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Videos Of The Week

July 20, 2016


Two videos were making rounds in Whatsapp groups last week. Completely spellbound by them.

One series had 3 video clips of 10 minutes each on Kashmir capturing ground reality. Never had an iota of doubt about the Indian Jawan. How many, many times the soldiers raise their rifles to sky and fire warning shots trying to disperse the violent mobs. No direct firing for a very long, long time despite provocation. Easy excuse to react for those who may be trigger-happy.  But not for Indian Army men. Extreme and exemplary patience shown by our armed personnel in very testy waters… Salute you my brothers! We will never believe what the terrorists and terror apologists claim. We the Indian public are with you every step.

Only finally when one particular mob starts throwing fire (petrol?) bombs etc on convoy, the soldiers are forced to react – in self-defence. The brilliant restraint shown by our corps shows their level of maturity. The 3 videos capture how when terror supporters use human shields, the army men shrink back from accidentally hitting the innocents, mostly children.

Kashmiri stone pelters are not all anti-India brigade either. They reportedly get paid Rs.500/- each for stone pelting. Worth the defiance no doubt! In which case you deserve what you get – PELLETS IN YOUR EYES.


Enduring patience & kindness: the face of the Indian Army

So why could not Kashmiris take care of themselves during the devasting floods 2 years back? You wanted our jawans to save your lives who you now don’t hesitate to kill in cold blood? When your leaders were hiding in their holes saving their skin, who came to your aid? We should have let you die – every single one of you. Next time we will. If you observe from the pictures, it is not out of reach of our military men to shoot dead the terror-supporters in under a minute.


No islamic terrorists, you will never have Kashmir. Kashmir is Kashmiri Hindu Pandits’ first and foremost. If a majority convert in Tamil Nadu to Islam (god forbid) will we have to accede to Saudi or Pakistan? A good reason to raid the madarasas around the country and stop the spread of the cancer. A lesson to draw from for nations such as Germany and France here who have been going easy on immigrant-intake. Already you are becoming Kashmir with the aliens/converts taking over from you.

The terror doctrine called Ummah.

Ummah is that terror doctrine that brainwashes the locals to grow up into frustrated and disloyal citizens who wouldn’t think twice about betraying their mother country, bombing their own sisters and brothers of native faiths from whom they get slowly but steadily and voluntarily estranged, but will confess undying loyalty to desert culture which has NO RELEVANCE in Indian subcontinent ever. This flawed notion is precisely the reason for worldwide islamic terrorism we witness today. From Nice to Orlando. It is this dangerous and deceitful ideology of Ummah that has made the Kashmiri muslim terrorists drive out Kashmiri Hindu pundits out of their home in the first place. Blood chillingly brutal ethnic cleansing. If Kashmiri muslims do not want to remain with India, the solution is simple. GET OUT OF INDIAN KASHMIR. GO TO PAKISTAN.

Isn’t it strange that the Kashmir muslims are dreaded terrorists today, and Kashmiri Pundits are not? Wherever they are, the pandits are doing well, rebuilding their lives as generally Hindus do – faring academically and living a life of dignity even as their shameless muslim neighbours in Kashmir have taken over the Hindu property without qualms. In the name of their god, ofcourse. Refugees in their own homeland, imagine the plight of the pundits expelled from their own homes and living in dingy camps.

By the way, none of the Kashmir Jihadi leaders children are in the valley.  No martyrs among them. They are all in the US or UK or Canada either as students or working professionals. Jihad is for the masses – the poorest Kashmiris.

My respects for Indian Armed Forces has ever since multiplied many times over. Never anyway believed an iota of what is reported by anti-India lobbies including some black sheep in Indian soil (read Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife Sagarika Ghose).

The video volume is sizable so unable to post and in any case, I wouldn’t want to post them in social media. The 3 clippings run to over 35 minutes.

It is good they are making rounds in Whatsapp groups winning overwhelming support for Indian Army. Our hearts beat for our soldiers. Kashmir belongs with India. None can change that.

Jai Jawan!

The second video is that of the aftermath of Nice. Runs for about 10 minutes showing bodies strewn along the entire stretch bleeding like hell. Horrible and disturbing scenes.  Wailing sounds are heard through out. This one video is enough to show what is wrong with this particular ideology/faith. Such a madness in this 21st century. Sadism. Bloody violence. Same shameless thankless characters professing loyalty to third party in far flung unknown deserts but ready to heartlessly massacre those who fed and nourished these bastards without a logic. Typical like Indian muslims: Biting the hand that feeds…

Lots of Nice videos are posted in social media but I am not sure if this one is doing rounds. Again this one seems to have come from a friend who is French citizen through Whatsapp. Recorded in mobile by a local.

The 2 videos reveal the sickness that was limited to India alone for centuries now spreading and threatening the entire world peace. Both the videos affected me a lot in the last few days.

