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Welcome Modiji!

May 4, 2016

Looking forward to our PM’s visit to this part of the world in June.

3 days we learn. We are neither members of ICC nor of any other popular Indian club. I am not even with ICC Eves (IWA). Besides there is a big chunk of Gujrati population here plus other important business people from different communities. No chance therefore of getting close to anywhere near our PM. There are Indian contracting companies executing massive projects, Indian hospitality division, various State organizations, ICBF, etc etc. So where does a housewife fit in.

But I guess there will be a speech in public platform. Rest of us common folks shall try to squeeze in the stadium or wherever Modi might talk from, addressing both the labour class and working professional Indians together. Hopefully we can make our way to such a crowded gathering. I shall be a dot in that ocean 🙂

The centre has to take note that over 70% of security and police in middle-east comprise of Pakistanis. This factor seems to have been neglected during our PM’s visit to Saudi, UAE, Bahrain etc.

I don’t have to meet our PM in person – he is there in my everyday prayer. Atleast thrice I recite ‘Mritunjaya Mantra’ for him in my puja. But even if I get a glimpse of him from distance, I shall be ever grateful. It will be a life event for me!

My wish is to touch Modiji’s feet for the Mahan he is – it is too much to expect such a wish be granted I know. If I can click a selfie with him – well wow! But then, I know its next to impossible. Besides I don’t want to be selfish to steal even 1 whole precious minute of the most important Indian on earth. Let him give every second of his breath to Mother India. I can relax in the very thought and be happy.

Many Indians are postponing their summer holiday plans after Modi visit was announced. Including us 🙂

There are lists drawn up asking our PM to press as demands. A friend was talking about it. That’s when I came to know what a tremendous responsibility it is for our PM to look into every little thing. One might think he is coming here to deal with import and export of oil & gas. The demands of the Indian community, some of them, sound preposterous! I really pity Modi for being subject to such a harsh treatment and bombarded with unrealistic expectations people have of him. Asking for too much might harm our other just and right demands. There has to be a balance. When will we Indians learn.

A friend’s relative was lamenting I believe, how Modiji kept everyone on his/her toes and his entire cabinet awake round the clock! ‘This man has NO family! Might walk in even at 2 am in the morning! He never sleeps and never lets others have their peace as well!!!’ rued the friend’s relative’s relative it seems, who has some political contact (echoing a BJP politician’s complaints).

Dheerg Aayush- a 100 years to Shri Narendra Modi, beloved Prime Minister of India. Don’t care what Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal or whoever might talk about you. We aren’t listening to them.  We are tuned in to you. But what everyone feels at the same time is, Modi is a one-man army. His ministers fall short of him and the yawning gap is broadening by the day. Yes, he is a benchmark by himself that most others find difficult to measure up to, unfortunately. Who possesses such an energy, vitality and love for his/her work and motherland the way Modi does.

Modi has to develop a good back-up team. In Congress govt, the opposite was true. The head was weak but the body, the team, was strong. In BJP’s case, the team is a big zero, sorry to say. We have all put our trust in one man only – Modiji. Grooming a good team will be in best interest of not only Modi and BJP but also in the interests of the nation. There must be atleast half a dozen worthy successors lined up. Earlier we had Advaniji, Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha, Murli Manohar Joshi etc standing behind Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  Today there is no such a 2nd in command to Modiji who is fit enough to step in his shoes.

Leadership is not just about leading, it is about making, cultivating potential leaders to follow in your footsteps. Who can take over from you some day. BJP’s greatest weakness is lacking a solid performing team. When congress could survive for decades with delegation of authority, why cannot BJP?

Proud of you Modiji, because of you we can lift our heads high and say, ‘yes he is our prime minister!’ Never felt so proud as an Indian citizen like we do now under your stewardship. Never felt so upbeat, positive and confident about India like we do now. Never had such a sense of belonging the way we do now. You have given all that to us and much more. Highest respects, my heartfelt Pranaam Ji! India loves you! Dheergh Aayush!




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