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Pakistanis don’t you have any shame.

September 21, 2016

Just back from Europe trip, long time due, I have these to say.

In CDG airport in France where we touched down first, we were greeted by airport staff with a ‘namaste.’ While waiting for immigration, the officials announced ‘Indians, Australians and other foreign nationals join the second line.’ Wherever we went in France, we were greeted with ‘namaste’ with both hands pressed together be it in the hotel or in Seine river cruise. ‘Bag kolo’ said someone to inspect bags! In France we were on our own. We took the metro everywhere and roamed around Paris. In Louvre, we were pleasantly surprised to see Hindi announcements in boards along with Chinese.

Needless to say, Chinese and Indians form the largest contingent of tourists in entire Europe. We are the big spenders. There is a good vibe about Indians. American tourists could be spotted only in Paris and Italy.

Whether in Amsterdam or Brussels or Germany or Italy or Swiss, we could spot a few shady figures Pakistanis and Bangladeshis along with blacks. The pakistanis go about in foreign countries in shalwar kameez. Nobody seems to bother about them – it is like they don’t exist. In Brussels we understood they are all illegal immigrants whose residency was regularized/normalized over a period of time. We were especially warned to keep away from them and avoid their areas.

Pathetic existence. Not an ounce of respect. Why should Modi ji try to isolate Pakistanis. They are already isolated – all of us observed this fact acutely in our Europe tour. In fact we the members of group tour were talking about this.

Whether Swiss or Italy, the chefs told us about vegan food. The awareness is high among europeans about Indians. Heidelberg university has a Sanskrit wing. We were told ‘Lufthansa’ is a sanskrit word. Never made the connection earlier. Yes ‘hans’ is swan and ‘luft’ is air in Sanskrit. There were Yoga and meditation class boards everywhere in Europe – from Amsterdam to Italy to France.

In cheese factory in Amsterdam or the cuckoo factory in Black Forest, Germany, the staff spoke good Hindi. Greeted us with ‘namaste.’ There was an obvious mutual good feeling and respect in the air.

This is not entirely for commercial reasons. To an extent, Indians are great shoppers next to Chinese so this may be true. But in Vatican (we did Italy on our own) an Italian guide approached us who we politely turned down. His next response was, ‘namaste are you from India? welcome to Vatican. no need to hire me but have a pleasant stay in Italy!’

We learned how Europeans simply ignored the (resident) Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Africans totally.  These people apparently lived in the fringes of the European society. Bangladeshis atleast work as dish washers or tourist guides.

My cousin works for an IT company that routinely posts him in a scandinavian country. He says all the Pakistanis there are illegal immigrants/refugees doing lowly jobs or suspected to be involved in smuggling/drugs/petty crimes. Even european police dread going into their pickets and avoid their quarters. Whereas Indians there were all working professionals.

The general opinion on not just Pakistanis but all muzzies is that, these guys mean trouble, are smugglers engaged in illegal activities, suspected terrorists. There is no second opinion.

NRI Indian academicians and top scholars and a booming Indian economy have won India and Indians good respect in Europe. With Chinese, we are welcome everywhere. No chinese no indians means the tourist industry of Europe will crash.

Pakistanis are you not ashamed of yourselves? The world thinks of you as terrorists – not merely  Indians. India need not have to isolate you or damage you – you have done that to yourselves with Daniel Pearl, Osama Bin Laden, 9/11 New York, 26/11 Mumbai and many many more. Do you think the world population is foolish and cannot put 2 and 2 together? You are ignored, thought of like pests, dirt, you are unwanted uninvited illegal immigrants everywhere and to borrow Trump’s words, you and other immigrants are the Trojan horses who could never be trusted. You will bite the hand that feeds you. This is your  nature. You are thought of as scum and people are scared of you.

Raheel and Nawaz should commit suicide after how Obama just refused his time with the latter in US. What a shame. Your COAS goes begging for aid to America and gets kicked out without a penny to boot. Where is your face now.  Yet you put on a shameless face we see. Latest is Russia to cross out military exercise with you. You will pay for Uri – that much is predictable.

Modi ji – Pakistanis are already isolated. Diplomatically, socially. Do it economically. Militarily. See to that no Pakistani gets a visa from the west to study abroad or work abroad. Put an embargo on them like one on North Korea.

For a first move, lets SCRAP SAARC. Let’s take it from there on to isolate and crush Pakistan from all sides. India can bilaterally take up relationships with other SAARC member nations. No more pakistan artists in Indian soil and NO MORE LAWN SHOPS. Close the Pakistani shops and imports in India. NOW ! Only Shahrukh Khan makes money out of Bollywood films screened in Pakistan. Tamil films make more money around the world without being shown in Pakistan. Why cannot Hindi pictures do it.

And if India should indeed nuke Pakistan, I am aware, half of India will get blown out too. But there will be nothing but a big black hole where Pakistan is in the world map. We Indians will be doing a great service to humanity in that case.

What a horrible nation with shameless citizens? Shameless PM, shameless COAS and shameless journos. No dignity, no self-respect. We know how people shy away when you flash your green passports.

Not a single intellectually honest pakistani scribe or politician out there to admit how messed up they are and how pathetic their existence is. It’s like ‘mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of’em all.’ Pakistan is that old witch queen lying to self, living  a fake life, pretending all is well when deep down everything about them is sick, sick, sick….



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