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Brand Thamizhachi

January 24, 2017

Can’t put this ‘agmark’ Thamizhachi out of my mind: but then what do you expect from Amma’s stable. Salute you beta!

Typical no-nonsense Tamil girl who will not think twice about  pulling the ‘manja soru’ out of your ‘nenju’ to quote in colloquial Tamil 😀 .  If you rub her on the wrong side. Transfixed!

I am not altogether unfamiliar with Hip Hop Thamizha. My son adores the local rappers and wouldn’t miss their show – i remember because i used to shell out money for the tickets! They had made a name for themselves and I was thinking they must be 30+ guys all these days, a bad influence on my son! Surprised now to see how young these chaps are: hardly 2-3 years older than my boy.

‘Takkaru Takkaru’ is a super hit.

This little Tamil girl is enough to give ‘seruppadi’ to PETA.


More of Thamizhachi:



Jallikattu, the bull sport also goes by the name ‘Eru thazhuvudhal’ that literally translates into ‘hugging the bull.’ The bulls are chased but the winner is the one who hugs its hump – not someone who may be killing the bull as it happens in bullfight in Spain. The other form of Jallikattu is ‘Manju virattu’ – which is merely chasing the bull. Traditionally the bull sport has been practiced after the Pongal/Makarsankranti celebrated as harvest festival through out India. The first day is Bhoghi or Lohri. The second day is Pongal/Makar Sankranthi. The third day is Mattu Pongal or the celebration of the cattle. Cattle are well fed, decorated and taken to temples and done a puja. If Jallikattu has to be banned, then even horse racing must be banned. Wrestling and boxing and Formula 1 racing that cause even more grievous injuries to men over beasts must be banned. Earlier in the week, a Bangladeshi cricketer was hit by a ball from a New Zealand bowler. So ban cricket.

Vastly misunderstood, Jallikattu is not merely about the local/desi bull. It’s about the war on our identity/culture. When the bull species vanishes and the desi cow can reproduce only with Jersey bull sperm injected by vet, it means we have just received a mortal blow to the very pedigree genepool of our best friends: indigenous cattle. Through selective breeding, the entire y chromosome in the cattle can be eliminated so that the cows give birth to only female calves. Already started happening in India, mission completed in Kerala. Pedigree. What do converted Indian muslims know about it. You cannot expect them to understand something original, traditional and passed on to you over thousands of years which is not borrowed-copied outright from desert cults and bandits.

What do b******* like Karan Thapar know. The unscrupulous fellow got sort of ‘seruppadi’ (blows with (verbal)chappal) from Jayalalitha in his talk show. Shameless guy making a living only by playing second fiddle to people in power. Thoo idhu oru pozhappa.

Watched the protests for days in tv. Still I have only cautioned my friends and family to stay away. I have always trusted our student community but I suspected that anti-socials and anti-nationals would have their way sooner or later. My sisters went to the protests during midnight in the beach ALONE IN THEIR SCOOTERS, somehow managed to find parking. One took to the stage and in fact raised slogans. Not slogans really. She spoke about the A1, A2 milk differences and how the A1 is triggering autism around the world. Many of my friends also joined the peaceful protests in night hours only. There was no dearth of food and tea, they said. They ate well in the protests! Temporary toilets were put up for ladies and kids. Ambulances were waiting and even the police seemed to be on their side. 50 lakh men and women converged in the sands of marina for over 6 days all 24 hours – young girls sleeping next to men BUT NOT A SINGLE CASE OF MOLESTATION OR RAPE. Families. College boys and girls. Software engineers and other professionals. They came from every single walk of life. They came from Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra as well. Not a single crime reported. Not a single unruly behaviour.

That’s Tamil Nadu for you. Imagine this scenario in Delhi. How many thousands of rapes and molestation possible. What a generous scope. Imagine this in any other city of the Indian subcontinent.

My mother was a working woman over 50 years back in 1966, which was NOT uncommon in good old Madras even in those days. South India is far more literate than rest of the country still we are deeply rooted in our culture. Women are well accomplished in diverse fields but we do not associate progress with westernization. Thamizh girls are boldest, fieriest – not vain. While north Indian girls become journos and models and fashion designers, our girls become medicos, techies and scientists.

When I listen to half-baked hindiwalas speaking in tv giving their UNIMPORTANT UNWANTED opinion on my local temple custom that has been in practice for a miniumum 3000-5000 years, my blood boils. Parallel to Mauryas and the Moghuls, the south held its forte with Chera-Chola-Pandyas and Vijayanagara Kingdom for over 2000 years of documented history. Not an ounce of knowledge in the media guys, feeling so self-important, staying arrogantly ignorant. In a nation where monsters and mass-killers like Aurangzebs are celebrated and localized, the unsung heroes of the south with dignity and decency are swept under the carpet.

The Thamizh Naadu that is NOT Chennai: ashamed to admit, I have not seen much of my own state. Been to Madurai twice in my childhood, also to Kanyakumari, Thiruchendur, Palani, that’s it. Touched Coimbatore on way to Ooty 2-3 times.  Yeah Ooty and Kodai – 2-3 times. 4-5 times to Kanchipuram, hardly 70 km from city and a couple of times to Arni. A dozen drives to Thiruvannamalai – once or twice to Thiruvallur, hardly 20 km. This wraps up my exposure to total Thamizh Nadu.

But I know what the Kongu women are made up of, what the Madurai women are, the Tirunelveli women are. Not soft like Chennai or North Thamizh Nadu women. These are made of sterner, tougher substance. Goundachis of Coimbatore. I have a couple of friends. My friend from Madurai used to ride 100 cc Bullet bike 30 years back in high school days. In those times it was a total man thing. 100 cc itself rare. I am talking about the year 1986.

That one single Thamizhachi in the video is enough to demonstrate what stuff Tamil girls are made of. Reminds me of my bank strike in 1996. I never had this kind of energy or spirit, but even so my muted slogan-raising (my bad luck) got video-recorded that cost me my job. I led the protests only for 1 hour during a 2-month long strike but it is precisely this recording that made it to the board room. I was 28 then? That fateful day I had taken my 2 year old infant son to the protests in  my scooter. (Took him some days and he was petted by my colleagues).  I think the sight of a young mother-son protesting and leading the protests with slogan raising caught my chairman’s wrath. That’s why I am slightly wary of strikes. A 1000 men led the protests before me and later, a 1000 men were slogan-raising with such an emotion and ear-piercing pitch – but all that did not matter.  Neither did they pick the older ladies. I became the soft target. My union guys were pressurizing me to lead the protests for a long time – and I gave in. And paid a huge price for that. The sense of betrayal was acute when years later I found that my union guys had made compromises with our ideals and in the process peace with the management. Who were the scapegoats. Vulnerable and gullible girls like me mostly.

I hope and pray this brave Thamizhachi comes to no harm. She has raised the slogans against some ugly political heavyweights.

Not a million Barkha Sluts can stand before this one SINGLE ORIGINAL PATENT PEDIGREE Thamizhachi. She will make a mincemeat of these fakus.


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