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Eulogizing a terrorist just cost Nawaz bhai a cool $300 million :)

August 8, 2016

After the grand debacle of F16s, eulogizing a dreaded terrorist like Burhan Wani has just cost the corrupt Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif a cool $300 million – handout from the US taken for granted by Pakistan. But why should he bother, his steals are nicely tucked away in Panama lockers which will take care of his next 10-15 generations perhaps. His investments are doing good benami business in every gulf state giving his family a perpetual income to sustain themselves for years to come. Pocket money.

General Sharif (who wears too many medals from wars none of which he won with his fellow men) shares equal credit for the fiasco – given the number of times he flew across the ocean to meet the Americans with his begging bowl, in recent times. Now his foot is in his mouth. Good.

World does not listen to confirmed terrorists guys. World sits back and takes notice when you go overboard singing praises of most vicious and murderous anti-social elements who you like to term as freedom fighters. You have a good track record: starting all the wars with India, plane hijacks, Osama Bin Laden, Daniel Pearl … the list goes on. Any global terrorist is a Pakistani by default, can you disagree? 

‘Tell me your friends, I will tell you who you are’ goes the saying. Applies to nations too. Look at your friends: Turkey, China.

Gone too far in Kashmir not thinking of consequences. India will have to revise priorities now: Make tukda-tukda of Pakistan. Within next 20-30 years.

Besides it is time for govt of India to pull out of crap such as SAARC. India does not need SAARC. Others do. We have the bargaining strength.

Time also to shut all Lawn shops in India and stop Pakistan actors and artists from making money in India. Only the Khans of Bollywood need Pakistan audience for their rotten pictures. Tamil pictures make more money locally and throughout the world WITHOUT PAKISTAN.

It is time Modi government moves in a big way and crushes Pakistan economically. Cut their financig channels. We don’t have to fight military wars always. This is the land of Chanakya. Use your quick thinking capability to handle the situation the best. If Pakistan wants only Proxi war, let us return them favours on our own terms.

It is also time to settle retired army men in Kashmir valley as suggested by Subramanyam Swami (love him or hate him but just can’t ignore him!) some time ago, doing away with article 370, according special status to Kashmir. It is time to merge Kashmir with India in totality. 

Allow private investors and industrialists to build bases in Kashmir, they can take care of the security issues.

Finally I have this to say about Kashmir:

More than 3 friends have been to Kashmir on holiday in last 3-4 years, with their families. They said the locals wanted tourism to flourish and asked them to come back. There was no trace of any hostility. My friends felt safe and secure vacationing in Kashmir basking in Kashmiri hospitality, for over a week.

Many from even the south go to Leh etc and motorbike rides through the valley are very popular. None encountered any animosity to my knowledge.

A kashmiri Hindu doctor who migrated from the valley overnight fearing for his life, is now settled in an Indian metro with his family. Would like to go back home but says his house was taken over by neighbours. he wouldn’t dare returning to the valley where he believes he will be killed for the only reason he is Hindu. Asking every Pakistani whether he/she would like to be evicted of his/her own home the same way. Shame on you guys. You are seconding ethnic cleansing of a population. No wonder, because we know your history with minorities in your own country.

Knew even a kashmiri muslim man, a professional, who jokingly said he completed his higher studies in ‘Amma land’ (i mean Tamil Nadu)! He mixed mostly with south Indian Hindu crowd so far as I knew. Most educated Kashmiri muslims have sent away their children to other Indian cities for graduation/employment or abroad. Especially the separatist leaders of Kashmir have ensured that it is not their children who have to take the army bullets in their chest or pellets in their eyes. Their sons and daughters are safe and sound in foreign shores away from violent disturbances. It is the misguided masses who end up paying a heavy price.

