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Indian Army Will Not Supply Proofs. Period.

October 4, 2016

Updated: Oct 20

Pak Analyst confirms surgical strikes by India:


Updated: Oct 6th



Finally some sensible reading in ‘The Hindu’ known for Hindu-bashing that it mistakes for secularism and justice.




What Pakistan’s ISI want India/Indian Armed Forces to reveal and why India must not yield to pressures both external and internal (from like Congress and Kejriwal):

Downloaded from Twitter: (credits: Intolerant_Bull)

The stealth operations have to remain classified for national security reasons. I hope our PM Shri Narendra Modi will remain rock stubborn on the issue. What did Jawaharlal Nehru do about Subhash Chandra Bose. Did Obama release the Osama video? Why should India release the surgical attacks tape now?


AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal has breached all boundaries of decency and logic with his questioning the surgical strikes conducted by Indian army eliminating Pakistan terrorists 250 km within their territory. The party’s spokesperson has now gone on record stating that he deliberately lied and that Aam Aadmi never doubted the army capabilities or asked for proofs.

No Kejriwal, you may be irresponsible and pro-terrorist and pro-Paki (both are one the same anyway) but that doesn’t mean Indian govt will dish out what you want to publish for the benefit of ISI and Pakistan army and terrorists who are rooting against Indian interests. Your anti-nationalism has been time and again exposed starting right with JNU campus.

Indian armed forces should not succumb to taunts by Pakistan or any other neutral western agency (such as BBC or CNN as quoted by Kejriwal) or even fellow Indians (who have no moral ethical standings to question Indian army or our prime minister). ISI could be waiting for just that as Arnab Goswami pointed out in Times Now, to learn what military strategy our forces adopted in the daring attempt neutralizing over (an estimated) 40-80 terrorists and dismantling atleast half a dozen terror camps. Reportedly the brave feat has been recorded live by a drone. Whatever propaganda Pak tv or their COAS Raheel Sharif may carry on, they may. At the end of the day, the winners know what they won and the losers cannot even cry in public. Superb restraint by our armed forces and government not to get carried away or be coaxed into revealing something sensitive that may harm the safety and security of Indian nation.

Hats off to our PM who is not gloating over any victory. It is our media that is making the most noise. And they are rightfully entitled to a little celebration, why not. After all, they have been covering from the front line many a terror attack in sovereign Indian soil including Mumbai 26/11 and even recent Pathankot and Uri. Reporters choked over the carnage and their palpable emotions were felt by the viewing public who were equally pained and helpless. Post surgical strikes, the armed forces however wrapped up the matter with a televised press conference and left the guess work to speculators – inside and outside India. Remarkable nerve and self-control. Real heroes never have to claim or drumbeat their victory. They wait for history to write down their success stories.

India is not a habitual liar. Our political history is an open book. It wasn’t us who lied about Osama Bin Laden. We don’t hail terrorists in world forums like Nawaz Sharif did (and dug the Pakistan grave even deeper thus). From 1965 to 1971 and Kargil wars and other terror attacks carried on in India, it is Pakistan that is lying. They lied and faked even their democratic elections denying Imran Khan, the real victor, his legitimate win. To what extent democracy is made a mockery of by Pakistan media is pathetic. And these men have the cheek to label Modi ‘Hitler.’

If Modi is Hitler, what do you have to call your generals? Messiahs from military? Shame shame. Pakistan has had none but THIRD RATE SCOUNDRELS AND THUGS for heads of state. Look at the face of Nawaz Sharif. Number one CHOR. Who will respect this clown anywhere? Just imagine the gulf between these two prime ministers. What a quality difference. Pakistan you perhaps deserve such lecherous leaders.

In any country and of course including India, armed forces are FOR THE STATE. Pakistan is the only country in the world where the STATE IS FOR THE ARMY. Pakistan is thus a state sponsor of terrorism. It has helped in hijacking of airplanes to a series of terror attacks in foreign soils from America to Europe to India.