My heart goes out to the Indian Jawan. Bow my head in total respects. Every single Burhan Wani will meet with ONLY DEATH at the hands of this brave Bharatiya Jawan. Choose your destiny. The long dormant Hindu has woken up. If you want to die, come and die in droves. If you fight jihad, you WILL die soon, Period. Make your decision.

Finally Pakistan: maximum in 20-30 years you will be Sindhudesh, Punjab, Balochistan no worries. But NO WE DON’T WANT ANY OF YOU BACK WITH INDIAN UNION. THERE WILL BE A CIVIL WAR ONLY IF A FUTURE GOVT ASSENTS TO ACCESSION OF ANY OF YOU BACK. Breaking Pakistan to pieces is in Indian interests. But no, we won’t absorb you. NEVER.

Forget Kashmir.  Or Kashmir will be your nemesis. As oil prices drop and as world slowly moves to the next form of energy, your Gulf bargaining chip will weaken. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt…. the list is growing. Don’t do anything more to join the list. 1965, 1971 even 1999 Kargil were in the past. Now the equations have irrevocably changed in mere 5-10 years. It will be too late to regret. In any case India will splinter you to pieces before 2050. You will be 3-4 small, weaker states. Select fancy names.

Ghar Wapsi: Economics drive religious fervour. As oil dries up in middle-east, the dreaded faith and its followers will positively start to shrivel up in the same 20-30 years. India and the world will see re-conversion of the ‘faithful’ to native folds. In next 50 years, world will start journeying in a different direction. (prediction by : ME )

Indian Govt: Have no rethink. Hang the Zakir Naiks and Owaisis of India. If you do not, you will be doing a great disservice to not only Indian nation but to entire humanity of this universe.


Pakistan did not observe Black Day for over 100 school children massacred in Peshawar. Observing now for Burhan Wani??? Giving reasons, building strong watertight cases like (again) Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria and now Turkey. Good. When the PM of a nation openly endorses a terrorist, the world sits straight and takes notice. We are aware you shielded Osama Bin Laden, murdered Daniel Pearl and are a sanctuary to Hafez Sayeds and Lakhvis and Dawood Ibrahims. We want you to make these fatal mistakes. We are counting 1 to 100…. and one day (in not far future)  you will join ‘the rank.’

Finally one sane voice from Pakistan that calls spade a spade: Wani a terrorist, NOT  a hero. (must be different from their ‘paid’ media who receive checks from the Raheel oaf) Although cannot agree with the journo 100%. You must kidding yourself when you say Kashmiri Hindu pandits do not want to be part of India.




Some background info on the Kashmir issue and the stance taken by Pak on the UN resolution all through:

United Nations Security Council Resolution 47, adopted on April 21, 1948, when after hearing arguments from both India and Pakistan the Council increased the size of the Commission established by United Nations Security Council Resolution 39 to five members, instructed the Commission to go to the subcontinent and help the governments of India and Pakistan restore peace and order to the region and prepare for a plebiscite to decide the fate of Kashmir. The resolution was passed by United Nations Security Council under chapter VI of UN Charter.[1] Resolutions passed under Chapter VI of UN charter are considered non binding and have no mandatory enforceability as opposed to the resolutions passed under Chapter VII.[2][3][4]

The resolution recommended that in order to ensure the impartiality of the plebiscite Pakistan withdraw all tribesmen and nationals who entered the region for the purpose of fighting and that India leave only the minimum number of troops needed to keep civil order. The Commission was also to send as many observers into the region as it deemed necessary to ensure the provisions of the resolution were enacted. Pakistan ignored the UN mandate, did not withdraw its troops and claimed the withdrawal of Indian forces was a prerequisite as per this resolution.[5] Indian claim is that Subsequently Pakistan refused to implement the plebiscite until India accedes to it and continued holding on to the portion of Kashmir under its control.[6][7]

The resolution was adopted paragraph by paragraph; no vote on the resolution as a whole was taken.

In November 2010 the United Nations has removed Jammu and Kashmir from its list of disputed territories.[8][9][10][11]
In a major setback to Pakistan’s efforts to internationalise the Kashmir issue, the United Nations has excluded Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) from its list of unresolved international disputes under the observation of the UN Security Council (UNSC). Pakistan’s acting envoy in the UN, Amjad Hussain Sial, has lodged a strong protest, while Indian authorities welcomed the decision. [12][13][14]
In March 2001, the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan during his visit to India and Pakistan, remarked that Kashmir resolutions are only advisory recommendations and comparing with those on East Timor and Iraq was like comparing apples and oranges, since those resolutions were passed under chapter VII, which make it enforceable by UNSC.[15][16][17][18][19][20] In 2003, then Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf announced that Pakistan was willing to back off from demand for UN resolutions for Kashmir.[21][22][23] Moreover, in November 2010, United Nations excluded Jammu and Kashmir from its annual list of unresolved international disputes under the observation of the United Nations Security Council.[24][25][26][27][28][29]

Source: Wikipedia


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