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What were you doing @ 31

March 6, 2016

The Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid of JNU got me thinking, what I was doing @ 31. Their age.

So that’s how ANCIENT students in JNU are, can you believe! 31! I did wonder about the age factor – because no boy or girl under 20 could feel so arrogantly proud of his/her misdeeds like these men were. Or so I believed.

What is more, Kanhaiya Kumar is doing PhD in ‘African Studies.’ Now how beneficial is it to India to subsidize this 32 year old freeloader with a monthly stipend of 30,000 bucks who further goes onto to rally support for anti-national causes?

The guys feeding off government and tax money of the public like parasites in productive age where they must be contributing to national wealth have in the first place no locusstandi to talk on any matter, leave alone raise anti-national slogans. It is high time investigation is launched into JNU to expel over-aged students from the campus and cleanse the system.


The nation needs AZAADI  from the Kanhaiyas and Uma Khalids and Vemulas we have spawned. Like poison weeds they suck our resources and spit venom. LET NOT A SINGLE PAISA OF MY INDIA BE WASTED ON TWISTED MINDS WHO DARE TO RALLY BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BREAK UP INDIA. Sedition is CRIME. Lock up the guys upto 20 years rigorous imprisonment. Let them forfeit what government spent on their education. Expel them from university.


At 31 I guess I was already a mother of a 5 year old, giving him homeschooling in Malaysia, having resigned my bank job. Until 31 I had never had a single moment to rest. Life was like a blurr. Never was at home for a single day on finishing college. Worked part-time in college days and gave tuitions in the evenings. Any misadventure of mine got finished with a sour experience in the bank days. I woke up to reality. My sense of betrayal is acute when I see today my union leader’s daughter working in the bank from where I was ousted after I supported his ideology. This is life. This is LEFT. I guess Rohit Vemula hanged himself because he was also misguided and back-stabbed?

My women friends share a similar story as mine.  In our 20s and early 30s, we cooked, we cleaned after, we washed, we ironed, we raised families, WE ALSO WORKED AND EARNED, and we still had time for books, music and art. Where was the time for unproductive thoughts. Today as mothers in our 40s, we friends are reaping benefits for what we sowed in those productive years from 25-35. Our children and our husbands are our trophies. Some of us have also gone on to make a mark in the corporate world – efficiently juggling family and profession.

So at 31, I guess I had had lost touch with most of my girlies – both from school and college. Each and everyone of us was busy – working, in family way, in joint families, not having a single minute for leisure.

The catching up with friends started with Facebook frankly. So that’s how I got back my longlost friends. Some of us had kept up with each other without the aid of electronics or whatever – but that was a small circle. It is when we crossed into 40s, we were able to take time off family and work – for ourselves.

Some of my friends became second time mothers in their mid 30s. That got them busiest, I must say.

Girls – cousins, nieces in my family have been quite like me. My niece @ 27 is a qualified gynaecologist already having secured a national 2000th rank in the all-India PG entrance. My girl cousin is a CA and Cost Accountant who works more than  15 hours a day – and has singularly processed loans running to hundreds of crores – without taking a single paisa as bribe. There are girls who are working as software professionals, medical reps, artists. By 31 ofcourse, we women are mostly married and even mothers.

As for men, my heart really goes out to them – for they have never had respite from the moment they graduated. My BIL who is a private practitioner has never availed a holiday working all 7 days of the week right from the day he finished his MD over 30 years back. He has never traveled outside Chennai. His whole life is dedicated to medicine. My other BIL was already a small scale industrialist tasting success @ 31. He now employs over 500 workers in his plant. My husband was shortlisted for numerous foreign jobs @ 31 but he waited to take over the Malaysian assignment @ 32, father of a 4 year old boy. At 31, he already had an impressive portfolio of his qualifications and professional experience.

