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Review: The Trueman Show

July 10, 2016

Bliss is watching Animal Planet, Discovery & National Geographic with my son, with him resting his head in my lap in the sofa. Another is watching Hollywood pictures with him. Our favouite: Jim Carrey lolz who we love watching over and over again.

There are one or two of the great guy’s pix I have missed. At last could catch up with the moving Truman Show this noon with kiddo.

I never knew Carrey could make you feel sentimental. I found myself quietly crying looking at the helpless him, to my son’s amazement. ‘You have not changed one bit, Ma!’ exclaimed he, ‘this is just a movie, not reality’ and added, ‘albeit reality show!!’

Watching the film I felt like this is how powerful nations make a pawn of the powerless who are at their mercy, and this is how our very own politicians con us with deceit all 365 days of the year. We are all Truman plus other characters and the creative head is ‘the Big Boss’ up there overseeing what role we must don. Or perhaps the producer-director are ‘the Illuminati’ who knows. Like everything is staged, scripted and played out on cue. The show is endless, seamless as governments change, time ticks.

It helps to keep in mind, this was a pre-internet era. Such a production would be impossible today in the world of Androids and Apples.

Jim Carrey as usual is marvelous, I am his huge,huge fan, oh what a spontaneous actor! No one else can do what he can – these are like tailor-made for him. I understand there is a serious romance casting him as hero but it sounds unbelievable! Imagine him without his pranks, can you?! But would like to give it a try!

I could never really laugh at Charlie Chaplin or Laurel & Hardy the way people say but if there is one guy out there who can instantaneously make me burst out with laughter its Jim Carrey! I have this strange disease of remembering something at odd places and starting to laugh out without a reason, shocking public! Once I remembered Carrey’s ‘God Almighty’ while billing in a supermarket and from then all the way back home in auto I doubled-up laughing, much to the consternation of the autowallah. Jim is a impossible guy!

All his pictures score high on quality entertainment value. He does also leave something for us to take home by way of a message – not enforced but like a hint. And then we can watch his films with family without embarrassment. That’s what I love about him the most.

Writing this review almost 20 years after the film release !!!

Yeah Jim Carrey is a dream date! Even typing this out brings a big smile to my face!

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