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Conspiracy Theories: Ishrat Jahan Case

April 27, 2016

(I am a housewife blogging only for timepass. This is what I can make of the case. Unlike Indian presstitutes who will sell their soul for a penny or even a quarter, I don’t have reason to lie or make-up stories.)


25 years on, and still one feels the heart strings tugged reading this story:

India’s destiny could be different should Rajiv Gandhi be alive today. In spite of allegations of corruption when it comes to the Congress party, we have to admit, Rajiv was young and tech-savvy, with an open and liberal mind. May be we never had enough time to evaluate him. He was inexperienced which cost him the 1989 Lok Sabha elections. But he was ready to return in 1991 – with a promise.

Sriperumbudur became headlines overnight on his assassination. 50 km from Chennai, in the NH47 connecting the city with Bangalore, it is now our fastest growing satellite town, home to a dozen private engineering and medical institutions and multi-specialty hospitals. Industrial hub where Sain Gobain to Hyundai factories are located, Sriperumbudur owes its development sadly to … Rajiv Gandhi. The growth got propelled right after the sleepy town was rudely shaken awake one late evening that pushed Ramanuja, the  local 11th century Vaishanavaite saint whose historic temple stands tall until today, to relative anonymity.

Isn’t it interesting how none of the Congress netas died with Rajiv Gandhi. It was some ill-fated cops who gave him company in his gruesome journey to eternity. The rest stayed safe and secure. A PM candidate was left alone to greet total strangers, masses, in spite of having been accompanied by dozen important state party leaders and thousands of party cadres.

Jain Commission and even the Supreme court may clear names – but not the public conscience.

Since some 50 years and from even earlier, we have had Shastri and before him Subhas Chandra Bose dying of mysterious circumstances. Can you get any Indian citizen to concede that they died a natural death. Whatever is the official version, a nation’s conscience cannot be bought over. A nation has its own mind, independent of the manipulating media (like what we have in India today mostly). (Social media works to a certain degree but finally truth alone triumphs).

Rajiv’s case will thus remain an unsolved mystery that none would want to work out to the finish. Gross conclusions have been arrived at but only good old Madarasis may have a clue, what it was all about. Like Shastri and Bose before him, Rajiv Gandhi’s is one more conspiracy theory to go down post-independence Indian history.

With congress making alliance with DMK, it proved probably wise to move on.

Similary Ishrat Jahan’s case from Modi’s days in Gujarat as CM raises many intriguing questions. Why should a potential PM candidate take the risk of going for (fake) ‘encounters’ to raise false alarm (for cheap publicity). Is it worth it. Modi was already under microscope post-Godhra. Touching a minority in the scenario is a sensitive question that risked counter-productive development. Why should anyone want to shoot at a pretty young girl who was anyway so far and away from her hometown and on her own? In the company of men? Traveling with men? For what purpose? Is it normal for young muslim women in India to go tripping out of state with strangers (males)?  Why wasn’t the family aware? It doesn’t make sense.

The question of whether it was a fake encounter that killed Ishrat is NOT important. What is important is, what exactly was Ishrat’s mission. What was she there for. With whom. Was she really innocent party used by terror elements without her knowledge? Or was she a willing accomplice.

It is not strange in Chennai to come across the so-called ‘encounters.’ Of late there have been few compared to past – it is routine for our police department to liquidate the rowdy elements in order to bring in peace. The very recent encounter in our memory is killing of 5 Biharis who were bank robbers who were about to flee the city.

(The Sam Daniel of NDTV based in Chennai, by the way could be connected with World Vision which is a christian conversion racket in reality funded from overseas church missionaries. He is a Dalit Christian. He merits outright investigation).

Even then Human Rights activists were arguing in favour of the accused who had committed back-to-back armed dacoity in city’s bank branches while the unwavering public support was for the Police that moved in quick in the thickly populated suburb housing where the criminals were holed up. None was hurt in the covert operation other than the ‘encountered’ which ran out smooth.

Petition from activists for alleged human rights violation of the 2012 operation was dismissed by the High Court of Madras subsequently.