A recap of 1971 Indo-Pak war that resulted in creation of Bangladesh: The Pakistan army raped 300,000 Bangla women and massacred atleast 100,000 Bangla men – a genocide of muslims committed by muslims. The entire Mujibur Rehman or Ziaur Rehman (I can’t recall exact name) (president’s) clan was massacred by Pakistan army who searched for and eliminated even little children in the first circle family in cold blood not leaving out a single direct political heir. And this is news from a pre-computer, pre-mass media age.  Most senior citizens in India recall this from their memory because they had donated generously to Bangladesh, a new nation born poor. There weren’t propaganda tools 45 years back as we have now. There was only Vividh Bharthi, All India Radio. And it was not even a 24-hour service. It was not BJP that was in power then. This is not BJP news (Kejriwal note).

Musharraf, the toothless poison snake, may vomit venom but it shall have no effect (bus). It is just his dirty stinky spit and he is free to spit. This toothless shameless general, the architect of Kargil war in 1999, will lead the rest of his life like a refugee shifting from continent to continent. This scoundrel has Benazir Bhutto’s life blood on his hands – whole world knows that. How about Pakistan journalists coming clean on who killed Benazir? For what political gain? And you dare to call Modi names. Shame on you guys. You lie about one prime minister’s cold blooded murder and you fake about a prime ministerial candidate’s legitimate election mandate. You repeat a lie a 1000 times and make it sound like it is the truth. Is this what democracy about?  What is the use of following Karl Marx or Lenin or reading the little Red Book when you cannot practise what you preach.


Messiah from Military Musharraf plotted and assassinated Pakistan’s Prime Ministerial candidate Benazir Bhutto while he was still head of the state, from the chair of the high office he was occupying. How can a nation with an assassin and rogue and scum for head of state do any better. Pakistan this is the ugly truth about you. This week’s homework for Pak journalists: come clean on Benazir murder NOW ! After all, some guys speak of BB like she was their biwi  🙂 (who knows?!)


What a low Pakistan journalism has touched. No morals, no ethics. They have never been honest as we know. Intellectually dishonest people. Not surprising. Looking at the substandard quality of their tv networks (horrible and you can guess the IQ level of rest of their nation whose entire 1 year GDP is not more than sum volume of trade transacted in BSE (bombay stock exchange) alone in India in any single day. This is your level Pakistan. Your abysmal level. This is your standard. A single Tamil film like ROBOT starring Rajnikant made 4-5 years back: try to make it at what professional level we did it first. Will take you not less than 100 years to reach where we are. Open challenge! actually the Robot film budget could be your 1 year GDP or more (we have to check).  And you are crying foul over a useless Fawad Khan for India sending him packing his bags… Do you even have anyone belonging in our league. Do you know what is your state of existence.

We Indians are not for pleasing CNN or BBC and it is not for us to convince Pakistan media to the least about surgical strikes or whatever. Pakistan after all was in denial mode even about Kasab and Mumbai 26/11 as it has been in every single issue (the famous one being Osama). A Pakistani is synonymous with terrorist world wide. Why should we isolate you. Your identity is terror. The world associates Pakistan with terror – just by name. No more words.

Even so, Kejriwal’s question of army tactics in Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir (POK) smacks of hypocrisy, anti-nationalism and motivated agenda toward BJP and our PM in particular. His intentions are questionable.

Kejriwal’s crony Barkha Slut sorry Dutt (silent for a while now? married a third kashmiri muslim or what in your 40s?!) similarly is known for exposing the tactics of our armed forces by covering live from the valley for NDTV.

Kejriwal will find out what it is to incur the wrath of Indian citizens in next elections.

The exemplary restraint shown by our armed forces and government after the POK surgical strikes is commendable. We need not have to supply proofs to Pakistan. We know deep down our heart and the enemies know they are bleeding insides but cannot afford to let out a wail. The drone-recorded proofs will be for the Indian army’s keep.


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