rowdy Dravidian youth wings of some political parties, mainly the DMK and PMK. It is these boys who also stoned the wineshops recently for closure of TASMAC in the state (including one very closest to my home) about which Kovan sang a song which went viral when it was banned. The footage was used and shown again and again only in DMK owned tv channels like the Sun tv and Kalaignar tv as it was a pre-planned affair obviously. The same footage is also used in the Kovan song in You Tube which clarifies any doubt in this regard. So easy to blame the cops but on that day when the wineshop incident was filmed, I was eyewitness to how the police pleaded with violent student (?) mobs and party cadres NOT to attack or destroy private property.  More than a dozen officers in uniform diverted traffic and stationed themselves in the roads trying to disperse the rowdy elements peacefully for more than an hour. It was when things started going out of hands, they had to lathi-charge. The shop was badly ransacked with goods to the tune of many lakhs damaged by the protesters. Who will pay for it? The students? None of us who had seen the city police in action the said day hold anything against them. In fact ever since I have admiration for them, nothing less. Even by 11’o clock in late evening, there would be a beat constable in front of Pachayappas – who used to stop motorists every single day checking his breath for alcohol. TN police take their duties seriously. Hats off to them! Today’s youngsters in Chennai do not drink and drive thanks to them. JJ administration.

The professional engineering colleges affiliated to Anna University that flank the city on 2 sides viz., the NH-47  in the north-west and OMR/ECR in the South, tried their level best to stay open during the pro-Sri Lankan demonstrations abetted by the DMK in March 2013. It was mid-term and the prospects of postponement of scheduled university exams did not look alluring to any varsity student to my knowledge – as a parent. To begin with College of Engineering, Guindy was sealed.

Defying government’s orders, my son’s alma mater for one thing functioned because they were running behind schedule as such … until one day the college was stoned by ‘outsiders’ and the glasses of the college buses shattered. The goons had entered the campus through various vantage points in the porous compound wall that surrounded acres of land and buildings belonging to the institution.

The situation was the same in almost all the private engineering colleges that were kept open. If any of them did not close, DMK cadres threatened with violence and arson as I heard from the boys and girls.

No wonder Jayalalitha smartly ordered closure of colleges pre-empting the evil designs of DMK. Soon after she took over, there was also mysterious burning down of more than a couple of sub-stations in the state that resulted in 2 to 4 hour daily power-cut in the capital and for lengthier periods in rural areas the whole of summer. One or two Tamil weeklies had boldly reported on the ‘sabotage’ but as is the habit with ‘the Hindu’ they voiced no view or speculation, playing it ‘safe’ (or anti JJ?). Although the public were ‘aware’ who were behind it, once more the lady showed a hitherto unknown maturity by handling things smooth. She went on fixing the break-downed units and stayed away from pointing fingers and engaging in war of words. Power was restored as before in matter of months. Her patience was what prevented more hinderances to electricity generation in Tamil Nadu.

Fearing the worst in the Sri Lankan issue, the colleges finally shut down that March and also closed their hostels.

Next day, the newspaper ‘Hindu’ screeched how even engineering students in Chennai had joined the protests in support of Sri Lankan Tamils – while we parents and students and managements and faculties of the colleges knew otherwise.

Born in the mid ’90s, my son and his friends hardly care for anything about Sri Lanka in the first place.  They are not even aware of Prabhakaran or Rajiv Gandhi or whatever. This generation kids barely know the outline, that’s all – not the details. LTTE – draws a blank with them all. Imagine when these children were claimed to be supportive of the Sri Lankan cause by my local daily and my local television that the national media took up and further exaggerated! Born in the computer era and highly ambitious, the boys and girls were aghast how easily the media misled the nation and painted a wrong picture of them. It was time for them however to learn some hometruths: like how they could be so readily ‘manipulated’ by conniving political parties.

