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Not a single Pakistani Journo has the gall to write about Baluchistan

September 26, 2016


Burhan Wani was a commander of Hizbul Muhahideen, the banned terrorist outfit, who was pictured with AK-47 in his hands so he was prepared to die committing an act of terror. What other way out. Where did he get the contra-brand from if not from Pakistan. Kashmir is after-all landlocked.

So much has since been written about him in Pakistan media but not a single editorial or brutally frank piece on Baluchistan in the global epicenter of terror. Not surprising. Raheel Sharif, their COAS, obviously has ‘had his way’ with not only PM Nawaz Shariff but also with the entire journalist fraternity of Pakistan.

Have you seen a single word in print in Pakistan media carrying pictures of the carnage carried out by their armed forces in Baluchistan?

Pakistan journalists are reputed for their intellectual dishonesty but their ‘selective amnesia’ concerning  not only Baluchistan but also the other crucial dimension of Kashmiri Hindu Pundits takes the cake.

Understandable. How many of these journos have since made their date with ‘fate’ for raising the question. Sabine or whoever if I can recall correctly not long ago. Warning shot in the air.

Dawn. I am reading their online edition for over 10 years now. They may not be aware. Complete by-pass of Baluchistan atrocities in their newspapers. If you can build a case for the Kashmiris freedom, why not a case for Balochis as well? If you are not biased or SCARED SHIT (which I believe you are), what stops you really?

How can footage that can reach Indian media not be accessible to Pak media guys. Yes – one word and your press ro studio or whatever won’t be there we know. You will be razed to the ground in matter of minutes. Suicide bombers will be knocking at your gates.

This is the ugly truth about Pakistan. What a horrible fate.

Still can’t shake over the images of Baluchistan video in which a man is continuously kicked in his belly by a dozen armed men and poked with guns. Many more played in Indian media even in local language channels of violence perpetrated against Balochis – civilians.

Kashmir has been ethnic cleansed of Hindus by mercenary terrorists (read Pakistan militants). Now it is Baluchis turn to be ethnic cleansed so that the rest of Pakistanis – perhaps Punjabis can benefit from CPEC.

1971 – Indira Gandhi tore Pakistan to 2 parts.

Hopefully we can tear up Pakistan again – and this time it shall be Baluchistan to go free. After all they never wanted to be with Pakistan but were taken forcefully by Pakistan army in 1947.  Ever since they are fighting for their independence. Isn’t it strange? Muslims seeking independence from fellow muslims?

India should do whatever in her capacity to stall CPEC, turn off the Indus water tap and crush Pakistan from all sides. Tactical wars are the best.

There are rumours afloat that Uri has already been avenged and some 250 POK militants lost their lives which is why Pakistan barred their air-crafts from flying in the Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir airspace. Indian government will never publish figures and fact and neither will Indian armed forces. Pakistan we believe is too much ashamed to concede the defeat, the revenge. This is the reason for F16s to be spotted in Islamabad skies, reportedly.

Do I believe? Yes I do. I believe Uri has been avenged neatly by Modi sarkar but our government has the maturity not to drum-beat it. Pakistan is boiling with humiliation, nursing its woulds albeit quietly.

No media on either side could manage coverage.

Journalism is about stating facts, truth. Hiding the truth, hiding facts is akin to lying. I lack respect for Pakistan journalists because they can never speak the truth – they are genetically intellectually dishonest people who have to lie for their survival. Media may do it all over the world but these guys are ivy league as they are in terror. They have masked Osama, they mask the Baluchistan massacres and they mask the Hindu Pundit case, the stark naked truth about Kashmir. Because when you have the cheek to call Burhan Wani a freedom fighter, you are duty-bound to report on the miserable case of Kashmiri Pundits who have been made refugees in their own homeland.

When you fail to state the case of Kashmir Pundits you have no ETHICAL MORAL OR JOURNALISTIC RIGHTS to talk about freedom for Kashmir. When you endorse militancy in Kashmir, you are advocating ethnic-cleansing of the land’s indigenous natives. 

Not a single word on Kashmir Hindu Pundits fate anywhere in Pakistan media. Not a word on mindless Baluchistan killings. Through years.  Through decades. And you are calling yourselves journalists. Satire and humour are clever weapons to disguise what a rogue nation and people you are who are incapable of the decency of truth and conscience. But that won’t work.

Pak journalists ask yourselves:

Who started Indo-Pak wars of 1965, 1971 and Kargil?

Who butchered Bengalis in 1971, fellow muslims?

Who hijacked Indian airforce flight in 1971 and bombed it?

Who hid Osama Bin Laden?

Who masterminded and executed Mumbai 26/11, Pathankot and Uri besides other bomb attacks in Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat Akshardham etc.

Only and if only you answer these questions honest to your heart, to yourselves, you are neat. The day you have the nerve to confess to your dirty deeds, Pakistan will start seeing light. Never until then.

The day the Pakistan public hang their heads in shame and apologize to India and the world for the heinous acts of terrorism in last 60+ years, you will start moving forward.

Your armed forces will never let you do that. They have brought you shame and lack of self-respect and dignity in all corners of the globe.  They have done maximum damage. This is not enough for them. Branding you to irredeemable levels will happen and your armed forces will make that happen.

It is a sad day in the world of journalism when renowned journalists become lifafa scribes and write for armed forces. I may not be a journalist by profession, I am not bound to honour or stick by ethics of journalism such as unbiased neutral views, etc., but I guess the basic character of journalists is tainted and tarnished in Pakistan by their army. The media of Pakistan is totally compromised.




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