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1857: First War of Indian Independence or First War of Hindu Independence?

June 19, 2016

Why were there no mass conversions to Islam in India after the First War of Indian Independence in 1857? In fact it seems to have stopped rather abruptly with the arrival of the British.

Aurangzeb razed and ravaged a passive Hindu community with a tyranny that exceeded that of his predecessors, and Tipu Sultan achieved the feat of what Aurangzeb did in 50 years within a span of 17 years. He converted with the sword the entire Kerala and Karnataka coast and those who refused to convert were summarily hanged. I read a link narrating the hanging of 700 uppercaste well read Mandyeyam Iyengars by Tipu on Deepavali day.

Have any idea what was incribed in Tipu’s sword?

It is this sword that Vijay Mallya brought back to India on auction.

You see his condition today. A mega multi billionaire reduced to fugitive in his own native land.

Pakistan government or intelligentsia will never unravel the kind of truths we Hindus have documented about our own massacres. Hindus have been reduced to arguing our own case.

Pakistanis on the other hand would rather suppress whatever shred of evidence of how they came to be.

A Hindu (majority) India would chronicle how we were traumatized and savagely beaten and bruised by our invaders.  We can display our evidences. A muslim Pakistan will never concede defeat, that it was vanquished and that it bore the brunt of a 1000 year invasion. Do you think Lahore or Karachi would not have similar stories?

So this is how Pakistanis became so-called ‘believers’ just the way the children of raped Yazidis will be someday. Suffering from acute ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ the day is not far when these children will bear future generations which will venerate the IS terrorists and write justifications as to ‘how they belong’ , ‘how they were saved’ and how they were always ‘the followers.’ Any trace of Yazidi ancestry will be erased and quite like in George Orwell’s 1984, the native stories will be replaced by the heroic deeds of their captors and torturers. The hapless victims will become ever grateful the same way Pakistani muslims are today – who ofcourse always existed as a separate entity detached from India for thousands of years; never mind hundreds of thousands of Sindhi and Punjabi Hindus who migrated to India on partition.

What a crap of books their authors are authoring. Are they even worth reading. When I was reading ‘3 cups of Tea’ by Greg Mortensen, what struck me was the grand lie so totally perpetuated about the Kargil war. The world knows the truth. These are brainwashed people. Any respect I had for the writer I lost – a man who lies to his heart can never be honest about anything. No wonder the man plummeted to abyss with his frauds exposed soon after. But what more can you expect from a nation that went on to tutor its children how they won all their wars against India?! In Indian textbooks, one on the contrast reads about how India lost the 1961 war to China.

The war stories are anyway a mere single line in our text books. No gloating over the war victories over Pakistan. More matter-of-factly.

The intellectual dishonesty of Pakistanis completely numbs me. I know converts always look for a reason to justify their existence. They are aware they ceased to belong with the natives and sadly neither do they belong with ‘them.’ They need to substantiate their theories and are in perennial quest of ‘unearthing the truth’ which will authenticate their identity. National narrative, my foot!

Recently listening to the psychopath  Zakir Naik, I was shocked to see how he was cheered by crowds when he justified a man marrying 4 wives in present times. He quoted from Ramayan and said when Dasharatha could, why could not his men? And that Krishna had  had 16,000 girl friends (gopikas).

True – but Ramayan happened over 8,000-10,000 years back. At that time Hindu women married under 10 years. My own mother was born when my granny turned 13 years. We don’t live any longer that way. Some Hindus even practised ‘sati’ – do we now? My faith is not so fool proof, and it has its fair share of anomalies that don’t apply in this modern age.  I am candid enough and lucid enough to accept our faults. Hinduism keeps evolving always with changing times. We are not stuck at one fixed point but are flexible. But any faith that equates 4 women to a single man is not worth following. Not in this 21st century. I need no further explanation. FULL STOP. It is abnormal, paranormal. Imagine the followers of this lunatic inflicting such a psychological damage to Indian society. This can work in skewed societies but hardly in democratic, secular ones like ours. Why is this sociopath even not prosecuted. (Reportedly he is blacklisted from UK to America). Women giving him a rousing applause clad head to foot in black burqa was sickening. Clearly these people must have NO PLACE in MY INDIA? I can’t imagine them belonging to my nation. I don’t want to call them Indians.