One question to Activists/Indian Media: Do the rights of terrorists and anti-social elements matter more to you than the safety and security of Indian nation? Isn’t this a kind of perversion? If indeed there is a mistake, then it is still worth it as collateral damage in the larger interests of the nation.

Swift justice may not be for democracy but that’s why ‘encounters’ don’t go by the book and are off-the-record matters, claimed committed in self-defence/interests of the law enforcement agencies/public.

In Malaysia for instance, another democracy, eliminating rogue elements was and is still routine practice in Kuala Lumpur, the capital. The cops always came with valid ‘excuses.’ This was done after watching the targets over a period of time and picking the right spot and time. The same strategy is adopted in India (atleast in Chennai). A teacher known to me happened to witness how an assassin was once similarly eliminated in a densely populated downtown Chennai locality in school closing time. Boys and girls were waiting for buses. At the traffic signal, 2 SUVs came flashing one after another and within 30 seconds had taken out clean a couple of assassins in another SUV waiting for green light. This happened during a previous regime of Jayalalitha J at lightening speed that the public hardly knew what was on. The city breathed a sigh of relief the next morning learning of the assassin history and his ‘trophies.’ Ofcourse, the cops ‘acted in self-defence.’

Ishrat operation is different because it has been acted upon on receiving supposed intelligence inputs. That makes the case extraordinary. Otherwise how can anyone zero in on a group of adults who were traveling.  Without specifics how was the target picked? What was the logic. Highly improbable that in a sensitive, volatile state like Gujarat and that too in the aftermath of Godhra, the law enforcement would resort to histrionics of this scale without ample justification.

You only have to google for encounters in India that shall give you the list running to several pages of various ‘operations’ the law enforcement agencies had to adopt to maintain law and order in the country. Gujarat is hardly a lone case. Why is Gujarat singled out? Is it because of Modi? Is it because the Congress foresaw Modi’s rise to highest powers in Delhi? Was Ishrat used to demonize Modi? Was there connivance on the part of Congress to fabricate/tamper with evidence/affidavi to implicate Modi? If so, who was behind it exactly. In which case, would it tantamount to a serious breach of ethics, bypass of legislation code and compromise of national security.

If indeed Ishrat was an LeT operative who P Chidambaram let off the hook withholding information and subverting evidences, does it amount to anything less than colluding with terrorists? The then Gujarat CM Modi was already touted to be the next BJP prime ministerial candidate in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. He was second in line only to L K Advani and was gaining grounds since in all states. He was a rising leader, on his way to transforming into a national icon with or without Godhra. His security must have been of paramount importance to the center.

Even Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated when he was not the PM but when he was on his way to winning a second term. Looks like it is easy to take out a potential PM candidate when he is not in power and hence he may lower his guard. Security is lax when there is a lull in the political life of an aspiring leader.

It will be in interests of the nation if Modiji does not take his security lightly. He should not skip any security protocol and should not attempt to break his security cordon in order to interact with public. The nation once paid a high price with Rajiv Gandhi. Even his mother Indira Gandhi was taken down by her own security. Which is why we in middle-east shuddered when we saw a picture of our PM in Saudi, on whose behind were security of the host nation. In middle-east, police and security are mostly Pakistanis dear Prime Minister. No we are not amused. Please don’t do it again. 

The question is, to what extent Indian politicians might stoop to, to eliminate adversaries. This is spooky. The congress government wanting to protect terrorists and probably would-be assassins of our (then future) prime minister sounds sinister. Chidambaram going out of his way to protect the tainted and slain men has no precedent in history.  Going by the (substantiated) records of the men (barring Ishrat) taken down, it is evident what the men were party to. The David Headley deposition in the US courts can only be the clinching evidence.

This also sheds light into another interesting factor: how Pakistan was working ahead in trying to figure out Indian political system and planning for a sabotage mission that would deny India a promising Head of the state. Pakistan seems to squander energy in Mumbai, Pathankot and a series of terror attacks in Indian soil besides in other foreign countries. (General Raheel would have to re-sequence the terror-DNA stamped astute in their corrupt blood – a leftover from turks, persians, arabs, mongols and a host of other invaders. Because world wide, a Pakistani is synonymous with terror. What Raheel cannot undo is the pedigree Hindu gene).

