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Privacy Matters…

April 8, 2016

Facebook and Twitter have taught me the toughest lessons: how fragile your online security is.

Nearly everything you do is accessible to third parties – including your e-mails and bank statements and tax receipts and whatsapp conversations both groups and calls.

Most of our personal data is sought by our own media houses – which is why I feel prostitution is better than journalism. Appalled by how without a guilt a journalist can peep into your bedroom and listen to your private bath and read your personal messages. Even the sanctity of family is not respected – there is nowhere to hide when you talk to your spouse and share sacred family ties with your kids. If journalists are not prostitutes then what are they?

I am blogging for many years now and I do check stats, but I have never wanted to know what my visitors to the blog are doing in parallel. Commercialism of print media/internet editions of our papers have turned them into shameless prostitutes who will prey upon their unsuspecting readers without a conscience because they want to stay ahead in the field studying the reading pattern of the browser. In short they want to manipulate their readers.

I am not sure how secure even the Skype calls are. Don’t care anymore.

As a first step to control damage I have unliked many pages I liked previously in Facebook. The rest I am planning to do one by one. Want to like only those pages whose promoters are personally known to me. Anything else including the pages of politicians and political parties and even the supposed social causes I am shortly about to unlike.

Next comes Twitter. I am asking Twitterati this simple question. If you want to read my mail messages and private facebook posts, why should not your daughter and wife get raped in train or taxi. This is what you are doing to ladies whose privacy you are intruding without a second thought. I am about to close my Twitter account as well.

Reading the whatsapp messages is the worst crime of all. Ladies like us have very few places to unwind. If I want the world to see my pictures or hear my jokes, I may post them publicly in Facebook and share with everyone in general. Why I am sharing certain things through whatsapp is, I do not want public audience for what I share. As simple as that.

I don’t share family photos much or any family information in Facebook. Long back I did share travel pictures but even they have been limited by privacy settings. I share very few posts with all. Many family albums are visible only to relatives and closest circle of friends.

What I want to share with third parties, I have relaxed the settings. Anyone can view my pictures or read my posts that are shared with public.

Similarly if I have to check out someone, I directly assess their Facebook page or Twitter account (whether I follow them officially or not). Whatever content is there for public viewing, I browse. Maximum I may google.  Never have felt the urge until now to go beyond that. Looks like the same software these guys use for spying – I can also acquire in the market to keep track of them. But it is just that, I don’t want to know. I lack the interest.

But in last one year I have learned, nothing works really. My family privacy has been compromised like anything – and even the sacred private conversations with family have been listened to. Celebrating your son’s academic success, rejoicing your husband’s professional feat – nothing is limited to just you. These are the kind of info’ I don’t even share with my blood sister.

Shortly planning to out with Twitter also. Yes, I shall miss Twitter. Twitter enables me to follow my PM closely and directly. But its okay – imagine journalists who are like pests, prostitutes listening to every move you make.

Glad for Aadhar card – it will bare all including journalists. As an NRI, we have tax benefits until we work and live in the gulf. We need not have to hide our incomes and we can spend freely.

Many thanks to Whatsapp that has enhanced security by encrypting messages in Android phones. From now on, I can share most intimate details with my husband and need not have to restrict my love to my son.

Yes, go head Indian government – make Whatsapp ILLEGAL. Let the journos be in fix. I can still escape it here in gulf. My daily chat is first with my family. It will be my day when Modi govt pronounces Whatsapp as illegal and makes it impossible for Indian media to spy and peep into private bedrooms of unsuspecting readers.

Media like Times of India, Scroll, The Hindu all spy on readers. It is unavoidable if you are going to read them everyday. I also visit Pakistan newspaper Dawn, so without a doubt my browsing history is saved and viewed by them too. Journalism is prostitution not only in India, it is also so with Pakistan.

Browsing papers – I cannot help. But unsubscribing from Twitter, I can. I shall miss the tweets but it has to be done.

What a cheap profession journalism is: this is what I have learned in last 1 year through Twitter and Facebook. A community that entirely feeds like parasites on others’ lives, who subsist on others without an ounce of shame. What is the value addition of these presstitutes to society who are self-appointed critics and analysts of news matters.

My govt – both central and state – have every right to pry upon my online data. I have as such nothing to hide. But what legal authority do others have about reading my personal messages. Why should not I sue TOI or the Hindu or the Scroll. Or even individuals who have succumbed to the dirty habit of studying the browsing history of others? If this lowly gossip becomes you, what character are you? Why do you want to know what I am doing all 24 hours?

Ofcourse I cannot sue the overseas media. I just know they are as cheapsters as their Indian counterparts. To what lows journalism has been reduced to capture and retain market share?

Will be quitting Twitter – taking a few days first trying to fine tune things. May be I shall follow only my PM and one or two safe people. I don’t mind if my govt has to read or scrutinize me – as a law abiding citizen of India, I have nothing to fear. It is to the media prying on my privacy I want to turn the heat on.

Good my family is not into this shameful occupation. They are in real, actual productive line that improves the quality of human life. They don’t live on juicy gossips or build a future on others’ businesses.

Back in India I asked the computerwala who normally services me if I have any glitch in the system. I wanted to upgrade my Virus protection program. He said, whatever you may do, if someone wants to spy on you, they can breach any firewall. Its absolutely no use. Twitter and Facebook, he said hand out data by way of statistics. I am having basic virus protection which is proving to be insufficient.

Not surprised by the journalists’ sham. After all when they can create a hero out of something evil and sinister like Kanhaiya Kumar, they can stoop any low levels. Prostitutes in red light areas have an element of dignity and are into honest living. You listening to Radia tapes? Is this not prostitution of highest order? Ethics, morality – what has journalism got to do with it.

Everytime and the next time you want to pry on online data of a woman, her family, just think: your wife, your daughter is similarly getting watched by a third party male across the plane – that you will never come to know about. You will feel the pain when your daughter grows up, when you have a sister who is gullible and vulnerable enough like me. EXPOSED.



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