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NEET TO JALLIKATTU: an open question to my Prime Minister

January 20, 2017

If NEET is imposed (as it is now after Jayalalitha’s demise in Tamil Nadu reversing the state’s stand to comply with NEET for all-India medical entrances) , what will happen?

Any qualifying medical entrant will get a medical seat in any part of India on MERIT BASIS true (atleast the scope is better).

But north Indians will safely send their daughters to south because they know they will be safe here.



No girl/lady/old woman or even little children from south will feel safe in north India.

Prime Minister Modi first stop the rapes in India if you can. With NEET you have killed the hopes of thousands of aspiring south Indian school girls forever who had dreamed of donning the stethoscope on merit basis. Who wants to step into your violent north India.

I have not visited my capital city Delhi. Maximum north I have been is Mumbai. I don’t want to step into north ever.

We can still be Indians without having to speak Hindi, without Ganga Aarthi and Himalayas. We have Rameshwaram and ofcourse our Tamil.

There is no need to install Bharat Matha in Kanya Kumari. Without having to idolize Bharat Matha, we revere her. We don’t need you to define for us Bharat Matha.

PM Modi, perhaps if you had lived with your wife, if you had had biological children who you had raised with pain and love,you will know what it is to feel pain, emotion,love, kindness and you may feel less vengeful as you do now. What is the use of your brahmacharya if it is to rob you of your basic human emotion?

How can a prime minister be full of vengeance towards a state for the only reason we REFUSE TO VOTE FOR BJP? In this case, your Navrathri vrath is total waste. You don’t have to fast for Devi for Nav Rathri. Throw the vengeance out of your heart – you don’t have to do any puja at all. I am not as religious as you are, but as a humble housewife i still know I am more spiritual than you can ever ever be in this janam of yours. Your kind of ruthlessness, most of us are simply not capable of.

People say Modi is not corrupt, nobody in his family has made money using his name. True. But that is not because you are not corrupt, I now think that is because YOU LACK EMOTION/LOVE for your closest family and friends. Even your photo session with your mother looks fake to me/for the benefit of press. Do you know why politicians are most corrupt? When they have loving families, they feel compelled to lavish – because they are human. If Modi family has not benefited from Modi’s political life, it is not because Modi is uncorrupt, it is because Modi never loved them enough probably, to feel like helping them out.

Sorry Prime Minister I am disappointed with you. You lost me the day Jayalalitha Jayaram was declared dead. You  know why, don’t you.

I am proud of my CM JJ, because not once she accepted your alliance/coalition with BJP, she won majority everytime single-handedly without your help. She stuck to her guns on GST and she defied you in complying with NEET and she refused power generated in the state to the center. It is only through her death you are able to get even with her. Only in her death you are able to defeat my CM. Never face to face.

I wish JJ is around now. She would see to that NEET is NOT  imposed in Tamil Nadu. She would see to that poor backward Tamil girls/boys are able to get into state medical colleges on mere counselling and state board scores. Whereas you have just managed to seal the fate of million budding/aspiring Tamil youngsters. We will never send our daughters to your violent, rapist north India. I hope now you are satisfied. When Tamil Nadu suffers you must be feeling exhilarating.

I never imagined tables would be turned on us this soon. I refuse to believe my CM JJ died a natural death. Everyone in Tamil Nadu openly points out names at the center along with some local names. About the names… do I even need to spell out?

‘Satyameve Jayate’ – truth shall triumph,….. someday.

It took me more than 2 months to finish reading ‘Gandhi before India’ written by historian Ramachandra Guha, but I am glad I did. A true Mahatma that he is to eternity, I know there simply will be none to replace him in the world, ever.

Happened to watch Gopal Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi speaking on tv. Gandhi, the true spiritual leader, never wanted to exercise power. He withdrew from mainstream politics and wanted to disband Congress party after India’s independence. He did not unfortunately live longer to make it happen. Not a single politician in India or even in entire world can be of Gandhi’s caliber. I grew up hating Gandhi, but today after seeing you from the same Gujarat my prime minister, I realize my folly.

My request to Modi ji: PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE CHAKRA/SPINNING WHEEL. May be we must not objectify Gandhi but I feel an acute sense of violation when you touch it with you hands.

Recommend to you ‘Gandhi before India’ – may be you don’t have to but you still must.

Like all Tamils I know deep down my heart, what is happening today in Tamil Nadu is not just about Jallikattu. Tamils are fighting for justice for JJ – dear Prime Minister do you hear us? Tamils are stunned because no other Indian prime minister in our history harboured so much vengeance for us because we did not vote for his/her party.

Well we won’t. We never did in the past. We won’t in future.

Meanwhile I am waiting and watching anxiously what is unfolding in the sands of Marina… I have never seen such a stubborn streak in our young men in all these years… and recently when I was visiting India I saw how unanimous Tamil society was as they laid bare the JJ death plot. Such a rage, but contained with maturity and the famed Tamil patience.

It’s not just about NEET or Jallikattu, dear Prime Minister. It is much more complex and complicated than that and you know.



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