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Star Gazing

August 23, 2016

Yesterday in Coimbatore airport on our way back from Ooty to board flight to Chennai, happened to spot Dimple Kapadia looking stunningly gorgeous and no way 65 that she is. By the way let me narrate how we bumped into her.

There is a small ‘Chennai Silks’ shop in the lounge that my cousin who is a frequent flier said had only a very selective collection catering to the tastes of air-travelers. We decided to check it out in the waiting 1 hour time.

The Kanchivaram silks and Jute silks were bold strong colours and striking. My cousin picked one for 7,000 bucks in mango yellow but I was impressed by a bottle green jute silk. My sis was captivated by a silk-cotton maroon in colour with ethnic motifs. We just then told the sales personnel (a man and a woman) we were not casual window shoppers. If we liked, we would buy. We were not there to pass time or waste their time.

In walked our Bobby girl Dimple whose face I thought looked familiar. My cousin immediately recognized her and murmured to me who it was. The auburn crowning glory which is her highlight was there alright but it looked like it was a carefully done hair dressing. She was in a pair of blue jeans that stopped over her ankles and had a brown cloak like long coat thrown over her shoulders. May be she wore a short top insides that she wanted to conceal.  Kept chewing the gum through out. Two or three of her friends accompanied her and a couple of more waited in the lounge.

In a minute the yesteryear heroine pulled down over a dozen saris and opened them haphazardly. I would never handle a sari that way, especially precious pure silk saris. Any merchandise I am used to handling with respect and care – like any of us would naturally as we have been raised to. The women were turning the shop upside down which spoke a lot about the respect they showed others.

My cousin told the helpless sales girl ‘to take care of the VIP customer’ adding that when they would be finished we would return to complete our shopping.

Dozens and dozens of silk saris, jute silks and silk-cottons were pulled down from the shelves and unwrapped with a trademark carelessness characteristic with rich boorish society people. An olive green lay sprawled in the floor over which one of Dimple’s friends walked over with her shoes. If the friends did not like/choose it, the sari was rolled or bundled and cast off in a corner.

I couldn’t believe the staff tolerated this nonsense. May be between them the group transacted a sales of over a lac of rupees going by the way they trampled over things like a bull in the china shop.

The boarding announcements started and we had to leave without picking our saris. I hope the ladies after pulling apart the entire shop had the decency atleast to buy 4-5 silk saris.

In the melee there was a school girl with her parents who was excited on spotting Dimple. Obviously the family was from north because down south I am sure no teenager would recognize the old granny Dimple (in this generation). The girl pestered her dad to come with her to get the actresses’s autograph. As I expected, she was turned away with a rude retort (that I could not decipher). With a sad face the girl and with shame the middle-aged father returned to their seats.

I am asking Chennai Silks one question: would you guys tolerate if any of us public behave in this manner in your shop. Is there no respect for a genuine customer who wants to shop with her/his hard earned money in front of an actress whose money may or may not be accountable? True it is useless blaming the sales attendants. They are scared for the jobs and shy away from star tantrums. Coimbatore is a busy business centre that attracts a lot of VIPs. The shop must be seeing a steady stream of important visitors who gave the textiles merchant good business.

The behaviour and conduct of the Bollywood star who is long past her prime, and her friends is highly objectionable. Nobody else could step into the small shop when they were moving around blocking others of a chance to do their bit of shopping. Very high-handed. Soon after my cousin asked the sales girl to take care of the VIP customer first, Dimple stepped out and gave us three sisters a clear direct glare before stepping in to continue with her shopping. Who cares, we dismissed her reaction but were angry for the entire trip for having been kept out of the shop hijacked by the actor for over an hour. Not all of us are star gazers or celebrity fans. My foot! Just don’t care who you are or what you are. We only wanted to spare the sales persons unpleasantness so we walked away quietly. Not for Dimple.

Whether the Bobby girl whose famous attire is a 2-piece bikini will actually get to wear a sari is a billion dollar question. But she is admittedly a head-turner even at this age giving today’s teenyboppers a run for their money – I have to give that to her. A grandmother and a mother, she oozes sexuality every inch totally – and this is how I saw her, being a woman. Imagine how the men could feel …. !



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