Lots of kashmiri muslim youth also sell street to street across India their wares: like kashmiri pashminas, kashmiri silk saris, saffron etc. Sometimes we in Chennai get to chat them up – we buy from them not bothering to bargain because we have always wanted them to thrive and do well (we the ladies who will not even buy bindi without bargaining). We buy things we don’t need because we want them to reform and live life. We don’t want them to go the way the Pakistanis and Afghans and Iraqis went. The men only have been grateful and would say our purchases would help keep their kitchen fires going in Kashmir. Most come back every few months with fresh stocks. Personally I have felt only utmost sympathy for them. Smartest of them shift their bases from Kashmir and settle down in cities/whichever part of India where their business is doing good, where they want to raise their children.

India will not let Kashmir slip away in a million years. Pakistan – you are wasting your time. But it is good you are making these mistakes. You have to make them the way Iraq made, Syria made, Libya made, you see. We want this excuse. We want you to make your mistakes. Plenty you have made – but we are waiting for that one single fatal irreversible mistake that would finally make all the difference and do you in. It will happen, InshaAllah, let it happen!

You have just started making a move in that direction with Kashmir. Hopefully Kashmir becomes your nemesis.

I was watching this Modi interview (in Times Now tv?). He was questioned about Vijay Mallya fleeing. He said, ‘good he did because that gave government a reason/cause to revisit and tweak the statute (to bring him back) (or any future schemers back home).’ The same way until it turned out that the worst offender in Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case in Delhi was the juvenile delinquent, our justice system never contemplated revising/lowering the age limit of minor criminal offenders. When you are old enough to commit a heinous crime like rape, then you are old enough to hang for the offence. Zakir Naik gave an excuse. So this is what reasoning is all about.

I hope Pakistani journalists, their generals and their prime minister and his cronies get the point. Do not give us a reason – and don’t inflame passions and complicate matters. You may be stoking something that might have power to destroy and annihilate your very nation. The middle east nations gave every reason in the book to world powers and virtually invited them home with their mistakes. Not too late to learn your lessons right Pakistan. Stay away from Kashmir, shed your terrorist identity – you will survive. When even Turkey is not spared, you must know you will not stay insulated forever.

Mind it !


I am writing such a heavy matter in my personal blog, in truth I am only a housewife. Even in my capacity as a dependent lifelong, I have not advocated friction in any manner. We used to hear very many stories of racial discrimination and lack of fair opportunities and injustice in Malaysia from Malaysian Indian Tamils. Not just me, but all of us mainland Indians would tell them only this: ‘stay where you are; adjust, be flexible, adapt and survive. don’t come to India. be happy where you are. be grateful for what you have and be loyal to your home country Malaysia.’ We were not happy to tell them this, and this is not what they wanted to hear from us either. They wanted us to support them, egg them on, which we never did. Malaysian Indians even met our former PM A B Vajpayee but returned empty-handed without a promise. I feel sad for Malaysian Indians and Singapore Indians, but that is their destiny. World is a very unfair place to live in. But it is not for us to intervene and disturb any existing equilibrium. Despite all odds, Indians are still leading professionals in Malaysia and Singapore: shining as doctors, lawyers and software techies.

And it is exactly on these sentiments i have closed my review on the latest Rajnikant hit ‘Kabali’ in this very same blog. No encouragement whatsoever to separatist mindset.

The reason is, may be because I got married into a big (joint) family. To hell with women’s lib, I always ask my abused friends, if any, to adjust, tolerate for children’s sake, for family’s sake. I am not for breaking families. I am lucky to be blessed with equally responsible friends. Today if we women may look like winning, it is because of our patience and sincerity. At our micro level, it comes to us on enormous personal sacrifice.

Kashmiris enjoy maximum privileges under the auspices of govt of India, compared to what the POK kashmiris have to subsist with. They are under the protective wings of Indian Army who will secure them from harm of Taliban and other terrorist groups at any cost. They have nothing to complain about – and if religion is the reason for separatist ideology, then Kashmir is originally Hindu. If one community still needs to be ethnic-cleansed for peace to prevail – then that won’t be the Kashmiri Pandits.’




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