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Modi & Kejriwal: the Saas Bahu Story of India

May 8, 2016

In Tamil there goes an adage: ‘Ettu Suraikkai Karikku Udhavaadhu.’

It means, you cannot cook curry out of the lauki picture in text book. You have to get practical, go to the mandi, buy fresh veggies, light up the stove and start the kitchen fires going. You can fill your stomach only with physical efforts – and not without lifting a finger and daydreaming about getting your share of roti and subzi as if you are born with the silver spoon.

Mr. Kejriwal – but this is what you are doing.

How much you are expending on propaganda? Looks like you are spending too much time in social media as well – I can afford it as housewife, how can you.

Let your work speak for you, why do you even want to advertise.

Look at your level – where are you and where is Modiji. With who are you comparing yourself. How do you even have the time.

Arvind Kejriwal, looking at your odd-even scheme, I am reminded of Tuqlaq. Very many similarities between you both.

Who cares about Modi’s degree certificates any more. He crossed the stage long back. For your info: if that’s what you want, we the citizens of India are ready to confer him with an honorary doctorate (didn’t he refuse a well deserved one recently from BHU). Thank you for giving us a gentle reminder. Like conferred IAS we have in civil administration that comes with record of service, let us give our PM a certificate for your benefit. Besides, our PM claimed only that he graduated by correspondence.

Modi has given ZERO CORRUPTION administration at the center in 2 years. You are heading just Delhi. Just the size of a dot in Tamil Nadu, my home state. What you are achieving for Delhi is very modest. It is what Modi is doing for a 1.2 billion that is more relevant. Modi is multi-tasking can’t you see. Internal governance, overseeing different portfolios, external foreign policy, trade, foreign exchange, industry & agriculture, commerce, defence, health, education, etc etc. And he still has time for Yoga and election campaigns. What is his age. How many of us even if we believe we could be around, would be as active and as productive he is for his age.

Modi has broken some barriers. He has bargained best for India. He is doing a lot of spade work. He is doing things at macro level – all India level. Not like you who has a micro vision – with eyes trained on mere Delhi. The scale and scope of Modi’s works won’t be visible right now – it will take years to materialize. Rather than criticize him (which you can do in a healthy way), try to get a grasp of what he is trying to do for all of us.

You think US asked Pakistan to pay up for F-16s without tactful diplomacy? How come Air India is finally making operational profit (however marginal) after decades? Saudi govt conferred Modi, not your Sharif, with their highest civilian award. Why should US congress bother to invite him now to address them when the same govt once had denied him a visa. This is the kind of respect one must earn – out of actions. There is quite some gap between verbal rhetoric and fruitful action. It takes the shrewdest man to negotiate evenly and make friends with Israel, Iran, Saudi, Russia and US at the same time. Will your IIT degree ever give you this world wisdom.

Kejriwal, you are a small fish in a small pond. Don’t ever try to compare yourself with Modi, a big fish in a big pond. First become the biggest fish in your smallest pond.

Today we are enjoying the fruits of IITs, IIMs, dams and reservoirs, ISRO etc etc that were founded by Nehru. Similarly what Modi does today – we will be able to tap optimally only in decades to come. He is laying a sound and strong foundation. He is ensuring our energy requirements will be met for next 50-100 years. His projects are in pipeline – may be not visible to you on surface. But people on the spot, on the ground, are aware what is afoot, what is going on.

Whether we make in India is secondary. That we have someone for head of state who finally thinks and tries to make in India is by itself  like some kind of miracle, going by our political history. Here is someone who puts India first over selfish personal goals. Hats off to Shri Narendra Modiji.

It is not always possible to please all quarters. Sometimes and somewhere there will always be some collateral damage to pay with. How will you know, you are a freshman after all. Modi is not a mushroom in politics having sprouted in last night’s rains. He is around in politics and governance for decades now. He has been groomed for the job by able mentors who were his predecessors.

Sometimes, the ways and means may not matter. What matters is ‘the end.’ If the end product delivers, then probably it is wise if we do not ponder too much about too many things. ‘Nadhi moolam, Rishi moolam’ – they say in Tamil again. You will never know of the exact origin of a nadhi, a river. Neither will you come to know with 100% accuracy of a rishi (ascetic)’s past. These are things to be forgotten so long as they build and enrich our lives. This is indeed the ‘art of living.’

Why should we trust you a pro-paki, pro-terror chief of AAP who is a vociferous supporter of anti-social elements and thugs in JNU. Why should not we trust Modiji who gives us a sense of security as none has done in our memorable history. The way you canvass and pitch for the Kanhaiya Kumar-Umar Khalid types leaves us the literate population of India with a highly insecure feeling. You have grandly failed us – would you like your children to join the ranks of JNU hooligans tell me?

Married for 23 years now. Even today whenever I have something to complain about my mother-in-law, my husband gets back at me challenging, ‘try to achieve what my mom has in your life. you can talk later.’ Very true, I back down immediately. I have no defence or counter-argument to this powerful statement. My MIL brought up 5 kids – all professionals, by herself when my FIL was posted around the state. I am all worked up raising a single son – and I have not even crossed half the well. I am suspended in between, I have a long journey to complete. Even then I know, I can never repeat my MIL’s feat. I have to give it to her. The very scale of her lifetime achievement, her success story – is not possible without supreme self-sacrifice and hard work and patience over anything. So grudgingly I have to concede, I have a difficult yardstick to measure myself against. I will always fall short – in sum volume, diligence, discipline and hardwork to my MIL. May be what I may do for my son is good and sufficient – but the track record of my MIL I can never match. I dwell in a micro world. My MIL does things at macro level.