@ 31, until our generation, the men in my family have been married and fathers. Even in this generation, my male nephews have married before 30 although they have postponed starting a family. And this they could do, after settling down first in their chosen occupations, having become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT. One married last year, qualified as a surgeon but still has to take up ‘super speciality.’ Right now he is working with a local hospital.

Male cousins/nephews now have all got into working mode under 25. One cousin is a CA rank holder who served as GM in a software multinational for years before resigning to give a try at this new ‘start-up’ of his. He was married @ 26. One nephew was selected in campus interview and works for an international bank. Men in my family have become quiet globe trotters – with work taking them to different parts of the world. @ 31 most are usually well accomplished. The standard marriageable age for men in my community is 27-28. Or the bracket can be expanded slightly like to 26-32. Very rare to see men or women not settled in life by this age.

It is the same with most in my society barring a few exceptions. Marriageable age has in fact dropped to under 25-26 for both men and women in last decade, with the size of Indian families shriveling up to mere 1-2 kids. So there is a rush to settle down. Campus placements brought down the age of fresh employees. Extremely rare to see a guy or girl UNEMPLOYED BY 31. Blood-sucking leeches I must say.


Foundation for what will be your real life, future will be laid in the important years of 20-35. These young energetic years determine what will become of you in 40s and 50s. Whether you will be adding up to the GDP or milking from it shamelessly. Whoever made it good in life, started early. Life is full of hard struggles – but not of the Kanhaiya, Umar Khalid, Vemula kind. To me, the guys are not even on their feet as yet @ 31. Whereas for some of us, @ 31 we come to the crossroads of our life, having finished with half our intended journey. 


Two of my classmates are samdhis already. One girl is a grandmother. If my son could be a daughter (!), I would be seeking alliance for her by now (he will kill me lolz).

I do have friends kids who have opted for PhD in the US but even they completed their course by 25 years, not later. I am a mother myself – of a young engineer who is not yet 22 years.

So I know how the mind of a 20 year old works. I have had houseful of kids in teens. Both boys and girls. Ambitious, dreamy, intelligent, smart and still KIDDISH. There is this vulnerability about them: coz they’re still children. They act bold and pretend wise, but inside them is this innocence intact.

Can you say the same about a 31 year old man? So that’s what Kanhaiya is. Vemula was 25. Umar Khalid – easily older over 28. So it is this student-innocence that is precisely missing from the JNU guys. These are not anymore the neighbourhood college kids – that much I know. How can you call these grown-up men students. Why are they even in the campus.Why hasn’t the university put a freeze on upper age limit of students admitted?  An idle mind is devil’s workshop. If Khaled or Kanhaiya had had graduated in time and had found themselves gainful employment, they would be having neither the energy nor time for subversive activities and perverse thinking. Right now they are ticking on borrowed money and time.




@ 31, a married guy/girl, mother/father, working – will be a responsible person over anything, not a menace to the society. He/she will be effectively contributing to the national wealth with meaningful productive activities, looking for betterment in scope of engagement and for better life in bargain. If you are 31 but you are neither qualifying as a surgeon or researching on science/technology, but are pursuing a wasteful degree that spares you resources for rebellion, then you can be nothing but an anti-national, A DRAIN ON INDIA’S ENERGIES, a blotch on the psyche of the student community. And you need to be KICKED OUT.

LEFTISTS: NO DO-GOODERS WHO TALK BIG ON PAPERS WITH ZERO VALUE EDITION TO GDP OF ANY NATION.  Who are leftists: Typically the overpaid journos who hype too much on non-existing irrelevant issues, the unemployed, the unfit, the incompetent. Even Gandhi is said to have had leftist leanings influenced by those like Tolstoy of his times and he worked manually with his hands, founding a communal living. His causes were just and genuine. Even so he was making a living, sustaining a family. A true leftist is he/she who downsizes life to bare minimums foregoing the capitalist luxuries. Today’s leftists? What a joke. For today’s leftists, democracy and secularism are licence for pro-terror, anti-nationalism is the ideology and sedition is dissent.


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