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2008 Batch MMR Vaccine Responsible For High Incidence Of ADHDs in India?

July 25, 2016

I have come across atleast 3 autistic (not very retarded but perhaps in stage 1 if you consider a 1 to 10 scale of measure) kids born in the year 2007 who have been diagnosed with ADHD. There is no clear evidence that autism/ADHD is congenital. However it could be possible when a fetus undergoes a chemical reaction in the brain in its developing stages, or when there is presence of high metal content in the mother’s metabolism or when there would be gestational diabetes/blood pressure in the mother not brought under control.

One equally important factor could be the MMR vaccine the newborns are administered around 10 months of age. This is more likely neglected by experts in the field as I have observed. It is usual to blame mothers for poor dietary habits or stress for anything that goes wrong with an infant in our society. However we have had this suspicion on MMR ever since we observed a male child in the family circle exhibit classic symptoms of autism and ADHD when he turned 1.5 – 2 years. Until then he was perfectly normal. Doctors said it took that much time for a parent to observe these developments in a child. Doctors in that case, do not know mothers. No mother misses it when a baby cannot make eye-contact as in the case of ADHD/autistic kids. She need n’t have to wait for 2 years to clear her doubts especially where it concerns the health of her dear baby who she carried for 9 months in the womb.

The mentioned boy’s treatment started quick with his NRI parents returning to India totally alarmed, and taking care of his special needs. Some mothers may be in denial initally. The earlier you start, the better it works out for the child.

As a result, the boy born in the year 2007 is now very much vocal (he was not verbal until 4 years) and has finally left his special school to join the mainstream children in a general school for normal kids where he has been finally accepted.

But the journey has not been easy. Every inch and bit of it has been nerve-wracking – be it for parents or grandparents. You realize the value and advantages of a joint family in these trying conditions. Children need to be spoken to. A tv is a one way communication that hardly encourages kids to interact. Back-to-back engaging classes like painting and roller-skating clubbed with behaviour and speech therapy sessions and following-up in his school for kids with special needs with a shadow teacher who taught him on one-to-one basis in the last 5 years or so, pulled the magic for the little boy in Chennai finally. There is still a long way to go – the boy is super in mathematics and science as is expected of ADHD kids within autism spectrum but lacks social skills though not totally. He is faring okay in languages and is slowly but steadily adapting to the new challenging environment.

Oh what a testing time these years have been, with the mother attempting suicide, with the family almost broken by the innocent little boy who does n’t know how much his condition has affected his parents’ lives.

Life is not easy for parents of autistic/ADHD kids who may blame each other for the child’s disorder. I am not sure if it is really a disorder.

A friend recently told me how a stunning number of kids who had had MMR vaccine in the 2008 year batch in Mumbai had turned out to be autistic/ADHD kids. I said, I knew 2 or 3 children from Chennai, born in 2007 who had had a shot of MMR in 2008 with the same problem. My friend now blames that the 2008 year batch MMR vaccines imported/produced in India could have been defective resulting in a great number of kids being affected with the condition. Every single kid supposedly affected by the vaccine, avers the friend, comes under the autism spectrum with a mild condition – not severely retarded. Rehabilitation is a painstaking work but is mostly paying back rewards with the kids being able to socially adapt and get into normal life after 10 years or so. But the process is long drawn and is a big drain on your patience, temperament, health and finance. Careers are lost, marriages are broken and families are torn apart, apart from the mounting bills one has to foot with extra special classes and help parents have to seek for the children. Even dietary changes help. Regular professional counselling is a must, both for the children and the parents.

Siblings help, they say and so do pets. ADHD kids are susceptible easily to infections at the same time. They are cranky and toilet training them might test your extreme patience and goodness. It is important to keep them engaged and not let them slip into their dark world (by way of tv watching etc). Put an immediate stop to repetitive habits with a firm hand.

One friend went on to do her PhD in Autism when she discovered her daughter was born under autism spectrum. She later started her own autistic school for children with special needs which helped many more kids with learning disabilities, etc. Many mothers seem to successfully do the transition, shirking their careers to become autism experts.

