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Review: The Ghost and the Darkness

July 25, 2016

To portray the big cat family roaming continents as man-eaters is a very dangerous and disgusting trend…


Watched the movie without knowing its history. Googled and checked out later for credits.

When will we stop portraying wildlife as heinous beasts in pictures. The film is based on a fiction, still showing the pair of lions to be something devious and more than what they were was appalling. It was closer to the Masai belief that the lions weren’t lions but ghosts who wanted more blood.

In a letter to his wife, John Patterson, the british engineer says, ‘things are going well here; xxx is doing good on conversion front.’  Conversion! Africa was a prime and hot spot for that. Mindless, relentless conversions in the last 2 centuries have made the Africans either Christian or Muslim, taking them away from their native folk ways of life. Small one or two careless let-ups like these give a sneak peek into how the dark continent was transformed (for better or for worse?) in the past two centuries. Asia and Africa were assaulted not only militarily and economically but also culturally.

Om Puri is the Indian face representing workers engaged in the bridge construction. I don’t like the condescending tone that anyone adopts to talk to Indians even if it is only in celluloid screen.

Curtains go down with Samuel, the African, saying that we can still see the hunted lions (stuffed prizes) in the Illinois museum in Chicago, USA. What a grand daylight robbery. Shame on all you guys who talk about conservation of wildlife today.

Only feel heavy at heart for all the brunt the African wildlife bore (leave alone the African natives and tribes) from gold-diggers and blood-diamond miners. The lions never came after you, you went after them all: the lions, the tigers, the elephants, the cheetahs, the leopards, the gorillas, the chimpanzees, the antelopes… everything…

It is a very unhealthy trend, showcasing wildlife as lethal and evil forces on earth. Even as a fiction, it is unacceptable.  In modern days that is why perhaps we had Cecil, the Zimbabwe lion hunted down as prize by American millionaire Walter Palmer.

My favourite picture is Lion King. Even in that I detested strongly the negative portrayal of the hyenas. World needs these scavengers. Every single life in planet Earth has a meaning and a purpose.

No justification for a fiction like this one or a film with such a wrong message. This is not history, this is exaggeration.

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