The worst of it was yet to come: the claim in ‘The Hindu’ that IIT students, thought to be most academic, joining the protests and staying away from classes. Right at that point, my school friend’s son was attending IIT Madras and he was in the dorm. He came home for weekends only. My friend especially rang me up to clarify what rubbish the papers were reporting and what a lie they carried. ‘Not a single B.Tech or M.Tech student yaar. The protesters are mostly outsiders – atleast 25-28 years old, associated with Humanities in IIT who don’t even count as proper IITians.’ It was reported round the clock by our national tv channels who seemed to be exalting how rowdy even IIT Madras had transformed into.

Months later I chanced upon this story that validated my friend’s contention. She dismissed all claims outright that any IIT scholar was out there protesting or raising slogans. ‘Where is the time?’ she said. Ditto with city medicos. They were forced to close being threatened by DMK goons.

With the Sri Lankan issue, of which they had no clue (!), the poor, innocent university students were put to severe hardship because of month-long closure of academic institutions. Why should the useless arts/law colleges worry. Their contribution to Indian economy is a BIG ZERO. When the engineering colleges reopened finally, the lab practicals were crammed and they worked even on sundays to compensate the missed hours. Every single boy and girl who I met told me how it was DMK party rowdies who infiltrated into colleges and posed with banners and raised slogans for Sri Lanka, not a single of them being a student enrolled in any of the institutions. In fact, concerned about security, the kids vanished from the campus and never set foot in the college for days. 18-19-20 year kids. What do you expect. Do you think engineering, medical kids would go court arrest and spoil their future?

Leftists and Christian Missionary-sponsored Dalit groups have already taken over Tamil Nadu arts and law colleges threatening the public and demonstrating and protesting at the drop of a hat. IIT Madras seems to have gone completely into Missionary sponsored ‘World Vision’ these days. There seems to be an organized campaign to discredit the finest academic and research institutions in the country because they are not within the reach of some ‘vested interests.’ Never has the scene looked more bleak. Yet it looks like the Church has managed to sneak into IIT Madras. This brings us to the question of the motive of having Humanities in the technology campuses in India.

In the recent JNU protests, Barkha Dutt and Rajdeeep Sardesai are arguing for journalists who seem to lend support to anti-India sentiments vociferously expressed by nefarious elements who make their intent and wish to ‘break up India’ plain and clear. Terrorists like Afzal Guru who dared to attack Parliament, the very temple of Indian democracy’ seem to have become heroes. Yakub Memon, the terrorist who bombed Mumbai seems to have been a celebrity with those like Rohith Vemula and his ilk. Not a single editorial was published either in ‘The Hindu’ or the ‘The Scroll’ condemning the support to bloody terrorists among the misguided student community. In fact they seem to cherish and nurture the anti-national sentiments. Both also remained suspiciously quiet on Ishrat Jahan even debunking David Headley’s statement that proved that the suspect in question was a suicide bomber who belonged to LeT. On the other hand, the Scroll seemed to question the ethics of ‘fake encounter’ in which the girl was killed.

Who are the real owners of these media houses. Who is taking care of the payroll. Why is there open support for Islamic terrorism in these sections of media. Why are they shading and defending terrorists and pro-terror elements. Ofcourse it is said, the Swiss Church is the owner of the Hindu press.

In no Indian newspaper have I read (online) a single write-up against Rohith Vemula or Kannaiah Kumar for raising slogans in support of terrorists who waged war against India. There has been no condemnation, rather the anti-heroes like Vemula and Kannaiya have been turned into cult heroes with calculated precision.

It is like, if an armed thief breaks into your house, it is against human rights for us to harm the thief and save ourselves. The terrorists and terror-supporters seem to have become protagonists for Indian media whereas those of us who voice our concern about national security are the ‘antagonists.’

By over-playing hooliganism (which is not new to India and such court scenes are commonplace even in Chennai), they seemed to be aiming to hide the true facts that;



  • If what is stated above is not true, it is upto the accused to prove in court and absolve himself of any criminal offence he is charged with.

So is certain section of Indian media directly/indirectly canvassing for Islamic Terror in this country? Instigating student unrest wherever gullible dalit-christians constitute a major chunk of student population (as is possible only with arts colleges)? Are they making heroes out of anti-heroes?