Ishran Jahan’s case does not augur well either with the Indian security establishment or the Congress leaders. Not only did Chidambaram and the congress govt give a clean chit to Ishrat Jahan, they also absolved (intentionally?) the LeT which is a dreaded terrorist organization operating from Pakistan soil. By diluting the terror charges against LeT and Ishrat Jahan, Chidambaram probably played himself into the critical security question of India. Why should he be given immunity on any ground? Not guilty until proven? Why cannot Headley’s statement be used in the Indian court of law? 

Here is how the case transpired:

The documentary evidence must prove beyond any doubt how the original affidavit was (allegedly) tampered with. If this is the case, it is one hell of a story for the following reasons:

  •  Nation’s security has been compromised? LeT has been spared (or connived with intentionally or unintentionally) by ‘vested’ interests?
  • Convincing grounds to deliberately implicate Narendra Modi, CM of Gujarat during the encounter
  • What if the encounter had not succeeded/been thwarted. What could have happened with Modi’s security. Would Chidambaram assume responsibility. Knowing how ‘responsible’ the Congress leaders were in Tamil Nadu in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, why should we place Chidambaram or anyone in trust?
  • As a citizen of India who is part of the society that has benefited from fake encounters (like the one carried out in Chennai in February 2012 by Jayalalitha administration killing bank dacoits), I stand with BJP like fellow Indian citizens. Terrorists cannot be given chance to explain especially when it concerns the security of our national leaders. India has lost already Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Let us put a full stop to this sequence.
  • – this link explains the Judiciary position in the issue. The national security and public interest count over everything – chiefly over the human rights of alleged terrorists: leftists, activists including Arvind Kejriwals and Teesta Setalwads and Barkha sluts please note. A judiciary is for and by the people – for the nation. A judiciary must not become the last shelter of anti-social elements and terror-masterminds who are bent upon breaking India.
  • How can David Headley statement be just brushed under the carpet. He was the brain behind Mumbai 26/11 who had also handpicked the Pakistan terrorists who carried out the carnage in Nov 2007. His statement records shocking but accurate details of the number of reconnoitering trips he undertook prior to the attacks and about the recruited members of the LeT. So how can Ishrat become insignificant in his evidence. Why cannot his deposition constitute evidence in Indian courts.
  • If Chidambaram/Congress wanted to implicate Modi/BJP, what can now stop Modi/BJP from implicating Chidambaram/Congress.
  • Was the original affidavit tampered with to appease the minority with an eye on their vote bank. Frankly this can only be our last concern.
  • The curious case of Karthik Chidambaram: The son even got arrested a businessman from Tamil Nadu who tweeted about him when Congress was in power. What was the tweet about? What happened to his asset accumulation case.
  • Chidambaram never won a single Lok Sabha election with an impressive margin. Not a popular man in Tamil Nadu.

It would be interesting to watch how the case is going to go from here. None is above any suspicion/doubt and none is above the law. P Chidambaram has to keep that in mind. Especially when it concerns India’s security question.


  • What happened to Vadra, he is fine. Did BJP touch him.
  • What happened to 2G scam. The accused/convicted Kanimozhi and Raja are roaming free on bail.
  • What happened to Sheila Dixit. She is enjoying a peaceful retired life.
  • What is going to happen with Vijay Mallya? He is living life king size in UK presently.
  • What is it about KG basin Reliance petrol? The small time investors and retailers are the biggest losers who made the Ambanis rich by many millions.
  • What happened with Shashi Tharoor. Poor Sunanda Pushkar. We will never know her full story.
  • Ok, what happened even to Rajiv Gandhi. Life goes on. India will move on.

So perhaps we will grow out of this phase, considering how short public memory is. Last heard, the human attention span has fallen to a pathetic 8 seconds. It takes a single Indrani Mukherjea after all to keep us busy in other ways.

There are whispers in the air that at best Ishraj Jahan would be used as a bargaining chip – Modi has outlived conspiracies, if any, and he can take care of himself.

Like how Vadra and Kanimozhi and Raja and even Kanhaiya Kumar are walking free, Chidambaram could well clear his name and the issue would be relegated to back-burners by this time next year who knows?



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