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Dear Modiji, Do You Know Bharat Overseas Bank?

June 27, 2016

Dear Prime Minister,

Now since Raghuram Rajan, RBI chief, has decided to step down, I would like you to spare a moment to reflect on Bharat Overseas Bank Ltd., which was merged in 2006 with its parent institution Indian Overseas Bank, headquartered in Chennai.

The Chairman of BOBL before the merger was S Srinivasan who illegally won himself an extension after the 5-year period (which was by itself very long tenure) who was finally ousted from the Bank after court proceedings.

Chairman Srinivasan ran a cruel tyranny in the bank and under him, I was the first innocent victim to be felled. He even confiscated my CAIIB – Part I examination certificate and froze my bank account. (No evidence). I was only a clerk. But I wasn’t to know that soon others would follow me.

Vengeance was Srinivasan’s one single agenda that he ruthlessly pursued and the reason for his Hitler-style running of the bank was that we, the members of the staff union, were protesting against the removal of our union general secretary Mr. Jayakaran Daniel and a few other union office-bearers. Please be informed, this was right before large-scale computerization of the Indian banking industry and subsequent banking reforms and mergers, in the year 1996.

I wouldn’t want to go into further details but would request our PM to familiarize himself about the bank which had its head office right next to IOB head office in Anna Salai, Chennai. Next to us were Bank of Madura (which became ICICI and Ananda Vikatan (the Tamil weekly magazine) office.

I request our PM to refer to ex-BOBL staff from Chennai, IOB staff to verify for himself the details.

The BOBL chairman S. Srinivasan was none other than the brother of S Gurumurthy (reportedly), auditor who writes for Indian Express and preaches the world with a picture of ‘Periyava’ ironically. No news on Gurumurthy’s brother since. What a nerve to even think of giving his opinion on RBI chief.

It used to be rumoured that Srinivasan upped his antics and could go on with his savage tyranny because of this Gurumurthy.

Please be aware that Subramanyam Swamy and Gurmurthy are closely connected.

The nation has a lot to thank Swamy for – for unearthing the 2G scam, for pursuing Robert Vadera, still how can we trust someone who has had a link with Srinivasan, the destroyer, and who must have been an accomplice with Srinivasan (not Swamy but Gurumurthy) when it came to illegal extension of his term as Chairman of BOBL.

Raghuram Rajan is not indispensable and India can go on without him. India does not need a rockstar RBI chief, still after it became apparent that Swamy won’t be stopping with Rajan and would be next training his guns on Arvind Subramanyam, the Chief Economic Advisor, I thought I should remind you about BOBL.

May be you are familiar with the bank which served as a privileged banking institution, having been floated by a consortium of seven public sector and private banks (with no private share holders) like the Karnataka Bank, Vysya Bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Indian Overseas Bank etc among which IOB remained the largest stake-holder. BOBL even had an overseas branch in Bangkok, Thailand.

IOB was a flourishing private bank founded by affluent chettiars of Tamil Nad who expanded their operations to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. When IOB and other private banks were nationalized by Indira Gandhi in 1969, BOBL was formed by the aggrieved banks and the Thailand branch alone was retained for BOBL (for overseas branches).

BOBL has had branches in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Vadodara which must now be having IOB name boards. BOBL had over 65 branches when I was forced to leave it in 1997, with branches in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab etc.

Raghuram Rajan must not have an extension in my opinion after the way I saw how BOBL was terrorized by Srinivasan. There is a Facebook closed group BHOB by ex-BOBL staff that the govt can access if it wants to reach directly to our members. Our people have still not forgotten the horrors, the psychological damage but have since moved on. The way it must be.

Vengeance is not for normal people. It is for sadists. We as humans can like, dislike, love and hate a number of things, number of ideas and number of people. But to corner someone we loathe, to want to punish them, to want to shame them, to want them to suffer, to want to crush them, to want to destroy them is beneath being human.

Good, fertile brains must be used for productive, constructive purposes not for perverse pleasure. This is why some people never reach their destination. Sometimes it is more important to be kind than be right.