How ‘The Hindu’ and the ‘Sun TV and Kalaignar’ tv viciously tried to make a false propaganda of the real situation in Tamil Nadu still stays fresh in our memory – because it is not even 3 years since. Not a single Tamil really cares for Sri Lanka or LTTE or whoever. Our children are next generation who are least bothered. In fact when Prabakaran was killed, we celebrated saying that ‘the Ravan’ was finally annihilated. Sri Lanka is ever since very much accessible to us as tourists. Safe to travel and tour. I have Sinhalese friends and Sri Lankan Tamil friends. Our Sri Lankan tamil friends blame it on Tamil Nadu politicians and LTTE for ruining a generation of Tamils in Sri Lanka. A majority of them have taken citizenship in UK, Canada, Germany, Scandinavian countries, Australia or India. Most industrious by nature, none even mentions the dreaded organization or the civil war that raged in the island nation for over 3 decades. They just want to get along with their lives and make India their home. They are relieved Prabhakaran was taken care off and now they can return to their native villages for holiday. Some have gone back to Sri Lanka after many years, in the hope of re-building their lives. Such a sense of relief in each and every one of them – contrary to what media portrays. I am living with them, talking to them, seeing them. Tamil diaspora is spread the world over. The Sri Lankan Tamil has come to adopt the concept ‘Vasudeva Kudumbagam.’ They are prospering wherever they are, enriching the nations that have become their second home. Unlike Pakistanis and Arab migrants who are perceived as born trouble-makers and resented by the west, Sri Lankan Tamils have evolved into respectable knowledge society, next only to our own fellow Indian expats/NRIs.

Except for DMK and DK and PMK, nobody is keeping the Sri Lankan issue alive in Tamil Nadu. These guys have to, because they have allegedly taken loads of money from the slain leader’s people to represent them in the world forum. They have betrayed nations and their own people. They have blood in their hands.

There is no denying there have been war crimes in Lanka, but life has long since returned to normal. The way Indian media is projecting Lankan Tamils, it is endangering the very safety and security of the ethnic population that is keen on forging their future in Sri Lanka.

How media lies, cheats, fabricates, tarnishes truth, misrepresents, exaggerates, promotes anti-national sentiments, encourages violence, magnifies harmless hooliganism (which is deplorable as well) while downplaying the real security questions is all apparent in the way The Scroll, The Hindu, the Sun tv, the Kalaignar tv report and operate.

The Kovan song-material happened right before our eyes. We were physical eyewitness to the drama played near our place. A gullible folk singer has been exploited without his own knowledge to put forth a false theory, false allegation.

Who opened TASMAC shops in Tamil Nadu for the first time. Ofcourse it was Karunanidhi himself who brought liquor to the state soon as the first DMK govt was sworn in in early ’70s. Until there was Congress rule in the state, prohibition was in force.  Later when MGR, the CM of newly formed and elected ADMK party came to powers, the actor-turned-politician M G Ramachandran, in his capacity as CM, once again sealed the outlets. Thereafter consumption of illegal hooch consumption resulted in innumerable loss of lives rather frequently that the government was forced to lift prohibition. The liquor baron Udaiyar became the chief financier of both ADMK and DMK governments.

Who encouraged illegal settlements along canal and river embankments in Chennai city. It was DMK ofcourse.

Does the media remember that Karunanidhi disowned his illegal child Kanimozhi in late -60s? The Tamil reporter who printed the article was imprisoned after a case of defamation was filed by the dirty old man. The journalist came out after serving 6 months in jail for claiming that Kanimozhi was Karunanidhi’s new born daughter! Why cannot the media explore this issue in detail?

What happened to chief engineers/contractors who executed DMK projects like the Anna Flyover in 70s in Gemini roundabout and a series of flyovers in the 2000s? All found dead mysteriously with families soon as Jayalalitha was sworn in. In the latter case, the contractor seemed to have ‘committed suicide with family whereby the bodies of family members were found stacked one upon another.’ What a way to die. How they all got on top of one another before consuming poison? Not even JJ dares to investigate the criminal family.