So in simple terms Kejriwal, this is how I see you versus Modi. Modi is my MIL (ROFL !!!). You are me 🙂 YOU ARE MICRO, MODI IS MACRO. Man, you have a long way to go. Your geographic limitation is a big handicap.  Your views are therefore not 360 degree. You cannot even come near my CM Jayalalitha Jayaram. Try a single meeting – I challenge you. She will make a mincemeat of you, beware! Governance, administration is not so easy. Prove first. Then talk later.

Modi is best but you are good too. Please leave your confrontational approach. Take what is good from him. Leave petty things to where they belong: to the dustbin of your mind. That’s where they must be consigned otherwise they will sap your productive energy.

A Brahmachari. By choice. For India. Can’t we give our PM a few concessions. Why should he even care. In many ways he is like you. He has worked his way up the hard way.

800 million Hindus back Modiji – because (among other things) we don’t want India to become the next Pakistan or Afghanistan. Neither do we want our nation to be turned into the next Philippines or Hispanic America the way conversion missionaries are going. May be this is not important to you – but it matters for us. We are envisioning India 200 years from now on. Will we be Hindu majority still into the long future? India’s destiny lies in answer to this crucial question. We will click as a nation only if we are majority Hindu. If BJP is communal – you can see why. It is for a larger cause.

AK  you were in the forefront tweeting about Dadri. Did you give same reaction to the rape and  mutilation of the Kerala Dalit girl committed by 3 muslim men? So how will the nation trust you. You are the ultimate refuge of all that is sick and despicable about India. You are the guardian of all scoundrels and anti-nationals. How can we be certain that you will not use RTI to expose India’s defence strategies to our adversaries.

Dadri is condemnable and minorities need to feel safe and secure, but NONE can be allowed to flee from the net of law playing the minority card. Minorities should not be receiving immunity or sanctuary for heinous crimes they commit. If you are to assure them any safehouse, then you will be emboldening communal forces either way no doubt which will be inevitable.

First of all you seem to have no control over emotions; you lack self-control. Otherwise you won’t be talking so much about Modi. What a pre-occupation with our PM!!

Try to change yourself.

BJP may not win the forthcoming elections in Tamil Nadu, but they are definitely expanding their strategy by the day. They have won a seat on their own accord in last elections which is like kind of a world record. They have made successful inroads into inner country and they  have penetrated into the core of the southern peninsula. Entire Kerala Hindus are now behind BJP. Entire Andhra Hindus. Entire Karnataka Hindus. Do you think Modi is any magician to change our hearts overnight? People are not blind. People want patriotic head of state, not betrayers like the congress.

BJP is undoubtedly gaining grounds in Tamil Nadu – they are systematic and they have the killing patience. They are here for 50 years – finally they are heard. You do not know what it means by making a mark down south. Especially the hardcore dravidian Thamizh Naadu. I salute the party’s determination and never-say-die attitude.

A healthy alternative to BJP is ofcourse AAP – NOT CONGRESS. It is in your own hands now to fashion yourself into a strong and respectful parliamentary opposition. May be one day your turn will come. But remember, public are no fools. We don’t buy all that you tweet or post in Facebook. We have our eyes open  – and most times it is not your degree certificate we may want to check out but your commitment to Indian nation. Yes, you have to champion Hindu cause – or atleast not make us the sacrificial goats. You have to see the transformation in Kerala, a staunch communist state. Even AAP loyalists there have moved over to BJP recently. The communists embracing BJP is happening because – Hindu interests were sold, conversions are rampant, corruption has soared and anti-national sentiments were encouraged. Vast tracts of hindu temple estate in Kerala have gone into the hands of catholic church in the name of secularism and democracy. 1000s of years of heritage have been vanquished – manipulated and bought over. Why? Because the state trusted the communists and congress.Today, Hindus are minority in Kerala – this is the saddest fact. Never will we let this happen to any other state in India – and we shall resolve to redeem Kerala from the treacherous depths it has fallen into.

None can love India the way a Hindu can. Only a Hindu puts India first over even our faith. Will your muslim bhai do? Will your chrisitian brother do? Only a Hindu’s loyalty is first for India and not to Saudi or Pakistan. Can you deny? Hindus may be around the world – but India is the only first and native home for global Hindus. Please don’t become a party to making us pariahs – destitute – in our own homeland. Don’t commit this heinous paap – my humble request to you.

What you can do: Get inspired by Modi. Raise yourself to his standard. Broaden your base over a period of time. Give India a healthy third option – yes, the one that won’t sacrifice the majority interests. Minority appeasing need not have to translate into majority bashing. Get a pulse of REAL INDIA. Yes, I also believe in unity and diversity. We can still co-exist. Work it out the best and don’t go the congress way.

And suppose as per your wish either of the Gandhis – Sonia or Rahul should be our PM. Can you imagine her/him talking to Obama or even Trump in future? You know why India is upbeat about Modi. Even economic development and progress sound secondary. What is more important is our self-respect. You have to only ask NRIs to know what it means.

No one is flawless. Again from Tamil, ‘kutram paarkil sutram illai’ – if we are going to find fault in everything, we will lose our circle. Harmless flaws are best ignored. You know something, this is why arranged marriages are most successful in India even today. We ignore and compromise and get along and put our family first over anything. The supposed love marriages that are ideal unions are most likely to end up in divorces than arranged marriages because, the uncompromising partners are not willing to yield to save their home.

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