I am only a housewife and when you came to Doha Prime Minister, I wanted to attend a gathering to see you in public, in flesh and blood. But I was told the security procedure was tight and I could not even carry a mobile phone. So I gave up my wish to see you.

I got disgusted seeing pictures of those who managed to click a picture with you (in social media). I am where I am but I believe sincerely in my heart, this blog post of mine will be read by you in person. I believe, I can reach you somehow as I have managed to, previously. I have no proof, yet I don’t want to give up.

Please dear Modi ji, you can trust Arvind Kejriwal and even Sonia Gandhi because you know them for who they are. They are not plotting at your back. They are facing you directly. They are your adversaries in a fair and just battle, if I may say so.

It is wolves in the sheep clothing you must watch out for. Be wary of attention seekers.

Please thoroughly familiarize yourself about Bharat Overseas Bank from the time the Chairman S Srinivasan took over in the year 1992-93 and till the time he was dismissed. Play special attention to ROLE PLAYERS – OUTSIDE SUPPORT in the tyrannical regime.

In no way I am comparing Rajan with Srinivasan. But Srinivasan is a reason why bureaucrats holding high government offices must not get an extension on whatever meritorious ground.

Raghuram Rajan could be a good man. Did the nation hurt him? Don’t we deserve him after all? Have we just committed a grave error of judgement? Could he have been an exception?

I am taking a great risk by writing this blog post. But I hope the message reaches you somehow. A quick recap on BOBL may shed light on certain complex personalities who are trying to influence you and the nation (to our peril?) and embarrass BJP. Bureaucrats like Rajan and Arvind Subramanyam are not affiliated to any political organization as you know, which is why they are able to speak their mind freely. They don’t have to gain political mileage with you or anyone for that matter like some ‘ambitious people’ have to. They are in the service of the nation. What substantial perks was Rajan entitled to as RBI chief. Next to nothing.

If development and growth are our agenda, we will hardly have the time for anger, vengeance and vendetta. These are the issues for lowly people, not for the spirited ones. We can learn our lessons, but forgetting and forgiving as much as possible is in our own interests; this applies individuals, institutions, communities and nations. Keep it in your mind, but throw it out of your heart.

Good and bad people are everywhere. Sly people are there among Indians, Hindus and nice people are there among Arabs, Muslims as well. Modiji, you the senior, will agree with this universal truth. Black sheep are there in every community.

I am neutral on Raghuram Rajan because I am no way any expert, but he is the last man we can call anti-India. I refuse to believe he has a motive and I would rather trust Rajan over Swamy. Rajan was decent to the extent he could not bring himself to react to Swamy or any other media speculation on his term extension. Is he India’s loss?


(PS: If you have to confront the offenders, they will blame it all on Dalit Christians but rest assured, BOBL community comprised of all caste, religion and state people of India and we were all single-mindedly united against our chairman. Religion is the last refuge of scoundrels, they say. I have nothing to gain by posting this piece. BOBL is closed chapter. But it is a lesson that the nation can gain from, especially at the current juncture in our political environment. Most probably you won’t even get a feedback from our humbled staff. They were beaten and they surrendered their will long back in Srinivasan’s tenure. Now none wants a controversy especially given that big names are involved.

For me personally, I forgave Srinivasan long back (but have not forgotten) and moved on with life even though he set about to ruin our lives individually and personally, very unbecoming of the stature and character of benevolence and humility and management we normally associate with an executive who chairs such a high office. Where is a clerk and whether is the chairman in the hierarchy of bank administration and set-up. It is unbelievable to what a low level Srinivasan stooped to ensure that I (as well as others) were shown the door. The same streak of malice is what I spot in Swamy. Won’t be surprised if Swamy is putting forth already dossiers on BJP ministers – including one on you, Prime Minister!)

From → Dilli Durbar

  1. Raghavan permalink

    Every disgruntled employee and fraud has a voice now, thanks to the unchecked use of the internet. Its people like you who are the reason behind the country trying to restrict free speech.

    • Cowards don’t merit a reply. Frauds hahaha . You were probably the slave dog who sold his soul picking up some bread crumbs thrown at you by the chairman. Get lost now and look for your next source of meal somewhere else. Topic closed. What a cheapie. Instead you could pimp.

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