In DMK protest rallies, we always wonder loud in advance among friends, how a party man would die that evening. True to our prediction, the party would faithfully report how JJ govt’s police lathi-charged and killed a party worker. Invariably this man would be from an obscure village brought to the city to participate in protest marches, paid with biryani packets and 100 bucks. The family would stand to receive 10,000 bucks from KK.

The same kind of disease seems to afflict even our national capital. Arvind Kejriwal is a novice. Bachcha. He has to grow up. Not a single media guy ever questioned how the Congress leaders escaped unhurt but it was Rajiv alone who was killed, right? (More than a dozen Congress walas were there at that time attending the meeting but none was ‘luckily’ near poor Gandhi). When Shastri remains a mystery to date, may be it will be so with Rajiv as well…

There are dozens of Pandora’s boxes to be opened, if only the Indian media is really upto it. If they WILL, that is. But they cannot, will not. Shameful journalism. Worse than prostitution.

The key issues are never really taken up by the Indian media. Arnab Goswami is not someone I fancy either. But there are moments he fares much better than others. He is not encouraging wrong causes, to the least. He is not canvassing for wrong ideals, defending wronging citizens.


Unlike Indian presstitutes who are ready to sell their soul for an anna, I am a housewife here writing the truth from  my heart. I have no reason to lie or justify any lie. Facts I state are what I have come across in life or experienced.

Why is JNU or Hyderabad University or Jadhavpur University enrolled with anti-nationals who are vociferously raising pro-terror slogans? Looks like this is like any other day in JNU? So this is precisely our problem. Bred on Congress anti-nationalism (it is hard to be convinced that this party once fought for India’s independence from the British), we have been raised to ‘tolerate’ this kind of nonsense and backstabbing and atrocity in the name of secularism and democracy.

A university is first and foremost a temple of knowledge and learning. Wherefrom students get the time or energy for demonstrations? What is the value edition of those who engage in this kind of squandering of the nation’s precious resources.

Sorry, this video does not seem doctored to me. There was a great concern when it came to be known Rohith Vemula was thus openly a supporter of Yakub Memon in Hyderabad University campus.  Excuse me, I beg to differ, this is NO VOICE OF DISSENT. This is rather the tone of betrayal that shocks and shakes every single patriotic Indian. We are growing venomous snakes in our own backyard waiting to bite us.

You think that university scholars and thinktanks in USA would be tolerated if they should take out pro-Osama banners or organize pro-Osama protests and rallies in their campuses? Who are we kidding.

Are all the lefties and commies only muslims and dalit christians in India? Why? If so, it means there is a serious malaise in them. They are a downright flawed population.

A similar thing can be said about the conversion issue in India. With the Pope visiting during Rajiv Gandhi regime, foreign christian missionaries and evangelists in the country got a free rein to convert natives either by bribes or threat. In Congress rule, this was an established norm. When BJP started questioning conversions and launched a reactionary ‘Gharwapsi’ now suddenly it is a national issue. Minorities are ‘insecure’ is it. What was the Indian media doing all these years.

Are churches audited in India. From where are funds pumped in?

If Media had been more responsible in the past, questioning all that had gone wrong in this nation, then RSS would have no role to play today in Indian society. You stood in the sides and watched as tribals and natives were converted with money and Owaisis and Naiks threatened Indian nation being terror-mentors. Do you even know the meaning of the word ‘dissent.’

Half-baked journalists and intellectually lazy media guys are filing reports and stories today. You take ‘the Scroll.’ So much of noise about Kovan, TASMAC everything NOT knowing a thing about how things came to be. What is the truth. Goes on to show how shallow their staff are. Paid for nothing. Not a day of sweating in hot sun. No research. No aim to dig for truth. Whereas ready for malicious propaganda, selective reporting. Audaciously pro-islamic, pro-terror and Hindu-bashing. May be this is what they are paid for?

Every story has a prologue, INDIAN PRESSTITUTES. Nothing builds overnight. You do not even have it in you to look for the causes.  Shame. When Barkha Sluts become the face of Indian media, is it too much to expect?










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