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The Crime Story

August 2, 2016

Updated : aug 3

SHIELDING THE MUZZIE CRIMINALS: What is Arvind Kejriwal doing. Why quiet on the Bulandhshehr rapists who are bhais? How can we even trust you with this nation? You the saviour of terrorists and rapists and anti-nationals and all that’s gone wrong and sick with this nation? The horrendous rape & mutilation and murder of the Kerala dalit woman was committed by a muzzie which was blacked out by sickular media of India. The Barkha Sluts reaction would be different if the rapist-murdered had been Hindu. The worst offender of the Nirbhaya gang rape case was the juvenile deliquent – a muzzie. The Nun rape in Kolkata was committed by illegal Bangladeshi muslims who are the main vote bank for AAP shame shame! And even the Swathi murderer in Chennai is a muzzie shielded by the Tamil Nadu government purportedly to maintain calm in the state. Why is India shielding these dirty pigs.



Today is Aadi Perukku, Aadi Amavasya, Aadi Mangalvaar – very auspicious day for us. Guru Peyarchi – means Guru, the planet Jupiter changes house, so significant life changes to happen to those whose ruling planet is Mars in their horoscope. Special prayers. In the name of Shakthi, Modi government, I ask you to punish these criminals and teach would-be criminals a lesson. Cannot put the mother-daughter out of my mind. Cut the genitals off the rapists in public – let them bleed to death. This is what I want you to do. Nab the murderers of AIIMS doctor. I give you 1 week to do this.


Three recent crimes shook me totally rubbing in the ugly reality of the world we live in.

The first one was a video footage of a robbery in an electrical appliances shop in Kancheepuram. The cc tv footage shows clearly how the men were smartly dressed (which way no Tamil can especially the labour class), looked like muzzies (must be Banglas) and how much they were adept in prying open the shop shutters and going about the thieving work systematically – without any hick-ups. The way they went about their job professionally is clear evidence to the fact that this is not their maiden enterprise. Like many Hindi-speaking thieves who are committing heinous crimes in Tamil Nadu, this gang of over 5-6 also will get away. The bank robbery case was caught and encountered because of our CM’s alertness.The high stakes prevented the dacoits from fleeing with the booty overnight jumping trains.

Only last year my friend lost her new 5 sovereign gold chain on her way back from work. She was on her Kinetic Honda scooter on an overbridge when the chain-snatcher cut the gold chain from her neck with a knife. My friend was freewheeling already as she had began the climb down, so fearing losing balance, she did not put up a fight. She was also caught by surprise. Still she fell down, luckily no automobile ran over her. On reporting to police, she was told that the crime was committed by a hindi-speaking gang who made away with more than 100 gold chain snatches in a mere week and had fled the city via ticketless travel in north-bound trains.

The pattern is clear: they commit a crime – theft or murder for gain, decamp immediately and do not appear in the zone again for months. The police are in a fix.

All Indians must be able to freely move anywhere and everywhere around India and work and live as they please, but the recent few years have seen crimes soaring in Tamil Nad, chiefly committed by those from Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Coming from poorest states of India where they have not probably seen affluence or such a money circulation, and used to committing criminal offences, these outlaws are having a field day in a guileless Tamil Nad.

Shame on these states and on their chief ministers to let their men hurt those who give them employment and housing and food to eat. Where is law and order in these states.

I am not saying Tamil Nad is all heaven. But people hesitate in the south before committing a crime. The local thieves are like, they may rob your house if it is locked but wouldn’t dare to get into a house if ladies are alone. There is still a slight moral fabric left untorn even when engaging in unlawful activities.

Those from Bihar and Jharkhand and Bengal and UP have no conscience. You have to look at the tv footage to see how confident these youngsters are who seem to know how to go about it all. The gang members cannot be over 25.

The second more shocking crime is the gang rape of a mother and daughter at Bulandshahr. This is why we do not send our children to north Indian universities even if they get a merit seat. This is why we DO NOT want NEET or something equivalent. NEET is good but if girl children are going to bag seats anywhere in north India, a good 80% of parents won’t be sending their daughters to those medical colleges in north India including Delhi or Kolkata. Only 5 states are considered safe for girl students: the 4 from south and Maharashtra.

Delhi is clearly the rape capital of India. What a shame. What an atrocity. My heart goes out to the mother and daughter. Instead the maniacs could have killed them.

Why cannot we render swift justice in these cases. What stops us from hanging these criminals. 14 year old girl. Imagine the trauma. How will she ever be normal again.

Shoot them at sight – why can’t we. Last year an IT girl was found raped and murdered in Chennai IT corridor. The culprit was a bengali labourer who had fled to Kolkata but who the police traced and brought back to the city for trial. The village girl was the first ever graduate in her family. She had had campus placement.

I have seen Tamil rowydism growing up in Chennai. But mostly the men stop with staring or passing lewd comments. Or may be they could brush against us in crowded crowded buses. I can’t remember rape committed in recent memory anywhere in Tamil Nadu.

Now most labourers in the state are from the above 4 north Indian  states. We run a great risk having them with us, but they are most preferred workforce because they come for less than 50% of what it would take to hire a Tamil skilled or semi-skilled worker. Workwise, conceded, the north Indian labour force is very good and skillful.

Successful Tamil Nad governments have been doling out freebies after freebies which have spoilt the Tamil workers’ morale and made them a lazy lot. Sonia Gandhi’s minimum rural wage/work guarantee is the final spoiler. Now even the farm labourers are not working in Tamil Nadu. Because government pays them to drink liquor @ 40 bucks per day for 90 days an year. Why should they work. Free sari & dhotis for Diwali and Pongal. Free tv, mixer, grinder, laptop and bi-cycle for high school kids. Free mid-day meals for all corporation school children. Amma canteen now dishing out meals for as less as 5-10 bucks. No wonder the average Thamizh Kudimagan’s permanent address is now TASMAC.

Not a single electrician is willing to change even your fused tube for anything less than 500 rupees. Neither do local plumbers, carpenters, masons etc charge reasonably. That is why north Indian labour has become our dire necessity. But the risk is, even we middle-aged women are not free from the fear of assault and rape if we let these men into our homes for minor repairs, etc let alone major works like house painting or carpentry. These men can murder you even for a hundred rupee note.

The most moving crime of all for me was the suspected murder of a doctor from Tamil Nadu at AIIMS, New Delhi, to clear way for admission for someone else for the coveted MD seat. Understandingly there is a mafia operating in Delhi doing just that – eliminating potential blockers/baggers of MD seats because each MD seat costs over 3-4 crores of rupees minimum – if you wanna try the back door. MD in General Medicine is most prized of all which could sell for upto 10 crore. Will Arvind Kejriwal who talks too much first solve this murder mystery? You are killing someone to make way for someone else into AIIMS with lethal injection? Imagine the parents who must have been rejoicing at their doctor son getting into the prestigious AIIMS for his PG – and the very next week getting the news of his death…

What has India become. What is wrong with our national capital. Ashamed to call  myself an Indian. Killing to become a doctor to save lives? Gang raping mother and daughter at the same spot? 12 men? Sick of reading newspapers, watching television news. Sick of India.







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