A parent known to me with a special kid takes him to beach every weekend and buries him with his feet deep in the wet sands. The boy stays immobile with the lower half of his body buried in the sands for 1 hour atleast. This helps him in proper walking (never let them use sandals; make them wear shoes everytime) unlike the special kids who have the tendency of walking on toes. Goes on to show what a sheer hard work it is even with children who are under mild autism spectrum. Just imagine the severely retarded cases. The boy is also regularly taken to Kerala for Ayurvedic massages that seem to calm him and soothe him when it comes to ADHD. There is no allopathic medication for ADHD. But Ayurveda helps in behavioural control.

I have come across more than 3-4 cases now, all administered with MMR vaccine in the year 2008, who have developed ADHD and who come under autism spectrum (mild degree). If we run a statistical scan across India, we may get the actual figures. I know of a very poor girl who gave birth to a normal baby boy around the same time that got retarded after one year (MMR responsible?) Poverty prevented her from seeking any therapy or counselling for her child, and as a result he is now tied by chain in his own home, uncontrollable. The couple are divorced since. Such a sad story.

Any autistic/ADHD syndrome infant has to be worked on war-footing basis to be made vocal within a time-frame. Otherwise it is possible for the child to lose his/her power of speech.

I am sure there will be much more cases of ADHD/autism if we may only dig for it. My friend says the number of babies administered MMR in 2008 turning out to be autistic is staggering in Mumbai city alone.

I wish government institutes an enquiry into this. This is a very serious issue concerning the health of our nation, the future of our nation. We cannot let it pass by.

I am not saying MMR is the only reason for some children turning autistic but it is one solid and irrefutable possibility that even physicians do not deny (in post natal cases). Neither am I an expert in the subject. A good reason why the vaccine preservation and administration have to be handled with utmost care. Any contamination or corruption will have a direct impact on our children’s health. I wouldn’t be surprised even if this is a conspiracy like the Plague scare in Surat in 1994 (supposedly brought into and released in India for lab experiments/field study). But the logical me knows how negligent the medical and health care industry is in India and how we never adhere to prescribed norms and standards. Worst still, we do not have a competent regulating authority and if we do have one, it is almost always dysfunctional.

All the government has to do is launch a probe in the matter. Please preserve the vaccines in the prescribed frozen temperatures, otherwise it is no use administering them. They will do more harm if they are not well preserved, because polio etc are live viruses we are injecting into our systems to immunize ourselves against future infections. When we are introducing live viruses into our bodies we have to take care they are safe. Such a basic principle.

My heart goes out to all special kids. And their parents in equal measure. I know what it is as a parent to have any harm come by your baby’s way.  I have never trusted vaccinations somehow. We in our generation had only small pox vaccine, nothing more. We are healthy today, why not?

I don’t think children need vaccines at all. However this is my personal opinion. They say even the latest Zika virus and more importantly the Zika vaccine are a method of population control by the Illuminati!

Polio drops were pushed in big level by the Gates Foundation from the start of the 1990s. Before polio drops became mandatory, how many polio cases did we have in India? In my entire school, only one girl had a slightly deformed leg because of polio attack. One boy in Mylapore got affected by polio when he received the live virus vaccine – in my school days. Without the drops, he would be fine young man now. His left hand was deformed.

Every vaccination is a double-edged sword. Fertility is India’s greatest problem today. A couple known to me went to an infertility facility recently and said there were 100 couples every single day receiving IVF treatment in that particular clinic alone. Imagine the dozens of such specialized centers and the number of couples approaching them. In Chennai atleast as of now, only one out 3 married couples can conceive normally. Why is there such a drastic drop in fertility rates in India in mere 20 years? Couples married after the millennium are most affected. In our days, unwanted pregnancy used to be women’s greatest nightmare. In present times, I am sad to say, it is getting extremely difficult for an Indian Nari to conceive. The motility rates and the sperm count of our men have nose-dived in the same period. Admittedly, stress and general degradation of environment and resulting pollution and chemical content in our food are chief reasons. But again, vaccinations are one primary reason we cannot ignore.

I am still undecided on vaccines. Are they really life-saving. Or are they sterilization procedures masked as indispensable health care. Is this what we are subjecting our children to. What are we doing to our future generations.


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