As for Krishna, he did not abduct and carry women into his harem to rape them and increase the population the way Babur, Akbar, Shajehan, Jehangir to Aurangzeb did with their invading armies. It is precisely the offsprings of these corrupt bloodlines who are Pakistanis today and even the UP muslims, Hyderabadi muslims and Karnataka muslims.

I am not a well read person or a well travelled one but I know history for what it is. Which comes from a profound instinct and a sense of belongingness which is NOT FAKED. We were not fed with carefully constructed lies in our schools. Even as Moguls brutalized the north, the south prospered under the banner of Vijayanagar kingdom and the Marathas.

So I am asking why were there no mass conversions to Islam after 1857? Why did NOT Hindus convert to Islam with the arrival of the British? After all some did convert to Chritianity. These christians who were converted by the English church ofcourse came from the lowest castes. To put it in concrete, those who worked as janitors, gardeners and servants (from lowest rungs of Hindu society) were converted to christianity by the british. Others were those borne out of lower caste Hindu women who ‘entertained’ the British officers who came to be called the Anglo-Indians. The British never took them home now, did they? You cannot record conversion to christianity by upper caste hindus in the same period 1857-1947? Why? Because the british did not force-convert. Their trick worked only with the economically weaker sections who also did not enjoy a good social status. Conversion to christianity gave the lower castes a social sanction that the depraved communities lacked. It also assured them education and stable employment besides financial perks. Upper caste hindus were left untouched by the british for the only reason, they couldn’t be brainwashed. If the British had been anything like the barbaric islamic invaders, there would not be a single Hindu left in India today.

The british spared the upper caste hindus and instead enrolled them in new found universities and employed them in their government. Hindu conversion to Islam STOPPED with the British and for that, I shall always be ever grateful to the british. The british hanged Tipu Sultan and his brother and did a great justice in that. No further conversions to Islam after 1857 – even in those parts of India that constitute today’s Pakistan, why? If yours is a passive fold that one embraced on free will, why were so many million sindhi and punjabi hindus left out from conversion after 1857? Until today, that is? It is just that these sindhi-punjabi hindus got lucky with the british setting foot in the Indian subcontinent. The terror reign of the moguls came to an end. Not even the scheduled-caste hindus would turn to Islam in Pakistan after the British arrived. Is n’t something to think about?

Goes on to show how much bloody and violent the conversion to the faith should have been in today’s Pakistan prior to the arrival of the British. No Hindu will embrace Islam with an open heart. There have been some love marriages but these are very few even today. A Hindu or Buddhist would convert to Islam only when raped or when family stood to get butchered NEVER OTHERWISE. So that is how Pakistan must have happened. No wonder Pakistan is bad blood.

You see what is going on in Bangladesh today? How Hindus are singled out and butchered? Yet are they converting to Islam on free will? From 30%, hindu population has dipped to under 1% in both Pakistan and Bangladesh yet I am proud they would rather lay down their lives than convert. Hats off to the persisting handful of Hindus. Jai Hingol Matha!

Christian missionaries may sing the gospels and their evangelists may try to influence Hindus with a view to convert, but conversion to islam happens only by love marriage and by no other means ever since Queen Victoria’s Proclamation. Extremely rare exceptions are a few like A R Rahman, a Tamil Hindu senguntha mudaliar, who converted to Islam because he was promised world fame by someone. He needn’t have had to. He had the goodies. He would have delivered anyway. Ilayaraja did not convert. Ilayaraja merely lacked ‘the muslim lobby’ that promoted his cause like Rahman had.

