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The Right To Take Offence

January 22, 2017

Amazing how the offensive people play victim effectively trying to lay the blame at the door of the offended.

From our Indian mother-in-laws to thankless minorities, unfortunately this is what we witness today.

A friend posted this video: needless to say an Indian muslim friend.


To me it was clear at the outset this is a fake video and the picture is fake as well.

Which armyman brutalizes trainees donning shirt stenciled ‘army’ so is this credible evidence.

The motive of the post is clear: to defame Indian army. Who must have planted it? Someone who has motive.

When I pointed out this, the friend said (rather rudely) she does not need to prove her loyalty to me. Like she was more offended because I cited Pakistan and Bangladesh as terrorist nations.

Every single Indian citizen will have her/his blood boiling seeing this fake video where Indian army is implicated with sinister motive.

In fact something could be wrong with you only if you agree with the video. If you are an Indian citizen.

It’s not a question of patriotism, its a question of BASIC LOYALTY. It is more a matter of pride to those like me. I am not asking anyone to wear their patriotism on their sleeve, but atleast desist from betraying your nation at every possible opportunity.

A 1000 Modis and Gandhis may come and go, but I know we are a strong and stable nation.

The basic trust I have in Indian democracy, our armed forces and our constitution remains UNSHAKEN.

Once a huge Modi fan, I am quick to revise my opinion when proved right.

I have an open mind and I consider myself most neutral.

I have reservations on India’s minorities because:

  1. the indian christians have been relentlessly converting natives to christianity (their evangelists/missionaries sponsored by west)
  2. the indian muslims are openly pro-terrorist and will never pledge their first basic loyalty to India. they will be happy (a good majority of them) if India could be ruined.

Indian christians are comparitively better because in spite of their conversion games, their loyalty is with India. They would never tolerate anti-national ideas. They may be against Modi and BJP but they are not pro-Pakistani or pro-Arab.

As an Indian citizen I revere my nation, my constitution and our armed forces. Will not tolerate a single word that may defame them or implicate them in an unjust manner.

This my loyalty, this my strong and unflinching trust in my armed forces, in my nation – is something I find MISSING in Indian muslims.

No Hindu will post anti-national messages of this scale (the video) – regardless they may or may not be with Modi.

A hindu’s anger and resentment may be towards politicians, bureaucrats but never against Indian nation or the pillars of Indian constitution/democracy.

Only a traitor will have the heart to implicate the nation’s armed forces – even if its in social media.

Its shocking how our minorities are keen and waiting to implicate the idea of India at every possible opportunity present but when pointed out, exercise quick their  right to take offence.

I wouldn’t have apologized but I had to – for friendship’s sake.

At least the episode exposed the fakes and untrustworthy in our midst.

My idea was to let it be known, no anti-national posts will be tolerated. You speak about the prime minister, the president, the cabinet, the administration, the state, it is fine. But one word against our constitution and armed forces – we shall not remain mute spectators.

BIG NO TO INDIAN MUSLIMS – sorry. I may tolerate them but I shall never never trust them. It breaks my heart to see with what relish they lap up any anti-national story. At times I am sick of having to tolerate those who cheer for Pakistan team in cricket matches. I wonder what will be the fate of Pakistanis who may post fake army videos of theirs in social media. I don’t have to say it: they will in all probability disappear without a trace.

What a breather it is to belong to India, to grow up Hindu . We have to tolerate some thankless bastards – I am glad they are getting bombed everywhere from Libya to Syria. Not an ounce of sympathy for Rohingyas from my quarters. Let them rot in hell. May be I like Trump for this single reason?

I am amazed how some people play victim so easily when it is they who offend others’ sensibilities without thinking twice.

Why is it that some of us do not have the heart to break out of the jinx. Why do we let ourselves be victimized.

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