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Review: Jungle Book 1967 & 2016

August 4, 2016

When my son arrived here from US this summer, he booked 2 tickets online for Jungle Book 2016 for me and him. A friend of his had come down too and wanted to go to the pictures. So I gave up my place reluctantly – plus I had kitchen work to take care of. But my heart was totally in the movie – because I love going to cinemas with my family. And watching wildlife pictures in mega screens with my beta is the ultimate!  So such a sacrifice you see!

Thanks to Torrent (!), finally got to see the latest Jungle Book and also the old Disney film of 1967 in which the animation is hand-done. Ofcourse the latest computer-graphic version is best still I love the old Tom & Jerry to the new series from the 1990s.

So Jungle Book Marathon over the weekend : back-to-back Jungle Book 1967 & 2016 🙂

Bare Necessities – Jungle Book (1967)


What a dream to weave. Rudyard Kipling is every child’s hero. Mowgli is household name in India for generations. The Balloo bear, the Sherkhan tiger, even the Akela (lone) wolf … so familiar and dear to Indian children … make for an excellent story-telling in the forests even though I resent the portrayal of the royal Bengal Tiger as the evil villain in the narration. The Indian (aka Asian) elephant rightfully wins its due respect. The native flora and fauna of Indian jungles well represented and picturized in a beautiful setting. Envy the man-cub for all the fun he has in the wild, away from civilization !

Bare Necessities – Jungle Book (2016)



It was not like quite like the cinemas especially IMAX/INOX, still watching the film with my son made up for it. I am told, you have to view it in the silverscreen really. What a gift to the children of the world.  Liked the latest climax where Mowgli need not have to return to his ‘man-village.’


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