Upper caste hindus never persecuted the lower castes. ‘Untouchability’ remained a social stigma, but it was not as bloody violent as the ways of the muslims. Hindus segregated the lower most castes (who the British tabled as ‘scheduled castes and tribes’) but did not crush them to death and hopelessness. Yes it is an unforgivable sin of our ancestors. It is for this cruel and heartless crime on humanity that India is presently suffering her Karma. Perhaps the invasion by the arabs, turks and Moghuls also was our Karma. Hindu society was deeply divided along caste lines. The lowest classes were very impoverished. It is ironic that the lowest castes of Hindus have still survived in Pakistan which goes on to indicate, the target of the Moghuls and other invaders were primarily upper caste Hindus. 

As for the caste system, there is a lowest caste in muslims who are called ‘labhais’ in Tamil Nad. In India, in every state there are lowermost caste of muslims equivalent to Hindu SC/STs. Who are you kidding. Upper caste muslims never wed them. Christian converts in India remain as SC Christian for instance. Caste is never totally expunged on conversion. Pakistan must certainly have its own ‘labhais’ or if not, there are always the Ahmadis. The only difference is, the labhais in India are not treated in inhuman ways and need not have to fear for their lives. Same goes for shias. But discrimination is there within their own community. 

Kashmiri Pandits and baniyas were the first to be converted to Islam in the Himalayan valley. Bhatt, Guru – who else will have these surnames. What a dead giveaway. Kashmiris were converted just a little before 1850s. Not even 200 years as muslims but world renowned terrorists already I must say. This is what happens to you when you forsake the peaceful ways of eastern religions.


Is including the bloody truth in our history text books saffronization? Is exposing Aurangzeb for the monster he was, for showing the true face of Tipu to the outer world saffronization? Is proving Akbar for his faults of mass conversions with his army capturing women in harem saffronization? When you can document Hitler’s Germany and the holocaust, why cannot we read about the 1000 year genocide of Hindus by islamic invaders.

Hilter’s praises will never be sung by German children or Jews. Why should India glorify and romanticize the moghuls. Why should we talk about Akbar. He is a bloody terrorist to me first and foremost. We needn’t have to learn about his generosity thanks to robbing us of our own food and wealth. He wasn’t an Indian. He could never be. In what way was he better than the British. Do our text books delve on the personal lives of Robert Clive and King George or even Mount Batten? 

Instead our state now celebrates every Pongal day (on harvest festival) in memory of John Penniquick who built us the Mullai-Periyar dam in the western ghats in Kerala Tamil Nad border. I am an admirer of the British engineers. Even when Indians were their subjects who they ruled over, they recognized and encouraged our scientists and mathematicians like Sir C V Raman and Srinivasa Ramanujam. Infra-structure in India picked up in the British era while it was close to naught in the 1000 year Hindu persecution period. Only monuments the Moghuls built were mausoleums atop razed Hindu temples. Indian architecture was at its zenith until the 7th century AD, with some structures still standing intact braving the Moghul onslaught.

The british fought some inevitable and thoroughly necessary battles(for them) to get a firm reign over India. But they were hardly like the muslims and were much more civilized and organized. With 7th century AD, India’s physicans, scientists, astronomers to every scholar disappeared. Science and maths died in India with the massacre of Hindus – and is getting a revival only in present times when we are left to our own. It is not by luck our men are heading global corporations. This is sheer Hindu genius. Hindu brains. Finally free of fear and persecution.

Pakistanis – you are victims, casualties. You are merely yesteryear Yazidis. Feeling sad for you. When we read about the Hafeez Sayeds and Mazoor Azhars of Pakistan, we think of their ancestors whose sacrifices all went waste.


Isn’t a bit strange that the looters and plunderers of India for nearly a 1000 years never bothered to give back anything but could only take, take, take. Their record of service to humanity draws a big blank keeping consistent with what is their attitude even today an world level. There is never shame to take. Unlike the moghuls, the British barring a couple of violent episodes like the Jallian Walah Bagh, were also extending humanitarian service. Even if it was in the name of God. From being killed and converted in the name of God, India had occupiers yet again in the British who for once served the poor and the sick in the name of god. Some people need to discover what faith is all about. Parallel Hindu institutions like Ramakrishna Mutt flourished rendering selfless service to humanity in the British period alongside catholic hospitals.  Hindu schools were established with a vengeance some of which are existence for over a century even in Chennai even today. Not a single record of islamic helping hand anywhere. No schools either but good number of madarassahs to breed hatred and thankless would-be terrorists. Could hands that killed serve?


Modi gave up the Kohinoor to Queen Elizabeth for saving Hindus? Yes, this is a distinct possibility. Every Hindu acknowledges deep down his/her heart, if not for the arrival of the British, entire India could have been converted at the point of sword. Hindus by nature are passive people. Even today we are 50% vegetarian. Imagine in 1857. We would never have fought back and we would have surrendered as it happened in the far north (Pakistan).

That Modi government gave up claim to Kohinoor is as a gesture for saving Hinduism, observe the NRI community. Ironically, I read stories of the Kohinoor in Pakistan media. None mentions that the diamond originally belonged to the Mother Goddess in Warangal.

They are more interested in portraying the chori kahaani as a heroic story. The unworthy and disinherited Pakistanis claiming something pedigree and native that will never belong to them is unbelievable.  All reports in their media start with the moghul acquisition of the Kohinoor just the way they feign as if Pakistan came into existence only in 7th century AD. You see Afghanistan today. Plundered India, to what end? Where is the looted wealth from temples taken by Ghori and Ghazni? All that they have to show today is POPPY.

May be the Queen lives on because she is blessed by the Mother Goddess for having rescued India from going totally islamic. May be that’s why the Kohinoor found its way to the Buckingham Palace which is the reigning seat of the British royals. No living man or woman can wear the Kohinoor – it belongs to Badrakali – Kali Swaroop and is therefore cursed. It can be held in possession that’s all – by worthy women.

The british infused Indians with modern thoughts and rekindled our scientific temperament for which we Hindus will always be grateful to them. After a 1000 year merciless onslaught by invaders, science and maths disappeared from us for generations (still true of Pakistan). Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam – we say. For us Hindus, the order of priority is Mother, Father, Guru (teacher) and the last is only God (Dev). It is the kind of belief system that our ancestors nourished. God may or may not come (in the last) at all. It is still fine.

Coming soon: the bold new narrative of the Kalash. The Kalash conversion has begun in Pakistan and within 10-20 years, expect a new narrative that traces the Kalash roots straight from Yemen to Iran.

Re-writing the Indus Saga: the ancient Hindu history.

The discovery of Krishna’s Dwarka off Gujarat coast that is estimatedly over 12,000 years old, the unearthing of Ramayan links and sites and even the sea bridge constructed by Ram between Lanka and India lying in the ocean bed, the proofs emerging revising the date of the Indus civilization to over 8,000 years before are just a handful of evidences that have surfaced debunking the Moghul and British claims that Hindu gods are myths. No they aren’t myths because we believe once our gods walked (NOT ARABIA) but over entire Bharat. Which is why we idolize them. Your god is formless faceless perhaps because no such a thing happened in your (adopted foreign) culture? All hearsay? Names like Ram and Krishna have survived over 8000 years to the minimum. Exaggerations (which all folds are prone to) notwithstanding, in another 10-20 years more archaelogical and scientifically proven facts can be brought to light to establish the Hindu credentials. Excavations are still on.

Finally, why are they having a dancing Lord Shiva (who gave the Bharat Natyam) in CERN?

God Particle – CERN – Lord Shiva (Nataraj).

This is just the tip of iceberg: what is Pakistani’s loss. Pakistanis have no idea what they are disinherited from. Hindus have a lot to claim and cheer about on the otherhand. We are celebrating what is rightfully our inheritance that none can take away from us.

But no misgivings about partition. I am glad it happened and only regret it wasn’t complete… we must have packed all ‘the black sheep’ to Pakistan at one go and got our Hindu brethren home.

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